Pregnant By A Married Man And Want Abortion

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agiebb - August 21

Okay so before you go judging read the story.

So i am 32 and single mother to a 7 year old ,her dad cheated on me when i was 5months pregnant and got the other women pregnant. Long story short they now have 2 kids i heard he is cheating on her now with another girl who has 2 kids and that caused them to seperate. Talk about KARMA!

When i seperated from my ex i was very careful with men, i wanted to focus on my career and daugther, which was working find for me. I dated a couple of guys but nothing happened as we had different  values. Up until 5 months ago i met this wonderful guy "so i thought" and it there was an instant connection, maybe the reason we got along was because we are both in the medical field (him a doctor myself a nurse). I felt like this is it , we were talking about marriage and having children of our own to fill up the big house he just purchased but i didnt want to move right away as i myself bought a brand new house earlier this year and was just starting to enjoy it. So he had told me he has 1 son who is 7 and not with the mother because they grew apart(she lives in the states). 

Everything was going well after the first 3 months, we both got tested for HIV and i finally felt comfortable enough to allow intimacy earlier this month which resulted in pregnancy. This would have been the happiest moment of my life but i found out last week while going through the multiple boxes he went to the states to pick up that the woman he claims to be his ex, is indeed his wife and just had another baby who is 3months old now. I am still in shock , i thought i was careful, i thought i had done my home work well! He tells me the reason he lied was because he had fallen in love with me and knew that i will not want anything to do with him as he knows my values and principles. He wants me to keep the pregnancy and promises to support me in everyway and will take care of his kid for  the rest of his life; promises to also make up for any lost income i might incure as a resulf of the pregnancy and raising the child. I know some who are against abortion will say keep the pregnancy as he is willing to take full responsibility but how can i trust anything that comes out his mouth now. I have thought about going to that house and explaining everything to his wife so she knows who she is dealing with, i have thought about going to his place of work and exposing him but the good person in me wont let me do that. 

I just want this pregnancy to be done with asap as every symptoms that i feel is a reminder of his deciest. He is begging for my forgiveness but how can i forgive such acts. 

It feels good typing this out , one thing i take from this whole experience is human beings are evil, selfish and will go to unbelievable lenghts to satisfy certain needs.  Although it hurts me to have an abortion; atleast it means i wont have to deal with this beast for the rest of my life and that consoles me for now. 



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