Pregnant From A One Night Stand

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Audrey - October 8

Hello, The same thing happened to my friend, but lucky for her, the guy she worked with was based out of another office. Unfortunately once she told him, he wanted nothing to do with it and denied the baby up until the DNA test. He has never seen his son now 2, he only pays child support. However; my friends life couldn't be better. Her son is everything to her and she couldn't imagine life with out Andrew... she met a guy about 8 months ago and just got engaged a few weeks ago. Even though the father is a douche bag, I think she needed that baby to guide her down the right path. Good luck! I'm almost 4 months along with my BF's baby, we also work together, he said he loved me, we talked about marriage and kids all the time....most of these conversation were started by him mind you.....he told me he was ready to settle down and he thought I was the one, he asked me out for 4 months before I said was all hearts and sparkles until I got pregnant. It took 24 hours for him to figure out that he wasn't sure of his feelings for me, questioned whether or not the baby was his, and stopped calling and hanging out with me during the week; weekends were a given like he was forced to hang out with me. Anyway, we were supposed to move in together on November 1st, so I gave up my apartment, he told me last night he's not sure about moving in because he doesn't want a "marriage type of situation." He didn't give up his apartment so he still has a place to live come Nov 1st, the nerve right. Needless to say, I've ended things, I can't believe I'm going to do this alone, but I know its the right thing to do. Not to mention what people at work are going to think when they find out I'm pregnant and we're no longer together. We're both engineers in our 30's and I feel like he's turning 13. So you just never know how they're going to take it. My guy was AMAZING until he found out. And now I'm going through a very difficult time and I'm afraid I'm going to give birth to Wednesday from the Adams Family because of how depressed I've been, I'm afraid my mood is going to travel to the baby. Anyway, good luck.... You should know what decision to make by the feeling deep inside. Also, I've known people like you who end up marrying the guy or vice versa... He may be very happy to hear the news.


ibess - October 10

I am 29, not exactly in your position, but kinda similar. My boyfriend and I had broken up and one night we had break up s_x, he thought I was on the pill, but I wasn't because I couldn't afford it that week, and low and behold I conceived. It has been very hard because we are not good for each other and I have always hoped that I would be pregnant and give birth with someone I was in love with who wanted to share the experience with me. I am now 19 weeks pregnant, and it has been up and down, but I am sooooooooo grateful I decided to keep the baby. I am old enough and healthy enough to do this and I don't need him to do it. I understand how hard it must be for you, but try to see the bigger picture. He may get angry, but how important is he really? When it comes down to it, not much. He will get over it, and if he doesn't, well, you may be in for a special time in your life that has nothing to do with him...and that is how I'm trying to live today. is a beautiful miracle.


kisssmymuffin - November 6

Hello group, Im going to ignore all the other posts and just stick to Eponine's question. Im 36 and in the same situation only the guy had a vasectomy ( and no he wasnt lying he has the proof but the dumba__s had it 20yrs ago and hadnt bothered to get rechecked since then) I slept with this guy once, and it was the first time I had been with anyone since 1 1/2 yrs ago. Yes we are also good friends and I did tell him but I personally dont want a relationship with this man. Let him know when you are ready and if he is an a__s about it do a dna test when the time comes and at least get child support. Its not your fault alone that you are in this predictament, he obviously wasnt concerned about protection either, it happens. I have a 13yr old from a one night stand and we fought in the beginning and I just cut off all contact till my son was 6 months and we did a blood test. After that we maintained the peace for our sons sake. The fact is with or without the man you will be just fine. If this is your first which it doesnt say Im sure you are scared and etc but just focus on that baby for it is a blessing and God works in mysterious ways. Hopefully you have a close family which helps also. I think if you approach the dad in the right manner it will be fine just be calm and give him time to take it all in also for his world is about to change too just not as much as yours.


loveschocolate - May 13

Hey just wondering if anyone would be interested in talking to a British female magazine about their experience of getting pregnant after a onenight stand.


therock - March 19

123abc sounds like the only one with some sense of REALITY, every trailer park living lady's dream is to find themselves in bed one night with a male who has a promising pocketbook. They claim it's their body and all that BS, however it's their ONLY chance to improve their situation! Government aid comes with a child and it's always the reb___tal to their original claim that they don't want money from a man. The government made me do it. Ladies, you are not ENTITLED and unless you're a devout Christian, which you're obviously not, you're a 18 yr paid hooker, then abortion should be the answer.


pregnant_single - August 13

If you are single and pregnant, you don't have to be! Check out my profile for Facebook page information on finding a man that will love and adore you during and after your pregnancy, or search 'pregnant and single' in Facebook.


Mrsayomaki - January 31

I just wanna say as the potential father in this situation, j am absolutely terrified. Although I know I have a responsibility I know I am not in a financial or emotional state for a child at this time in my life. It would be easier to walk away but I don't know if I could do that. I am at a loss of what to do. I get on with the mother to an extent. I am worried that if I choose to be involved then I cant provide or I cant fo a good enough job. She wants to keep The child for her own reasons but i would rather she didn't. I feel bad saying that I would rather one of the many things to cause her to lose the baby would be good right now for me. I just don't know what to do. She said I can be as involved or uninvolved as i want to be but I am really torn as to what to do. I have to think about it but whenever I do I get terribly depressed and cant eat or anything. I really need help.


Churri - July 30

I would be. My child is 19 years old now. I have a couple of pictures of dad from that night. I've been looking for him for all these years and just this morning I think I may have found him. 


SqueakyWheel - November 14

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in sharing their story with me via my email address Jennifer@SqueakyWheelCasting [dot] com ...I'm reaching out to women who are either pregnant now (11/14/17) or have a toddler 3 years old or younger, but don't know who/where the baby's father is. We have a female private investigator looking into these cases, and reuniting families.





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