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sunshine7610 - December 21

Hey everyone, Merry Christmas to all of you too! It's been a while. Hope you are all keeping well! I'm now 12 weeks!!!! Woohoo! We just started telling people we're expecting. I still find it hard to believe I'm at this point. Question: when did you guys start showing? I know that it's way too early now for me yet, but I'm noticing that my pants are getting a bit tighter and my stomach is not as flat as it used to be! Frankly, I think it's just the fact I've been constipated being pregnant and it's all just gas and poop! LOL. Just wondered if you guys noticed the same thing? Shocking b/c I know that my uterus is only half way up to my belly b___ton at this point. I didn't think I'd notice anything different till I was around 19 weeks or so.


Naomi98 - December 22

Woohoo!! Well done Mandi, you're out of the scary zone! I think I started showing a tiny bit around 14 or 15 weeks but it wasn't til 16 weeks that I was able to say for sure that it was a bump. Now I have to roll out of bed in the mornings! But it's different for everyone so who could be a little bump developing down there and not just gas lol.


sunshine7610 - January 28

I was scrolling throught the posts looking for updates. I found our thread way down below, so I'm bumping us up! How is everybody? Naomi, you must be what like 30ish weeks or so? How are you feeling? Are you still in .....Africa..? All of a sudden I can't remember! How about you Reagan? You must be 18 or 19 weeks now? Because I'm 17wks and I'm just trailing behind you. I found out what I'm having.....It's a BOY!! Reagan do you know? Do you guys have any names picked out yet? We've got a few up in the air. Anyways, hope to hear some updates from you guys!! Mandi


Naomi98 - February 6

Hi Mandi, cool, a little boy...That's 3 boys in this thread now! Reagan, any idea what you're having yet? I'm still in Angola, but getting ready to leave in about two weeks when I finish work. Can't wait to get back home how...getting nervous that I've left it so late to fly. I'll be almost 36 weeks by the time I get home so here's hoping this lil guy doesn't plan on coming early! I'm almost 34 weeks now and DH is constantly laughing at me and the bump. I'm so c_mbersome lol. He's a busy little bean though, never stops moving and now I see hands and feet poking out here and there, it is pretty funny to watch. I had a final scan last week and the u/s technician said everything looks perfect. We saw him sucking him thumb - too cute :-) Hope you're all doing great Nx


babynewbie - February 10

Hello everyone!!! Well I'm about to add another boy to this thread! LOL. How are all of you! It is so good to have new postings to read. I am 18.5 weeks along and happily settling into the 2nd trimester after a pretty rough 1st. Feeling great. We have decided on Hayden Patrick for our baby boy and Garrett is beside himself with the news of a son! :) So one of each and I'm done! haha. wow naomi 34 weeks how exciting!! mandi we are close maybe we'll go at the same What names are you thinking about? Olivia is walking!!! Hard to believe she is going to be 1 in less than 2 goes SO fast. Glad to hear from everyone and I'll drop by again soon! Regan


babynewbie - February 10

I forgot to mention that Ann Marie had baby Roman on December 13th..6 lbs 9 oz and he is cute as a b___ton!!! :)


babynewbie - March 6

Hey there...where is everyone? Naomi any baby announcement yet? :) I am 22 weeks today!!! Getting down to business with the nursery now...trying to figure out a boy's nursery...something cla__sic. Beautiful weekend here, just patiently waiting for spring. Olivia turned 1 on Feb 23rd...crazy. Very fun. She was spoiled of course and we had a fun lady bug themed party. That is all. Just checking in. Hope everyone is well. Regan


Naomi98 - March 13

Hi girls, I finally have a moment to sit down and's been a whirlwind few weeks. I had a really stressful time getting home as the airline went on strike that week and cancelled my flight and then my doctor was ill and the replacement wouldn't sign my medical certificate...all this a few days before the 36 week flying limit! I was a complete stressbunny by the time I finally got on a plane. But I"m home now, just waiting. My mum has been fantastic. I'm getting breakfast in bed every morning! I'm due on March 25th and DH is due back on March 20th but my ob/gyn doesn't think there'll be any early appearances thank goodness. The baby's head still hasn't engaged which is a bit worrying. I'm trying to walk every day and keep doing my yoga in the hope that he'll get on the launch pad soon lol. But really I feel great...I mean I'm huge but I don't have any aches and pains (do yoga girls, it's amazing), no braxton hicks, no heartburn, nothing. I've an antenatal cla__s on Monday to organise a birthplan. I"m going for as little intervention as possible but that could all be thrown out the window when the pain kicks in! Regan, wow, can't believe Olivia is one already. Crazy! i bet you're having fun with the nursery design. I can't believe how much baby stuff is out there. I feel like I need blinkers on every time I go shopping to stop me buying it all. I love your name for the little guy...beautiful. And pa__s huge congrats to Ann Marie if you're talking to her. OK girls, I should really get out of bed! Mandi, how are things with you? That bump must be really growing now. Any kicks yet? Nxx


sunshine7610 - March 14

Hi everyone! It's been crazy here for the last few weeks. We're doing a huge reno on the house before the baby is born. We just redid our bathroom (was gutted entirely) and now we are doing the bas____nt (from scratch). We just moved back to our house about a week ago. We've been staying at my FIL's house for a few weeks till our bathroom got done. It's so expensive doing this and we've had a few days of insane rain and I just noticed our roof is leaking in a couple spots! I new our roof needed to be done but was hoping to wait a bit longer. It's just not in the budget right now with the bas____nt reno happening. I hope one of our guys can patch it up or something just to carry us over till sometime in the summer or fall. But anyways, pregnancy wise everything is going well. I'm 23 weeks now. I'm surprised at how big I am already. I wasn't expecting to have such a big bump at this point! I work with someone who is due 2 days after me and you wouldn't even know she's pregnant. She is taller though so she's got room to grow on the inside I guess. I have been feeling lots of movement lately. Kind of feels like a hamster is running around in my pelvis. It's weird but really neat! Regan, glad to hear everything is going well. So exciting planning the nursery. What colours have you chosen? Does Olivia get that there is going to be another baby coming? Or is she too young to understand? Naomi, I'm so excited for you. 2 more weeks. Can you believe it? And to think just last year we were so bummed thinking this would never happen. It still amazes me that I'm at this point. I can't wait to meet this little guy. So are you back in Ireland then? Do you have to go back to Angola after the baby is born or are you done there? I hope your delivery goes smoothly and I can't wait to hear your news! Talk to you all soon!! Mandi


babynewbie - March 15

Yay new posts to read! :) Hi Ladies... Mandi - I know all too well how much chaos is caused by's so invasive. We were living in my grandmother's home I inherited on Lake Simcoe but it needed so much work we decided to buy new in the city and leave that as a summer hang out. That way if it is older we can view it as charming! LOL... We are thinking of an aviation theme for Hayden's nursery, I'm not sold so I'm still browsing for ideas. I have to do something new to Olivia's room as well. I never really finished it completely after moving in here. It occurred to me this morning that in about 13 weeks I am going to have a 1 year old AND a newborn!!! O.M.G. haha...not sure why I had never considered that until this point! :) Naomi you are so close...getting so excited to hear your news! Mandi I hope everything with the renos goes smoothly for you! Talk soon...Regan


Naomi98 - March 16

hey girls! So great you're all doing well. Mandi I've also feel your pain...our place in France is in a constant state of renovation. When we get there in June we won't even have bathrooms or a kitchen! Regan, I can't imagine just having the newborn, let alone managing two at the same time lol. I bet you'll do great but it's gonna be tough! had a scan yesterday. Baby's looking so cramped now, poor lil guy, totally running out of space in there. Good news though, his head is down and he's facing in the right direction, thank goodness. So I can slow down on the crazy walking I've been doing lately! DH will be here in 4 days so I don't want to get things moving before then... will let you know when there's news Nx PS NOT let anybody scare you with labour horror stories. I don't know why women feel the need to share these things with those of us facing into it. I'm quite rude now and just tell them I don't want to know lol! The midwife told me yesterday that most first timers make it worse for themselves because they're so tense and stressed about the pain factor so it can really make a difference not having everyone else's negative experiences in your head while you're in labour.


sunshine7610 - April 6

CONGRATS NAOMI!!!!!! Yay! So happy for you! Actually, I've been checking on here the past couple weeks b/c I thought you were due around now. That's wonderful news!! So how was the delivery? Did you have an epidural or opt for no drugs?? 4 and a half hours....that's not too bad for a first baby isn't it? So glad it went well and you have a healthy baby boy. You must be on cloud 9!! As for me, I'm just shy of 27 weeks and am experienceing all the aches and pains now. Excruciating rib and back pain especially in the evenings lately. Wakes me up at night and I don't know what to do to alleviate it. It feels like I'm being stabbed with a dagger. But more importantly, I was scanning myself and noticed my cervix is starting to shorten. It's really freaking me out now and I'm worried about going into preterm labour. It's about 2cm and it should be 3cm. I have a dr's appt tomorrow though so i am going to tell my dr and see what she says. I'm hoping she'll order an official u/s and determine for sure what it is. I'm guessing she'll put me on bedrest or possibly be admitted. Which would totally suck b/c the bas____nt isn't finished and I have no baby stuff whatsoever yet. I was hoping once the reno was done I could then go into baby mode. I will also not make any money which sucks even more. But whatever I need to do to keep this baby in the longest is the most important. I'm thinking all the surgeries I've had (4) and my cervix being dilated and scoped that many times has taken it's toll on it. I'll see tomorrow and give an update on here. Congrats again Naomi!! ...Wish we were able to post pictures on here!! Mandi


Naomi98 - April 9

Hi Mandi, Thank you hun, we are over the moon!! Labour and delivery were very quick and mostly natural (I just had one shot of pethidine and the entonox, which I gave up on cos it made me nauseous). It was as close to my ideal childbirth as I could have hoped for. I wanted to put up with the pain of a natural birth so that the recovery time would be quicker. I had an episiotomy but it was a small one, just one external st_tch and it's already almost healed. So I'm glad now that I did it but boy, it was hard work at the time lol. Sorry to hear about the pains, that's horrible. There are some good yoga stretches for back pain that I did right up til the end of the my pregnancy. They help stretch out and relax the lower back. I hope the cervix thing isn't too serious. Bedrest would suck for sure. Maybe you could ask someone to do the shopping for's a good idea to have all the essentials in before he arrives! I'm SO TIRED I can hardly think straight let alone go shopping for baby things...and Aindriu is a pretty good sleeper. Anyway keep us with news from your end... xx


babynewbie - June 6

Congrats Naomi!!! Welcome to precious Aindriu!!! Hayden Patrick is here as well, early like his sister!!! :) Born June 1st at 36 1/2 weeks but still 6 lbs & 8 oz and 17.5 inches long...just perfect and home with us safe and sound. A great labour, nothing like Olivia..picture perfect and very aware through the whole thing. Only 9 hours of labour!!! AMAZING!!! Olivia is so only mildly interested LOL but likes to "a__sist" mommy taking care of him. Have my mom with us so life is good so far, will become a full time mom of 2 though in 1 short week and Garrett is back to work so it should be interesting...haha. Will report back again shortly. Mandi hope you are great and can't wait to hear what is up in your world!!! Naomi how is life as a new mom to your little boy? Happy he is here and loving life as a mom of 2 angels... :) Regan, Olivia & Hayden xo


Naomi98 - June 28

Congratulations Regan and welcome to the world Hayden!!! So glad you had a good birth experience this time but wow he really was early! I absolutely can't even imagine how it must be to have two little ones to look after....make the most of the support while you have it! We're doing fine, arrived back in Angola this morning so we're all a bit shell shocked and sleep deprived. I had to go to the shop to get groceries today so Aindriu's had his first outing in Africa! All the street sellers were admiring him (and giving out to me for not having his hat on right and not covering his arms lol). He's doing really great, 3 months old already and thankfully sleeping much better. I normally only get up once to feed him at night. Let's see how he does tonight in his new cot! Mandi what's the news your end????!! Nxx


sunshine7610 - July 10

Congratulations Regan! Glad everything went well for you. I'm a new mommy too now! Emmett Gregory arrived June 24th. Exactly 2 weeks early by c-section. I found out at 37 weeks that I would have a section, then found out the exact date 3 days before! I was a bit overwhelmed when I found out how soon it was coming - I was expecting it at 39 weeks not 38. Not that 1 week is a big difference but I had planned to take a week off work before the c section to take some time to myself before the baby came but instead had 1 day off. Nevertheless, it was the most AMAZING day of my life. As soon as I heard him cry and saw his little can't even express. I well up whenever I think about that day in the delivery room. Nothing can top that experience. And he's the cutest little thing! He weighed 7lb 4oz. I wish I could post pictures on here to show you him! Glad you are all doing well! Mandi



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