Possibility Of Pregnancy?

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k.j.reid922 - December 10

Hey ladies. 

Quick question i would LOVE some opinions on as im going through something i havent experienced before.

I have a 2 year old daughter and when it came time when i found out i was pregnant with her i had no signs or symptoms, just some back pain and a i took a test 8 days before my period was due and had a positive result. Only reason i chose to test then was because normally i didnt get back pain so took a test thinking nothing of it and turns out i was pregnant.

Well this month for the last 2 weeks ive been more tired then usual, napping alot more often than what i have in years, feeling bloated and alot more moody. My period was 3 days late and i took a test the 1st day of my missed period which came back negative. Thought nothing else of it. 2 days later i had some bleeding and assumed it was my period starting because i had cramps along with it. But the bleeding stoped after 2 days and the total blood loss didnt even fill a tampon. Could this possiblt be an implantation bleed? I never had one with my daughter so im not sure what im looking for when it comes to it. My periods are ALWAYS heavy and a continous 4+ cycle bleeding.

Any thoughts?


Grandpa Viv - December 10

Implantation spotting is usually a week before the missed period. Since you have several early pregnancy signs and the test you took could have been too early, another test tomorrow using first morning pee would be a good idea.


chico2504 - December 16

Hi just asking for some advice! 

Me and my partner have been trying to concieve since october (recent iknow). I had my last period on the 4th of november 2016 and my next one was due on the 1st of december but i am now 15 days late. I have had allot of symptoms of pregnancy such as lower back ache (which i never get), ive had stomach cramps but nothing like period pains? My breast are also very tender and new strach marks have appeared! Today i also started with acid reflux. I have done 5 home tests and all are comming back as negative? I have also been to see my doctor who did a test which came back negative. She worked out if i was to be pregnant i would be 6 weeks. Just wondering if anybody has any advice or has been through the same situation x 


Grandpa Viv - December 20

An ovarian cyst might be responsible. If your next period does not straighten things out go see the doctor one more time.



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