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Lissa - February 13

Hello, my last period was Dec 31. Around Jan may 5th I had tender br___ts for that day only and on the 6th I had a browish color in my panties. I skipped all of Jan, and all Jan ive been having headaches, and Ive been eating and my food wants to come up sometime but it doesnt just a clear vomit, I am tired during the day but at night im always up every hour on the hour I get so thirsty and im up drinking water and urinating over and over again. My br___ts are sore but its not an everyday thing, although the headache is. Its now Feb 8th and still no AF. I took a home preg test Feb 1 and it was neg so im wondering was it to early, I have read you can test 4 days before or after your period is due but ive been reading that you should wait to get a pos home preg at 6 weeks so today Feb 9 would start week 6. Im just wondering if I should wait because I have been stressed a little (even though I dont think that would cause my br___ts to be sore). I just want to know if I should go buy another test, we are trying to have one but those tests cost to much money (ive brought so many in the past) and its always a waste of time. I guess im asking after all ive wrote, would you go retest or leave it alone and write it off as stress and wait for Feb 8th?


Stacie - February 13

I would definately retest for sure. I try to go to a health clinic. Their test are alot more accurate. SOme women have such a small amount of hcg in their systems that a home pregnancy test can not detect if your pregnant or not. One of my friends had the very same probems and she was 6 months pregnant before the test was positive. Don't stress the more you worry the more you body is going to change. If you think your pregnant your body is going to develope symtoms that aren't really their. Don't Worry


teen in need - February 13

My last period was december 27 I skiiped my period for jan and Ithe last time i had s_xual intercourse was feb 6th when should I take a pregnancy test



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