Babies Father Died

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Breathingintune - September 30

I am 14 weeks pregnant , and just recently the father of my baby and my financial support died. i am not sure what to do because i had to move back in with my parents and through this all my parents are becoming broke because of me being here. i know there is something the goverment can do for situations like this being cash assistance or something like that because only thing i have is medicaid and food stamps but i have no money for the things i need (clothes,medicines,ect.) i am not sure what to do or what people to talk to if there is anyone out there that knows what i need to do please help me out. because i cannot wait till the baby is born to get social security , i have no job and unable to get one because i am pregnant no one will hire me. please somone help me i have no idea what to do . thank you


pinkbo0tlace - September 30

wow...first off, i'd like to say that I am so sorry for your loss, and I cannot imagine what you are going through. The father of my son that I am pregnant with (im 31 wks) is a jerk, but I don't know what I would do if he pa__sed. May I ask how?...if you don't want to answer that, that's fine and I totally understand. I guess, if I were you - try to get cash a__sistance for right now, and then if you can, either stay at your parents, or try to get a roomate? Look in your phone book for any subidized that is based on your income :)


krc - September 30

I know exactly what your going thru. I found out I was pregnant 2 weeks after my boyfriend ( baby's father ) pa__sed away. My son is now 10 weeks old. I too had to move back in with my mom and since I am not working I have applied for food stamps and cash a__sistance although I am still waiting for both. Im not working so my mom buy diapers and wipes. I b___stfeed so I dont have to worry about formula. I hope you are considering b___stfeeding, being in a situation where money is a huge issue is would be ridiculous to not feed your baby with your own( free ) milk. Here is something else that may help. I am in the process of going thru this right now. There is something out there you can get thru social security called survivor's benefits. If you qualify, you'll get a check every month for your child until he/she is 18. But since the father died while you are pregnant you will have to prove paternity. I dont know about your state but Im in florida and legally it's against the law for me to put phillips name as the father on the birth certificate because he is not alive to speak for himself. Plus they require his signature and obviously he can't provide that ! SO..... the way to establish paternity is to get a blood test from the coroner. Once you have paternity established a judge will allow you to put his name on the birth certificate. Then you can take that to social security and apply for the survivor's benefits which you will most likely get. I highly suggest you try this route. Phillip was 26 when he died but he was a hard worker. I am going to receive $700 a month !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that amount will increase over time, as it will for you too if you qualify. Being a single parent is very tough. Also if you have to go back to work, apply for daycare a__sistance. That really helps by cutting the cost in half or less. But please, for your sake and your babys sake, get in touch with your local social security office and set up an appointment with someone to aply for survivors benefits and they will instruct you on what to do. Imagine..getting $700 a month for 18 years !! That is a single moms dream !


krc - September 30

I just reread your question and I see you already know about social security. Dont think no one will hire you. I got an office job when is was 12 weeks pregnant. I got a second job when I was 5 months at walmart for extra money. Then I moved to my moms when I was just in my 6th month and showing. I got hired at dillards in the mall and worked until I was 35 weeks pregnant. You'd be surprised how many employers hire pregnant woman. I wouldn't sit around feeling for sorry for myself, go put in applications and you'll get a job. Then you can slowly stock up on what you need. Spread the word to your pregnant, I didn't buy a single piece of maternity clothes. I had friends and women I didn't even know giving me their maternity clothes. Most of everything I got was given to me. Once I knew what I was having ( at my 16 week u/s ) everyone started giving me baby clothes their baby outgrew. Also planned parenthood usually stocks up on clothes they give away for free. Other than food stamps, medicaid, cash a__sistance, and social security income, your only choice is to get a job !! Good luck.... everything will work out. I know because I am going thru it. If you ever want to talk email me at We can totally relate !


amyree - October 6

krc - I know this post is a few days old - but I just wanted to tell you that you gave very good advice to "Breathingintune". It's sounds like you are a real go-getter. I admire that you worked hard through your 35th week and saved up because you knew that you would be unable to work after the baby came. Your child is very lucky to have an intelligent mother who is willing to do what needs to be done. Way to go girl!


TangieHawk22 - March 31

My son’s father passed away from a brain aneurysm that ruptured while he was sleeping. I was 10 weeks pregnant and was devastated by his death. I have never felt more scared or unsure of how to go on. I started going to a therapist to help deal with the grief. I miss my son’s dad every day, but nothing beats looking into my son’s eyes or seeing him smile! 



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