I May Be Doing This Alone

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Joiliecherie - November 30

So my boyfriend and I been together for about 1 year and some change and I recently found out I am pregnant. Not the greatest news I ever heard because I just started back working towards my future. I went back to school and started a new job. My boyfriend in the other hand just started a Journey about a year ago that he somewhat regret doing. He moved back home with his family up in Boston. We travel every other week to see each other. During these time we have together our relationship been somewhat rocky because of the distance. Long story short, I told him i was pregnant and he doesn't want me to have the baby he wants me to abort it. He's worried about finance and him not being around during appointments and when I need him the most which is understandable. But that doesn't mean we can't work something out. that doesn't mean he can't move back that doesn't mean I can't move out there. We can compromise for something to workout. He do have family issues that's one reason why he always said he wanted to move back. But doesn't want to move back and start all over again once again. Now that I told him I'm pregnant he wants me to terminate my pregnancy. I had a termination before about 2 years ago and I don't think I'm able to go through that again. It was very painful and I was depressed because my family didn't support me and it was for someone who I don't really know personally. Now that I'm 2 years older and in a relationship my family somewhat accept that I am pregnant it's not the greatest news they ever heard. But i know they eill support me. I know for a fact I do not want to terminate my pregnancy but I am just so afraid to doubt myself in a long run and do this alone. I'm pretty sure he will come around but in the meantime what do I do because he's not around he asked for some space and time alone. He do know about my termination 2 years ago and I told him in the beginning that if I ever got pregnant I wouldn't be able to go through that experience again. Yeah we may argue time to time but I feel like it's only because of the distance. so much questions is running through my mind. Am I ready for this if he don't come around am I ready to go through this by myself until he come along. Will I regret my decision in the long run or halfway through my pregnancy I just don't know anymore all I know is that I cannot go through another termination and giving up for adoption is not a choice for me.



Grandpa Viv - December 2

Cherie, you are in a tough place and have my sympathy. Your guy is distancing himself and sending the message that this is not a long term relationship. In my opinion you are confronted by the painful decision every pregnant single faces, somewhere you have been before. Hugs!



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