My Boyfriend Of Almost 6 Years Has A One Month Old Child

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Cordova35 - April 3

Me and my boyfriend have been together for going on 6 years... he currently has a one month old child. Now me and him have been through a ruff patch we were together for 2 years then he left me for the woman who now had his child. We separated for 1 year and through the whole time he still continued to be with me. Then he came back for a little while then left me for her again. Now he is currently back with me. I love him yes but this whole baby situation is taking a toll on our relationship. He was honest and actually cried for the first time when he was telling me and has been honest... now that the baby is here it's like I'm a monster and hate him not really him but what he did. He said sorry and the whole speech but we argue and fight all day everyday. I have told him to get out and have thrown his clothes outside have damaged his car even have had the cops called and he will not leave. I have even tried to break it off and he still won't leave. He doesn't tell me how he feels all he says is he is tired of fussing and I'm pushing him away but doesn't realize that he is pushing me farther. I love him I just don't know what to do. He truly doesn't realize the pain he has caused me this time can someone help me pleaseĀ 


Grandpa Viv - April 4

Cordova, I sympathize with your long running dilemma. The other woman was a predator who succeeded in stealing him away and sought to make the change permanent by having his child. He was weak enough to succumb to her temptations. You are letting this drama consume your life and that has to end.

If you truly love and want him you must forgive his straying and accept that the baby will be some kind of presence in your life. That could even be a blessing if you have fertility problems. It will even put the mother on notice that you no longer feel she is a threat and you are the stronger person. Quit the histrionics - there's nothing to gain from that. I know the pain lingers but it will fade as the months pass and you become more confident of the relationship.



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