How Do I Tell My Boyfriend

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Danii - May 6

hey Nat, i just wanted to say quickly that not everyone regrets having abortions. I had one last year and neither me or the father regret it one bit. We are now having a bub, but then i wasn't emotionally stable enough and my body wasn't in the best shape to give my bub the best start to life. I will say however this time around i just couldn't do it. I knew deep down i wanted to keep this baby and thats exactally what i'm doing, as a single mother and i don't regret that either. i think you already know what you want to do, you just have to trust your instincts and believe that you are strong enough to deal with it either way, no matter what the outcome. We're a lot stronger then we think we are. Goodluck chicky


trazarra may - February 2

im 25 yrs old now and im maried..last month i meet a guy and we have s_x... but that time we used condom... and now im pregnant ,, i dont know if im pregnant to my husband or im pregnant with the guy that i meet lastmonth.... yes i have s_x with that guy but we used condom... and im thinking even we used condom im still be pregnant.??.. or im pregnant to my husaband...?? pls i need you help..!


Teddyfinch - February 3

sooo, uhhh, why did you cheat? and if you used a condom and were having s_x with both the sancho and ur husband, but unprotected with your husband, then it's probably his. you need to stop with the s_x addiction because a baby doesn't need to be brought into that. in or out. marriage is like a screen door on your grandma's house. (well my grandma's at least) you're either in to stay or out.


alexisdeshazo - October 15

hi i am 12 and i am pregnet i have not told my ex boyfrined hes going to be a dad and my life is going down hill i feel like a frecken prveit. i need help plezz iam in 7th by the way


alexisdeshazo - October 15

hi i am 12 years old and i am a seventh grader i have bin pregnit fo a mounth now and only my 4 best friends know not my ex thow i am to scared to tell hem i dont want him to punch me agian


Grandpa Viv - October 15

Alexis, how sure are you that you are pregnant? Few girls are fertile that young. This is something you should share with your mother. Good luck!


alexisdeshazo - October 18

i am 100 precent posative plez my famly alredy know but wount help plez hlep


Grandpa Viv - October 20

You need to break off with this boyfriend ASAP. He is trouble and will bring you a life of sorrow. My email is on my profile if you want to talk about it more. GL!


prego13chick - January 10

Hi i'm pregnant and 13 i told my boyfriend with my first sonogram he was shocked packed a bag and left for a couple of days i thought i was going to be alone and a single mom and then he told me he loved me and wanted a family with me and the baby im still pregnant im having the baby in less than two months and he is still having trouble dealing with the baby on the way but dont worry everything will turn out okay it did for me and im 13 years old and its not easy but good luck!


sajahde22 - November 20


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