How To Tell My Family I M Pregnant

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nervous_girl - September 9

I just turned 22 and I'm 14 weeks pregnant. I was very close to getting an abortion but when I saw the baby on the ultrasound, my heart melted and i couldn't go through with it. My boyfriend is being very supportive, but he is getting frustrated with me because I haven't told my mom or my sister yet. I know that I have to tell them but I'm extremely scared because they always told me to stick to my studies. My sister should be the first person to know but I'm even scared to tell her. She even told me she would be very disappointed in me. (she kind of acts like she's my mom because of our huge age difference). I really need advice on how to break the news to them because time is running out and I'm starting to show a little bit. Please help!!!!! Thanks!


Jamie - June 13

I can tell you the best thing to do is to tell them soon. They will get over it because they are you family and the sooner you tell them the sooner you can relax (the stress is bad for the baby) and they can get over it. The father of my babys family was just like yours but he finally told them. He felt better because once they got over it (it only took about a week) they were able to help support him emotionally. They will find out sooner rather that later anyways so you may as well get it over with.


Amy - June 15

Hi! I definitely understand what you are going through. I am 22 just like you. Just like you, I am also pregnant...except for 13 weeks. Finally, I am also like you because I have not told my mom yet out of fear of her reaction. Youre right, our time is running out and I know I will be telling my mom soon just like you. I was thinking of telling her in a way that shows that I have come to terms with what happened and am actually happy and confident in my abilities as a mother. I dont want to tell her about the baby in any remorseful or regretful way. Im even thinking about giving her a grandmother's present...what do you think? I know you are going through a tough time...well at least I am. If you want to keep in contact with me...please email me at Good luck and congratulations mommy!! :)


Mindy - June 26

Here's what I did. I went to visit my family and just said it. That's about all you can do.


Chrystal - June 28

I'm in the same boat, but I'm a little younger I'm 20 years old, and I'm I just found out this morning that I'm pregnant. only 4 weeks, I haven't even had a chance to talk to my Boy Friend about what he wants, but I do know this, I don't want to have an abortion, so my first delema is telling him and then comes my family, including my grandfather that is a pastor. Any advice because I'm really scared right now, but still excited because I know I will make a good mother.


gini - July 29

hi.. i know how you feel im 16 and pregnant.. my mum and i didnt get along she was alway yelling at me and telling me i better not screw up in school.. well i am about a month now and today is actually the day i told her i was expecting (7/29/04) and for her always yelling at me and things she was really supportive.. so my advice is to get it over wtih she will b a lil mad at first but she will always love you and she will help support your decision on keeping.. ecspecially if she wants grand kids.. if at anytime you want to talk my email is


Sara/date:sept 1,2004/1:44 - August 4

i'm onyl 14 and i'am prenant.i'm 19 weeks pregnant,my bf is doing everything he can for me,he's so great.but my dad is ay to strict and i'm to scared to tell because i'm scared he might kick me out or hurt me real bad and hurt or kill the baby inside of me,help please????


Emma - August 8

I'm 13 and i've just finished primary school and going away to start high school.I'm pregnant with twin's and i'm getting big and very tired.After I tell my mum about having the twins i'm going to have a home birth.My boyfriend who's 15 say's he's going to be with me all the way through labor because he's the father.When we had s_x that night we used a comdom but it burst so I got pregnant.Yesterday when I went for a scan I had found out I was having two girl's.Then the doctor said that when I have the twin's I need to be able to controll the birth because the twins could come when i'm at school.I said i was going to have my twin's at home in my bed.The docor said that's fine but when i'm in labor i'll half to realy prepare to give birth because i'm going to be very,very tired.


Heather - August 11

Hi everyone! Im also in the same situation as all of you guys, Im 21 and im 5 weeks pregnant i just found out for sure today, i want to tell my mom soon incase she over reacts and gets really upset i want her to be ok with it by the time the baby is born. Anyone know any good way to tell a mom that your gonna be a mom.


Margie - August 12

I actually was crying so bad when I told my mom, she thought I was going to tell her I was dying. I'm 27, was not in a relationship and am now 9 months pregnant. I waited until I was about 16 weeks along to tell her because I was a- in denial, and b- scared to death. Moms, as I guess we'll all find out, can be wonderfuly supportive and very strong for their kids when they need to be. My only regret is that I didn't tell her sooner, because I essentially went through the first half of my pregnancy alone. Once I told her and my older siblings, they really rallied around me and backed me up. Do it face to face, and do it soon. Being literally moments away from being a mom, I have to say, the only thing I would have changed about how I handled my pregnancy is that I would have said something and gotten the support I needed sooner. Best of luck to you, and stay strong. And for those of you out there still in school or college, don't drop out. It's tough to balance baby and school, but your shot at being able to provide a real life for your child long term (and on YOUR terms) depends on your being educated and employable. You will not make a liveable wage if you don't graduate. Believe me, student loans can be paid back easily when you're able to get a real job. Just some heads up for the future :)


heather - August 13

Thanks for the advice Margie! Im in my 2nd year of college, and im looking for a part time job, i refuse to quit school, b/c i feel like i'd make a big mistake im glad that you mentioned staying in school


dee - August 18

i was also scared to tell my mother. i am 21 and 5 wks pregnant. i told her today over the phone since we are a thousand miles apart and before the words even came out i was in tears. i was so surprised when she told me not to cry and that i should do what i feel is right, that if i have it she'll be glad to be a grandmother for the first time... my mother has never been very supportive and she always screams, but like somebody posted before me, mothers can be very supportive when they know their child is hurting and needs them. even if youre mother does not react the same way, you need to tell her asap and when she sees that child, she will be happy you went through with it


charl - August 19

i know how you feel but i cant even tell my boyfriend coz we split up before i knew an he is back with his ex who he has baby with.but i am gona get him to meet me and just get it all out an then tell my mum. they will be dissapointed but will come round an help you loads.


de - August 19

you are an adult young but an adult so be one if the father is supportive then you need to stand up you dont believe in abortion of course your gonna hear it but its your life just stay focused and you still can finish your studies many single parents do it and have doctoret degrees so what you just have to replan there are orginizations that help with childcare if you family wont support you than you and the father have to pull together but your grown just stay focused finish school and make sure when the baby born use protection


robbi=) - August 20

hi! im in the same situatiopn 2! im 14 and 16 weeks pregnant but im starting to show and my mum and dad are starting to notice! my dad beats me if i do something he doesnt like and this is alot bigger some of the other stuff ive done! i really dont know what hes gonna do and it makes me feel sick wen i think about what he mite do! pleeeeeez plz plz!! help me!! luv robbi =) x x x


jasmin - September 9

I to was in that situation, i was 21 about to turn 22 when I found out i was expecting my son. I to was very scared my bf now husband was also scared to tell his parents like I was to tell mine. I told my sisters first and they supported me. They made us tell my parents but my bf asked for my hand in marrige the night we decided to tell. I was shocked because I was not expecting that. My mom like all mothers had that sixth instinct and asked if i was pregnant, of course I started crying and she said thing that I had never heard her say before. She did not talk to me for 2 days not one word. one day I went to school and work and when I got home she had all kinds of baby clothes for my baby. Now my son is 19 months and my parents love him just as much as I do . Now my husbands parents are 1 st time grandparents and they are also so happy for their grandson.


i'm22_&pregnant - September 13

hey, i know how you are feeling. i'm 22 and just found out i'm pregnant. my sisters know and my dad knows, but i'm scared to tell my mom. she's going to throw a fit! my bf is 26 a full-time cop and i'm a full-time reporter, but i still live at home. ithink the best way to tell them is to just say it. i'm going to tell my mom tonight. i've never been so nervous and scared in my life! i know i'm not helping you out very much, but i think it helps knowing that you're not the only one going through this. good luck!



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