How To Tell My Family I M Pregnant

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i'm22_&pregnant - September 13

hey, i know how you are feeling. i'm 22 and just found out i'm pregnant. my sisters know and my dad knows, but i'm scared to tell my mom. she's going to throw a fit! my bf is 26 a full-time cop and i'm a full-time reporter, but i still live at home. ithink the best way to tell them is to just say it. i'm going to tell my mom tonight. i've never been so nervous and scared in my life! i know i'm not helping you out very much, but i think it helps knowing that you're not the only one going through this. good luck!


cze - September 14

Write them a letter. I would say that I am going to continue my studies at a later date, that I know it will be difficult but that you are confident in your ability to go back to your studies once you are stabilized. I know many women who are now 40ish who were in your shoes and went back and started law school. You can do it. I think this should help and don't let an overbearing sister (I have one like that) decide your life. You are making the right choice. I know friends who went either way and it was definately the ones making your choice who are much happier with that decision 15-20 years later. Good luck and start exploring good resources.


steph - September 19

Hi, well my story is alot like many of yours, except my family is not as of supportive of our relationship. I got pregnant my senior year of high school, and was in a car accident and lost the baby at only 4 months along. I have just found out again that I am pregnant. I am not as scared to tell my mom as we are to tell his dad. I know after about proabably 2 or 3 weeks he will start getting excited, but he is going to feel like he needs to buy us everything. There is just not really a way to come out and say hey we are pregnant but we dont want or need your help, without sounding horrible. Anyways, any advice let me know.


Kay03 - September 25

I'll be 18 in a few months and I've been on birth control. Well school started and I missed 3 pills in a row...meaning I have to throw out the pak and wait for my period and whatever. Well we had s_x 4-5 times with him just pulling out. I missed my period...its been over a week and I still dont have anything. I have nasea, fatigue, coughs and colds and v____a discharge. I bought a home test but I'm afraid of what it might can I tell my mom if its positive?


kelsey - September 27

im 17 and just found out im pregnant, im really worried about telling my mum because she is very ill with cancer and i dont want to make her boyfriend is 23 and he is really happy and excited about being a dad for the first time, we have only been together for 7months but we are so in love, i was on the pill but we both decided i stopped taking it to have a baby.i really want this baby but just worried about telling my mum. my boyfriends mum is brilliant about us having the baby, shes out buying things please help me!!!!!!


Carletta - October 6

If I'm 18 weeks how many months I'm I?


frances - October 6

to carletta u are almost 5 months-20 weeks is 5 months


Viv - October 7

Kelsey, I'm sorry to hear about your mum. I've lost family members like that too. Don't a__sume she will be upset. She may be delighted to see you happy and to know that the next generation is on the way. In fact, it may motivate her to hold on longer.


Audrey - November 16

For the young pregnant women out there, you might be able to find a book called "Mom, I'm Pregnant" by Reni L. Witt. ISBN: 0-8128-6173-6 / 0812861736 It's a good place to start.


Audrey - November 16

Pamela- if you were forced by your mother's ex you should go to the police. No 7th grader should be kicked out by their own parents for that. Seek support from other family members or people you trust.


Lena - November 17

I would just go ahead and tell them. I waited until I was almost 5 months to tell my family that I was pregnant. I thought they would be mad and upset with me because I'm not married. I wish I would have told them sooner because when I finally did get the nerve to tell them, they were so excited. I stressed over it for no reason. They are your family and it may take some time, but I believe they'll be happy in the end.


brenda - November 18

Im I ready to take care of a child that is what you have to ask your self


SARA - November 21

In feb i will be 20. i just found out that i am almost 3 months pregant. i still have not told my parents i am scared that i will disappoint them.i am all alone and scared. im not sure who the father is. but i know that out of the two guys that neither of them would support the child. i dont know if i should have the child or not i want to but im scared about not being able to raise him. i know the govt. will help me because im in the service. i think my parents will be happy cuz now im not going to iraq in feb.


April - November 25

Im 25 and im 16 weeks, my husband and i wanted to have a baby. I had a miscarriage in march and the doctors said i couldnt get pregnant for about 6 months. my mother was relieved when i had a miscarriage because she doesn't think its a good idea. I bled for about 3 months and then i got pregnant right away. and im scard to tell her because i know shes gonna freak out. I decided im just gonna say "mom, i need to talk to you. Im pregnant." My husband will be there and he is very supportive so hopefully it will go well.


ka__s - December 9

Just tell them. As a previous poster said, if you are excited about it and have accepted it and made peace with it then hopefully your reaction will be a little bit better. But who knows. I'm 23 and married. We are talking about trying for a baby and I am getting zero support from my side of the family. It is very frustrating. I honestly think that I would have gotten almost the same reaction had I gotten pregnant before I was married and done w/ school. Sometimes you just can't win. It's hard to imagine going ahead and actually trying to get preg. knowing in advance that we might not get the support we want. But if we don't do it, then we'll essentially be letting them run our lives. Very frustrating and hurtful situation. But, you are already preg. and hopefully they will be there for you. Good luck!


vanessa - December 10

hey i'm 20 and i am 14weeks my boyfriend and i thought of getting an abortion because we werent ready but we are keeping it his mom knows and is happy as can be but my parents arent as understanding i want to tell my mom so bad but i know they'll be upset like i tell his mom what can they do but support me what r they ganna do ground me?? no i dont think so its just hard and i feel that it might take a couple days for them to get over it but i think they will be accepting. its just how do i tell them? what do i say? can you help :thanks:



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