How Do I Tell My Boyfriend

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Nat - December 15

Hi, I have just found out im 6 weeks pregnant but I really dont know how to tell my boyfriend im so scared that he will leave me and I still dont know if I should carry on with the pregnancy, its the most difficult thing ive ever had to decide, part of me really wants to have this baby but another part of me says am I ready, silly question but has anybody else been through this and what did you do? I would be very greatful for any advice, thankyou.


Kristen - December 15

i was 17 when i got pregnant with my son. at first i didn't want to be tried to tell myself that it can't be but then i tought about it i wouldn't ever get an abortion(i'm totally againist it and is something i will never do). And i know having the baby i wouldn't want to give him up and i had a sucessful pregnancy and had a health little boy, who is now 2 years old. When i told his father about being pregnant(we were not together when i found out) i though he wouldn't care. But he was there til i was 3 months pregnant then he got scared and left me. i can't say that your bf will react the same way. my son's father wasn't there for his birth or first two years of his life. he is still not currently part of his life he has been lock up for a year now and still has 4 to 8 months to go so my son will be 3 or almost 3 by the time he gets out. He didn't see him for the first time until just before my son's 2nd birthday and he's been writing me telling how stupid he feels for leaving me and hates himself for missing out on his son's life(his first born child). he also has a daughter with some else and he been missing out on her life to and he hates that he can't be with his kids it took him getting locked up to relieze what was important in life. Tell your bf he may be happy about it and even if he don't want it and you do you can still keep it if you don't you may regret it. make sure you think it through really good so you don't have any regrates. I was lucky when i was 5 months pregnant i meet someone who is now my husband and he treats my son as his own. but i do remember thinking after my son's father left me that i was going to have to do this all by myself and didn't know what to do but i made it and am working on making a bigger family. if your heart is telling to keep the baby then keep it always fallow your heart. Let me know how things go with your bf. Good Luck!


z - December 15

a few years ago i had an abortion because we were not ready to have a baby. It was a hard decision to make but I had to think of my future and the kind of life I wanted for me and my childern. If I had gone through with the pregnancy at the time i woudl not be where i'm today. So eventhough it was hard and it took some time for me to recover emotionally I look back and think I did the right thing at the time for me and my future. That's not to say that I don't think about it; but I don't regert it either. I have confidence in my decision that I did the right thing at the time. But I have to say that abortion is not for everyone. Some who cannot provide go through adoptions but even that is not for everyone; there are so much emotions envolved. But you have to do some research, and soul searching and see what is best for you. And as for telling your boyfriend, if he is a nice guy and loves you then he would not leave you and will stay to support you, and help you make the right decision. If he ends up not being supportive then why woudl you wnat to be with him? You need to believ in your slef and the deision you guys end up making. just know that no matter what you decide you are not alone.


Tasha - December 15

Hey Nat, If you plan on keeping this baby if your boyfriend loves you he will support you through this no matter what your decision might be. I don't agree with abortion but hey it's up to yourself. I am 19 and I am 4 months pregnant and my boyfriend left me because he wasn't ready for the responsibility and he is immature. But like i said no matter what your decision i think you should talk it over with your boyfriend and he should support you through this.


Nat - December 16

Hi everyone, Thankyou so much for your input, I still havent told him but I will do. Its just really good to know there are other people who are and have been in my position, thankyou again.


Sarah - December 29

I found out I was 6 weeks pregnant a few month ago and I was petrified of telling my boyfriend because although I didn't think he would leave me, I was worried how he would react and I was also worried that if we stayed together I would never know if it was because of the baby or if he truly loved me. What I wasn't prepared for however was the force of my own feelings of wanting to have that baby no matter what. So I bit the bullet and told him and his reaction was pretty much what I was expecting....shock, horror followed by the cla__sic boy line of "how the hell did that happen"!! It took a while for it to sink in but when it did he was so transparently happy about it that it actually brought us closer together. So I guess what I'm trying to say is that you may be pleasantly surprised and to be honest if he did leave you because you were pregnant, then do you really want a future with this man?


Donna - January 1

Funny, am in the same boat as you except am now 13 weeks pregnant and alone.I decided to have the baby on my own as my boyfriend of 20 feels he is too young to be a dad.I arranged a termination because i loved my boyfriend and it was what him and his family wanted.I guess i realised i was about to make the worst mistake of my life as im sure now i would have regreted it.The thing was i was doing something for the wrong reason.Everyone is different, whatever you do just make sure it is the right thing for you no-one else.Its a life changing thing and its forever.I dont regret my choice am 19 i have a very supporting family and im going to try my best to be a great mum.Speak to your boyfrind and have sometime out to make your choice FOR YOU:Hope everything goes well


nat - January 17

have you told him yet and if so what happened. i have a 4 years old son and his father has never seen him so if you need to tlak please feel free to email me at my name is angela


kelly - January 27

How do I tell my boyfriend Im having twins in eight months?


rosie - January 27

when i was 16 i was 8 weeks pregnant, i told my boyfriend and he was so supportive, but at the end of the day sista, u have people there for you, n e one can b a father, it takes someone special to be a daddy.


ANN - February 3

i Think you should go through with it because the bible says that god will help you have strength and he will help you no matter what and he will always be ther for you


sammy - February 7

its hard i know my boyfiend and i were together a year when i got pregnant and when i told him he left and now i'm 12 wks pregnant and its his loss it will be hard but u just have to tell yourself u can do it


Jessica - February 15

how do i find a boyfriend at the age 12 ?how?when?how to talk to him?


Laura - February 27

I'm 21 now, and my perspective on abortion has completely changed...I also thought that if i were to ever get pregnant without being married that i would have to get a an abortion because i would be too afraid to tell my parents and boyfriend. but you know what, I'm scared that I might be now and I have to wait still for another week...but I look at young children, and say, "would i really be able to live with myself if I ever terminated a pregnancy?" and what you have to ask yourself is who do you want to put first? Your boyfriend (who you aren't even sure will stick around?) Or a baby? I believe that things DO happen for a reason, and there's a reason why you got pregnant. Just put yourself and the baby first, and the rest will fall into place...


Brit - March 4

I was in you situation in 2001 and I did make the decsion to tell my boyfriend that I was pregnant and he was really excited. But when I was 2 mon. along I caught him cheating on me. It was hard to deal with. But I am now a single mom who is 21. I have just recently started dating again and my new boyfriend is taking to my daughter very well. But in your situation if you are not ready to raise this child by yourself if he does leave you. You could give it up for adoption. If you do keep it and raise it by yourself someday the right guy will come along and help out and be a good supportive dad to the child. If your boyfriend does stay with you then I really hope that things work out for you. God Bless


Avirl - March 5

hi im 16 and im 7 months pregnant i was really scared but came to my sences no baby disserves to be killed so i did it all and now i have a neauitiful baby girl


Avirl - March 6

oh no im pregnant again it is really hard now that im only 16 with my 2nd child i will not have an abortion im going to keep it as my boyfrined was really happy to no but there is 1 problem i am having twins but i will keep them just if u read this don't get pregnant until u are about 20 years old



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