Pregnant From Boyfriend Amp Just Found Out Hes Married

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jennifer_33106 - June 11

I agree Krissy! Just because he is a horrible husband does not make him a bad father. If he wants to see his baby then by all means let him. You wouldnt have that little miracle if it wasn't for him. It takes two. Good Luck hawaiiangel81 and I hope you make the right decision.


hawaiiangel81 - July 3

I just gave birth to a beautiful little girl & her name is Samantha Mica . She is the light of my life . I called his phone to talk to him the other day and his wife answered the phone & told me that she didnt believe that this was his baby and i was just a liar out to get money from her husband. She also said that her husband will never see our daughter. I can't believe shes trying to punish an innocent baby. Samantha never did anything to her . Her husband did and i did .


sa__sychick - July 3

Congratulations on your new daughter hawaiiangel. As for the father and his wife, I'm sure the wife is still in denial about the whole situation and the father is probably scared to death that she's eventually going to find out the truth....that he is the father. If I were you I would force him to take a paternity test. Your not out for his money you trying to support the daughter that he helped create and that he's also responsible for. He needs to step up and support his child. I know you must be going through so much right now both physically and mentally. Please take care of yourself and Samantha and I'm sure the situation will eventually work itself out. A child is a blessing no matter if it was conceived in a time of deceit or not.


hawaiiangel81 - July 5

Apparently he told her the truth but she doesnt believe him and this makes things worse cause she can't have kids and he wants to show his daughter off to his family and she wont allow them to know about the baby. He told me hes is ready to leave her because his priorities have changed to taking care of his little girl. He wants to have as much to do with his daughter and he comes buy everyday too see her. Weve had alot of long talks since i have given birth but hes not to the point hes ready to leave her. He told me if she gives the ultimatium eiother her or his daughter hes picking Samantha,


AmericanReject - July 5 you have msn..what are you gonna do?


Terio - July 6

Hawaii, don't lose yourself in this ~ Please remember that. Letting him into the baby's life is one thing, but letting him back into yours is quite another, especially while he's still in limbo with the wife, and confiding in you with his problems he's facing. On a much better note - CONGRATS on your little Samantha Mica. I'm very happy for you! And what a cute name. Good luck to you! :-)


hawaiiangel81 - July 7

To be honest I am still in love with him but i dont know if i could ever trust him again. But his wife did give him the ultimatium which we knew was coming his daughter or her and he choose his daughter i am proud of him for standing up and doing whats right. He is a great dad and is over everyday after work to see his little angel. She has him wrapped around her pinkie. He told me that he is moving out and going to find a place near me so he can spend as much time with his daughter. He has decided to finally leave her. I don't know what will become but right know we are just being co-parents which is the best thing that we can do for samantha.


hawaiiangel81 - April 17

Things have actually had a big change in our lives we got married Feb 2nd 2008. She will be a year on June 14th. I just found out i am pregnant w our 2nd. I know not everyones situation works out. But mine did .


Cat24 - April 18

hawaii first of all i'd like to say well done for getting rid of the sc_mbag and focusing on yourself and your little girl. i also think that you should tell his wife, think if he has done this once already, he has probably done it to several other women and she has a right to know. just do it annonymously as im sure anyone who was the wife in this situation would want to be aware of what their so called 'loving husband' has been doing.


Cat24 - April 18

lol hawaii i read this post a bit too late and didnt read all thats happened since. i do think though that if a cheat has done it once he will do it again, regardless of whether he has a ring on his finger or not. personally i think you have made a big mistake and been completely sucked back in by him, and now with baby number 2 you are even more trapped. all i can say is try not to be so naive when you see the little signs, because one way or another he WILL do it again, its in their nature. good luck


COLLEEN084 - April 18

Cat I somewhat agree w/ what you're saying to hawaiian girl. All up to the point where you say its in "their" nature. Not all men will cheat on their mate and I do truly believe that a man can change. However, this is where the tricky part comes in. He has to truly want it AND show it. It can't just be 'blah blah blah, I love you and want to change' it has to be SHOWN too. The only comparison I personally can relate to on a similar subject is dealing w/ my dad as an alcoholic. Sure he WANTS to change all the time and I can see it in his eyes that it truly does hurt him when he hurts me, but it still isnt going to change a DAMN thing until I see something different. I sure do hope hawaiian girl gave her new hubby a chance to prove himself because his history is indeed a HUGE red flag. I also really hope she a__sesed whether or not she will stick by his side in the chance he slips up the way he did with his ex. I just hope she didn't take the plunge too quickly...I think thats sorta the sentiment you were running w/ too Cat


Cat24 - April 18

yeah colleen i agree with your comment. when i put in their 'nature' i was not meaning all men, just the cheats. i do believe that a small percentage probably have the ability to change if they really want to, but this percentage is small and at the end of the day when a pretty young thing comes along and offers it on a plate this guy has shown that whether he is married or not, he doesnt think twice about it. i think he s_xual power women have over these men is more overpowering than their ability to 'play it right' and not cheat. she is in denial at the moment and who knows it might take years for her to see, im not an 'i told u so' kind of person but i can see it happening and i don't even know much about the girl, the facts speak for themselves. and now he is not taking any involvement in his ex wife's pregnancy which i think is just wrong. it shows his guilt and he is making her out to be a nutter so that his denial can stand up. the poor child will suffer from this and its just so cruel. the guy cheats, can't take responsibility and then has hawaii jumping to his every demand, - he hasnt got it bad has he!!


hawaiiangel81 - April 18

His ex wife didnt even tell him that it was his baby until after we got married and she is due the end of the month. He will support her but when she got pregnant she had been living with a guy her bf and know he dumped her in january . He is a great father and as far me going right back to him he had to regain my trust which he has. I do believe him . Its not all blind faith i watch for the signs . He & i have an open line of communication. They both had already checked out of the marriage when i happened. I understand that things all happen for a reason . I do have to question him sometimes and he knows thats because of his history. But he will always answer me with out hesitation because he loves me. I know some of you doubt my decision to marry him but i thought long and hard about it and i am sure i made the right decision but i also say time will tell. He knows i have no problem leaving him if he cheats i am gone as fast as u can blink an eye.


Cat24 - April 21

hawaii how can you say you will be gone if he cheats? because he lied to you from the day you met him, and you forgave him. his ex wife is pregnant and it could very well be his baby (cheats tend to get around) and you have forgiven him. i honestly think the guy has got you wrapped around his little finger, as long as he tells you his ex wife was a psycho nutcase then you will believe that. but the facts are that he could have very easily gone back to her for a brief encounter behind your back. the only way to tell is a DNA test. facing the truth is always the best way in the end.


2007baby - April 21

Sorry to say, I'd bet my life that Cat is right. Hope things go ok for you, but please keep your eyes open. Unfortunately you were a party to what was done to his wife (you stayed after finding out, didn't you?) so my guess would be that this will not end with you running carelessly through a field of flowers thanking god for such a great man. Do us one favor, if/when he wanders, don't let your daughter see you accepting that behavior, she should be taught that she is better than that. This cycle does not have to continue. But I DO mean it, hope things turn out for the best!


hawaiiangel81 - April 28

his ex wife had a son on the 19th and we have been waiting to hear the paternity test of him and my husband was faithful it wasnt his baby it was her ex bfs baby like we figured. so he has been faithful to me since we got back together in september. So herbaby has a father who wants it to be his and my husband and i have our daughter and another one on the way which i am even more excited about now this mess is out of the way and we can rest cause he isnt my husbands baby.



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