Is It Possible To Get Pregnant 4 6 Days Before Your Period

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Sencian - May 2

Hi.. my bf and i had unprotected sex 4 days of my period then now its 3 days delay but then i took a pregnancy test so the result was "negative".. am i pregnant or not?? Thank u.. plss need your help.. 


Grandpa Viv - May 2

Very unlikely. Your egg lets go 14 days before your period and is good for only one day. You list no other early signs and have a negative test. Your hormones are upset by sexual debut and anxiety. 


Andyclark91 - September 8

What are the chances of a girl getting pregnant if her period starts in 6 days and her day of ovulation is set or September 27


Grandpa Viv - September 8

The chance of getting pregnant from sex in the ten days before her next period is quite low. Ovulation is 14 days before the period and the egg is good for only one day. 


Afandi - September 14

Hi Sencian,
Let me guarantee you that you are not pregnant if you had sex four days to your periods. You see, a woman can only conceive if she engages in sexual activities when ovulating.  Normally, a woman will ovulate on the 14th day starting from the first day of her period. A woman can become pregnant if she engages in sexual activities 4 days before ovulation, on the day of ovulation and two days after ovulation. So in your case, it is clear that you had sex with your safe window, so you are not pregnant. As for the delays, many factors can delay your period. They range from changes in weather conditions, diet, and your emotions. Also, if you are on some drugs, it may also make your periods to delay. Thus, in my assessment, you are just experiencing delayed periods otherwise they will soon come. This informs you that you can only conceive if you have sex on your ovulation date.


Leightsea - September 24

Could I be pregnant after 8 days off having intercourse 


peacerick752 - December 11

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