Lighter Shorter Periods

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amron - April 28

hello chicas i just found out that i am pregnant. I am 6 weeks and 1/2. good luck to ya'll


dceeewperry - November 12

ok, just wondering if any one had their period while pregnant. i have taken tests and got bfn, went to doc but she would only do urine test, (same doc that told a friend neice that she definatly was not pg when she was 8 mos.). nails and hair growing like crazy, had sickness, tiredness, gagging on cigs, peeing 3 times during the night, and hip pain which is usually my first sign oh and the dizziness. well i have been having my af but i have 4 kids in which i had bleeding with the last two, but not like period. also i have been having these symptoms for about 3 mos now, and period is shorter, starts earlier or later than it should. i get smaller after every kid but my stomach has been growing and im not eating any different or doing anything different. yesterday while xmas shopping my husband asked are you pg? i thought it was just me and i hadnt said anything to him, but i look like im about 3-4 mos pg. dont know if its in my head but ill be laying down and feel a jerk or something in my stomach that makes me jump cause i wasn't expecting it. if anyone has had the same thing please let me know. what really gets me is the gagging on cigs, hip pain, (only have it while im pg) and the growing belly.


Charisee - September 19

Hi, this is my frst time doing this and im only 19 so i was a little nervous but i am very curious as to what is going on. I have always had pretty heavy periods, like changing pads often or having to wear pad and tampon at the same time. Well about June (i think) my period suddenly changed. It was pretty light and lasted about half the time it normally do. I didnt hink much of it but ever since my period has been really light and short. This month it came a few days early lasted maybe two days and there was almst no blood. Im not really sure wat it is but it kinda worries me. Pleae help!



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