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jenduhh - September 10

It's about my ex who is my per diem father to our infant child . So he claims to be this so called Christian .  So when we were together his ex pushed his mom and my mom who just happens to have a medical condition into multiple objects you.. he said he didn't love her anymore you know everything is going fine between me and him you know and then I had a miscarriage when I was with him. And then we broke up because his ex threaten him. that she has with him and he was so afraid of going to court that he we broke up and you know he tells me that you and I helped fuck your life up I'm sorry I love you I miss you you know and then I get pregnant with my child you now and he said he's in embarrassed   you know he starts telling me all these things you know and then he keeps telling me that he loves me or whatever but it's funny because he's gone to with me to all the doctors appointments while I was pregnant but since the babies been born he hasn't gone to any appointments but yet he still claims that he loves me and yet he says he has to follow of the Bible. But yet he says he's not happy she's taking and doing things without telling him . He  can't really trust her because he called me and has me do everything and plus half the stuff is still at my apartment. But yet he told me that he loves me but when the baby was born in the hospital he was there for me and was helping me . but yet he tells me he has to follow the Bible because he doesn't want to go to hell but yet he still loves me you know and then when I got home he decided you know I still love you .  We slept together again it now but yet he told me that he loves me and everything but in public he refuses to acknowledge his new child refuses and when we went to Dinner one of his kids told me oh well my mommy says that I don't have to be nice to you or the baby . and I said that's fine so I told my ex and he said oh well that's what you get for two mature people and I said not to be mean and I said but you're with that person so obviously you must like it because you were OK with her pushing your mother you were OK with her pushing my mother and you're OK with her talking shit on your new baby and then he told me know he misses the baby but yet he hasn't come in seeing his child and then he tells me some kind of bull crap that all I need permission to come see my daughter oh well I'll see her when I want to see her what kind of Christian is that but yeah he told me he still loves me I don't know what to do anymore . He doesn't look like he's happy I told him I would sell this house and move closer day closer and then you could sell me a love is patient but yet he tells me he has to follow the Bible and be a Christian you know but obviously he's not because why would a Christian be with somebody who is abusive rude and everything like that what should I do I'm so lost and tired of crying . I never did anything to him. Like the one time I took the baby to go drop off something to him at his job that he left he refused to even talk to me or even talk to the baby his coworkers and his boss had to come up to me and ask about the baby same thing at Dinner he refused to even look at the baby when I told him to say bye to her. .But yet he tells me he loved me and everything. I love him to death and every time we r together we can talk about anything he still calls me almost every day I know he loves me I just don't know what to do anymore . I just wish he would man up or something.    . I'm confused ... Then yesterday he tells me he wishes we were back together then he says he has to take it day by day. He has to follow the bible but yet he gripes about stuff with her. I talked to his family member a few hours ago she said he is back to being grumpy he isn't happy and his Heart is with me . And he came over cuz he knew I was there and he was this happy person again.
What do I do ! I'm so lost and I need help . Then he asks his father who was never in his life what he thinks of the baby who cares what the f they think it's your baby not his.. Idk what to do I love him to death but should I wait for karma should I even wait for him !! Please help me !!


Grandpa Viv - September 20

He sounds like a crazy guy who will drag you down to his level if you let him. I suggest you start to distance yourself emotionally. Take a firmer hand. Cut short his complaints about her and his Bible references. Not interested, sorry. Talk about your common interests and how you appreciate his presence in your child's life. Let him baby-sit while you go out and do your thing. No sex, if that is what he is thinking. If he feels that he is losing you he may change his tune. If he doesn't he was not worth the effort anyway. Good luck!



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