Pregnant From A One Night Stand

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bellybubble - February 14

Ummmm ajh - I couldnt even be a__sed reading your novel - just skimmed it - and glad I didnt waste more then a minute of my life on those sorry posts!


bellybubble - February 14

Oh and ajh - if you have no intention of ever getting anyone pregnant, why are you even on this site? Doesnt that strike you as a little odd????


Teddyfinch - February 14

he's here to spread his 6 figure income knowledge lol.


ajh - February 15

In summary, Teddy, I have a JD, so if you're a lawyer, then perhaps we're equal or you know more from experience seeing that you're likely older than I am. I a__sume you don't read because you are a woman of child-bearing age and most don't read (a lot of dumb guys don't read either, but that's a different story). My reference to s_x with children was an a___logy, not literal, but you'll bend the truth on that one to make me look bad. So be it. As to agreeing with me, it wouldn't pain me to agree with you, and if you are what you say than I don't know why you're so mad because you are not any of the things I say. I will say that kids need two parents, and if the parents are ripping each others' heads off, maybe they should have spent more time together before they had kids. No, I don't know what marriage is like, but I don't want to know if it means getting nagged for not taking the garbage out. I live alone and my home is spotless because I keep it clean. If your husband nags you, shame on him. It goes both ways, although I see a lot more guys just going to the other room and getting drunk, vs. women who tend to nag. But no one should be nagging. Again, you keep thinking I am a "predator" preying on women; that's fine, except that you've read many times it's not true. You find it impossible to believe anyone who disagrees with anything YOU have to say couldn't care about a woman. I am not bragging about having a vasectomy, other to say that people who are responsible will take precautions to make sure undesirable results don't happen. I brought it up as an indication that people that are against having kids will take precautions, and those who are irresponsible will go without a condom and wonder what happened when they impregnate somebody. If the OP had their tubes tied, they wouldn't be in this predicament and no one could call them irresponsible. You mention that I'm a s_xist because I don't complain about your husband being a nag (which I'd support you on), but you mention that only women can use this board and that men "do it their own way". Well, you'll call me a name for saying this, but maybe injecting somebody with logic would help. My older sister enables the younger sister that's pregnant and makes her think it's OK to be procreating with a deadbeat felon. And, no, I didn't insult everything every woman said; I agreed with more than one of them. I'm literally laughing as I read this. I wasn't aware I had been raped by a woman. Although I'm sure you'd love that, just like you love calling me a loser, an a-hole, and countless other names. I don't call you names. But I actually have excellent debating skills, so I don't need to - it's a shame most women aren't logical creatures. That's not an insult, it's a fact. In some ways, that is a positivee thing as it adds a different dimension to relationships. As to those who said I wrote a book, you'll note that more than half of what I wrote consists of quotes from other posters who I was responding to. I'll depart now, but please keep in mind... if I did hate women as much as you say I do, maybe it's because a lot of them told me "nobody wants you" like you did, Teddy. Maybe you ought to look yourself in the mirror and wonder what all the guys you've rejected are doing now. I'm fortunate I have never been rejected nearly as much as most guys are, so I couldn't tell you.


bellybubble - February 15

Ummm I say it again ajh - why are you even here again?? haha.


lunamoo - February 15

WTF, don't you people read the dates on these posts!!! This one is over 2 years old.


Teddyfinch - February 18

ah, today is the day i choose to argue with this git. don't a__sume that i don't read because i'm of child bearing age. that means nothing. and makes no sense. like you see guys in their early to late 20s going to the library as opposed to a bar? yeah sorry, don't think so. those hangovers aren't from edgar allan poe. you claim you aren't s_xist, yet spout out incorrect statistics. how many times do you see women duking it out because they get angry? not very many. men are less likely to think things through before they act. women are by far the more logical thinkers. but that is your opinion, as is this mine. once again, though, you could never measure up to the man my husband is. just because he says "hey babe, get off the pc and don't bother with that guy. let's watch a movie." doesn't mean he is shameful. and because i say "it's time to take out the trash" doesn't make me a nag. men forget and women remind. not all men do, but as i'm sure you know, everyone forgets sometimes. although i'm sure you'll say you never have and that you can walk on water. we say you write a book because you make the longest posts. not that you're literally writing a book, fool. i tell you that nobody would want you because your att_tude, if presented when trying to pick up women, would only succeed in driving them away. if some guy had come up to me years ago telling me how women are nags for asking someone to do something and should get abortions because they shouldn't be having babies, i'd have told him to go get bent. if that is how you treat women and they still bed you, they're desperate. i have seen quite a few of the guys i have rejected in my life (i live in a small town. yay.) and they are deadbeats and i was able to see it before ever wasting my time on them. sorry to disappoint, but i'm nothing like the women you have commented on in this post. i simply defend because when someone is going through a hard time, they don't need someone criticising what they do. same as if there was a men's forum (who knows what you strange creatures do on the net) i wouldn't agree with a woman going into a sensitive post and verbally lashing at the men there. you have no business here. kindly log out and never come back.


Jezebel - February 19

who p__sed in ajh's cheerios...thats what i want to know.


Teddyfinch - February 20

i think his Metros_xual He Man Woman Hater Club had a night off and he needed somewhere to flex his clipped weenie.


Teddyfinch - February 21

Opinion: this would be fun for anyone to try. Reality: it would get on anyone's nerves in a heartbeat. Reaction: Lol.


ajh - February 21

Yes, I'll leave and never come back., sweetheart.


Jezebel - February 21

You say: Yes, I'll leave and never come back., sweetheart....I say: one can only hope.


Teddyfinch - February 21

You say: Yes, I'll leave and never come back., sweetheart....Jezebel says: one can only hope. I say: Ditto. Reality: We won't miss you ^^


Cat24 - February 22

teddyfinch from the parts i read i really think it is quite pointless to argue with someone of his character. you both have very different lives. the fact he had to reiterate his job and his success actually screams insecurity to me. i personally do not believe you are arguing with a very happy person. the things he evidently specifies as of upmost importance to him are not things of any great merit in my view. i am unsure as to why he persistently chose to qoute you on everything you said and attack you for being 'judgmental' when he did exactly the same in his posts regarding yourself! be satisfied with the knowledge that he isn't actually a very happy person and will probably mature into an old lonely man. he is not worthy of any further responses.


cors1wfe - February 22

Ladies take it from me - a man that only wants to be around to make you miserable is NO MAN AT ALL - no matter how you ended up pregnant you still didn't get yourself pregnant - they can either choose to be apart of it or not - don't let them call the shots - YOU call the shots - that is what is in the best interest for you and your baby I had dated a man for 18 months we didn't reall date we just slept together regularly - well when I got pregnant he was so wishy washy about wanting to be there - that made my pregnancy so terrible - and yes we worked together too - but once my son was born something in me clicked and I started to call the shots and he didn't like it - we did not end up together and after 5 short months I had him served with papers to sign his rights away - when I met my husband I was free and clear of the jerk that had tormented me my first pregnancy - my second pregnancy was WONDERFUL to be in love with the father is fantastic I would never settle for less or recommend that any of you settle for less either - it's either ALL OR NOTHING . I am pregnant with my 3rd baby and we did not plan it and it was stressful at first but it is a wonderful blessing and we are really enjoying it !!


123abc - February 24

i'm a woman and i somewhat agree with ajh ... it p__ses me off when women get pregnanted by this dumb men and then come on these boards and complain how life is tough and how they are suffering cuz the guy is being an idiot, etc.. You put yourself in that situation sweetheart... I would NEVER put myself into a situation of getting pregnant unless i was absolutely sure that I could do it myself. I would NEVER get pregnant w/out making sure that my child is taken care of and to me that means being married, having a stable job as well as being able to support myself if I need to. If I was to ever break up with my husband, I would NEVER deny him the right to see his child... Being drunk and conceiving a child is no excuse.. Yeah, tell that to your kids.. u were born bcuz mommy was drunk and was out of it... It's nasty, i get sick of thinking about it.... and with unexpected pregnancies come unexpected problems.. You're not financially ready for the baby, you have to go on welfare, depend on your family and of course, the daddy is nowhere to be found.. and why??? cuz he never wanted a child in a first place.. You got a child to trap him and get child support out of him and MAYBE, you will let him see the baby once in a while.. if u decide to sleep with this loser, what does that make you??? ajh - i am glad that there is at least one man (well 2 with my husband *lol*) that likes to take control of a situation and don't let anyone else dictate how you live your life.. I have waaay too many friends that have gotten themselves into a messy child custody battle and it's only cuz women are being b___hes and playing all these stupid games and using their kids as bargaining tools.. makes me sick.. not every woman is like that, but there are way too many to count... and i am totally for having 2 parents.. I don't have one single family member (including extended family) that has had a divorce and same with dh's family... I do not believe in divorces.. I come from a different culture and I get so worked up when I see people getting divorces left right and center... I married my dh after 2.5 months of knowing him and we just celebrated our 4 year anniversary.. anyways, i'm going all over the place, just wanted to say that I agree with most of the things that ajh has said..



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