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Jkc96 - December 4

I had my period two weeks ago and it lasted like my usual one but it was heavier than usual , and it lasted five days. Me and my boyfriend have unprotected sex but he pulls out (I know that's not very effective) and we are very sexually active .  I've been experiencing these light cramps , bloating, heavy breasts and sore nipples , and my uterus feels hard on and off . Idk if I'm just going crazy or I'm just overthinking but could I be pregnant? 


Grandpa Viv - December 7

Assuming these signs started recently the chances are that your last period indicated "not pregnant". Now two weeks later it is ovulation time and too soon to be experiencing pregnancy signs from this cycle. Could your signs be related to ovulation, a cyst maybe? Run a home pregnancy test if your period shows up missing or light.

Have you discussed with the boyfriend what to expect if you do get pregnant? Will he stand with you or cut and run. How will you and your family handle a pregnancy? Is it time to get serious about birth control before any of this happens?


Jkc96 - December 7

I've had these symptoms for about a week now and now I'm experiencing back pain and fatigue . I'm becoming a little emotional also . These cramps I'm having are more sharp than preperiod cramps . Everyone keeps telling me to take a test 


Grandpa Viv - December 8

A full length and heavier period would normally be taken as a not pregnant sign, especially since you had no early pregnancy signs in the week before the period. Now you do have a number of early pregnancy signs and a pregnancy test is advisable to see if you are pregnant in spite of that bleed. Another test when your next period is due would check to see if you got pregnant this cycle from an extraordinarily early ovulation. Because of the timing issues I think they will be negative. You may end up with a doctor visit to check for other reasons.


SWEETY786 - February 8

hi , ladies , i got a period on the 19/12/2016 up until the 21/12/2016, then i was supposed to get a period on the 15/01/2017 , which didnt come , but ever since the last period my breast is sore and heavy , went to the docter on the 28/01/2017 , 1 positive pregnancy test , did blood test came back negative, he only picked up some sugar in my urine , he told me to come back the monday he did another preg test it still showed negative , well my breast have this warm feeling inside and its very heavy and i picked up weight , and i am very sleepy , so al in al my period was 19 days late , as i got it on the 02/02/2017 , my period neva late , and i am on a normal 28day cycle. i still feel pregnant 



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