Pregnant From Boyfriend Amp Just Found Out Hes Married

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hawaiiangel81 - April 28

his ex wife had a son on the 19th and we have been waiting to hear the paternity test of him and my husband was faithful it wasnt his baby it was her ex bfs baby like we figured. so he has been faithful to me since we got back together in september. So herbaby has a father who wants it to be his and my husband and i have our daughter and another one on the way which i am even more excited about now this mess is out of the way and we can rest cause he isnt my husbands baby.


Cat24 - April 28

that is good news that he isnt the father but nothing you can say or do will ever negate the fact that your husband is a cheat, you can never say with 100% knowledge that he hasnt cheated on you, he so easily lied to you when you were going out so yes he is capable, very capable and he can do it again when the next younger, prettier bit of skirt comes along with unfortunately is only a matter of time with cheats. its nice to think that everything can be fairytale and he can change etc etc but reality and the way he finds it incredibly easy to lie speak volumes. at the end of the day though its a lesson his ex wife learnt and it will be a lesson you will learn, whether that be 3/4/5 kids down the line until you realise. what makes you so special to think that he would never cheat on you yet he would do it to his ex wife? or is that because his ex wife was 'psycho, mental case, not as attractive' etc etc otherwise known as all the c___p they tell you to make you feel secure they wouldnt do the same to you. i had exactly the same thing with a girl who hopped into my ex's shoes quicker than i could say his name! of course he then cheated on her, except she really believed for some strange reason that he wouldnt cheat on her. what goes around comes around. people have to learn the hard way sometimes. i hope his ex wife has moved on to a better guy who knows what the word fidelity means.


hawaiiangel81 - June 6

By the way i thought y'all should know i am carrying twins.


Cat24 - June 9

hope the fairytale works out how you want it to hawaii. just remember having more and more kids with a guy doesnt stop him being a cheat. if anything in a few years you will most probably be the next wife he is bored of when another young woman comes sniffing. good luck, you will need it.


newbaby2009 - July 30

You said in one post his wife (now ex) couldnt have kids. Then she could? And no, a cheater is not always a cheater. People who say that are the kind people who wont allow people to change. I speak from personal experience. The once cheater is now a wonderful father and soon to be hubsand.


hawaiiangel81 - March 16

hi yall i thought id give you an update well . things have changed im a mom of three now and he and i aren't together once a cheater also a cheater but i have learned my lesson and hes gone back to his ex wife but i don't care cause all i want is to do best for my girls Samanatha, Savannah, Sabrinna i know i made a major mistake by taking him back and marrying him but then all of us have lessons we need to learn but i know its over and i am not planning on ever getting back with him. its a tough lesson to learn but sometimes we need too.


hawaiiangel81 - March 16

his ex wife is expecting a baby with him her 2nd i feel so stupid for believing that he could change but i guess i should of just left thing alone when i found out he was married and now he wants nothing to do w me or the babies but i know ill be collecting alot of alimony and child support from him through our divorce and i do have full custody of our girls.


Terio - March 16

Hawaiiangel81 ~ thanks for updating us on what's going on. I've followed this thread for 2 years now, and was one of the first to comment. No one is happy to see that it failed.. I know it's been a long road for you and I am hoping that things get better for you. Just wanted to say, be strong -- and don't look back, no matter how much he sweet talks you if he reaches another indecisive point! And three little girls, you've got a lot of fun years ahead. Good luck to you. :-)


Life44 - March 23

this happened to me too....It broke my heart...but you do recover...


hawaiiangel81 - April 2

Yall were totally right about my husband he cannot be trusted that why i am divorcing and i have my daughters to focus on i don't need a guy who lies and wont be honest with me that is not right for me having to deal with but i should of never gotten back with him that was foolish of me but now i have the 3 most precious angel's and now he wants nothing to do with me or his girls when i found out he was spending time with his ex he denied but i knew better and hed been lying to me for month over her hed been cheating with his ex wife our whole marriage that just makes me mad i could of handled that he wanted to be with her and i could of moved on but marrying and sleeping with her just seems like the cowardly thing to do but its over and i have moved on.


hawaiiangel81 - April 2

he lied to me that his ex wife didn't want kids and couldn't but it seeems funny that she got pregnant about the times we wee fighting but i know both thoose babies are his with out a doubt.


surprise76 - September 19

Hi there, I am in a similiar situation. I am pregnant by my boyfriend, and found out he has been messing around with some other woman for the past few months. He was so excited about this kid, I never saw this, or I never wanted to see it. I am now facing doing this all on my own, and I am soo angry and hurt by him. I honestly wish there was some way to keep him out of our lives forever. But I know that is unfair for my baby, but I honestly don't trust him to watch our soon to be baby for a couple of hours, or have him have his #1, #2, or #3 girlfriend during that weekend to be touching my child! am I alone on that thinking?? Is that unfair to not want him to have the baby for visitations for a confused


hawaiiangel81 - March 13

well i guess i should do an update man have things changed i ended up and not go through with the divorce and we are still married and his ex wasnt having his child but we still have days but hes changed alot we went to cousiling and worked out alot of our probems but we absolutely love being parents and i cant believe i forgot to tell you we are still married and happy but im not endorcing sleeping with a married man but in my sisuation it worked out before you call me a homewrecker i didnt know he was married until after i got pregnant . but we love eachother alot


mtmomma85 - April 3

...I didn't read all the posts, but your last comment caught me up Hawaii. You have 3 children with him now? All girls? I truly wish you the best of luck, children are a wonderful and irreplaceable blessing. I am currently 9 months pregnant and less than a month from giving birth to my first child. I was married to the man of my dreams, literally my best friend in the entire universe. We rarely fought and we spent almost every waking moment together, pure bliss. A year into the marriage we decided we wanted to try to have a child. It ended up we needed fertility treatment due to my difficulties conceiving. On the first round it worked. I literally thought I had the perfect life. When I was 3 months pregnant my husband started to say he was 'depressed' and not happy at home, which was bizarre to me because of how elated we were with our lives, we had even been looking into buying a home, he had just gotten a new job, literally life was coming together. It went on like this for another 3 months and he kept telling me that he wasn't in love with me anymore and was going to leave me. Going through that kind of hell pregnant was (and is) excruciating. I was scared to death that he was suicidal and that our marriage would never be what it was again, and our poor baby hadn't even come into the world yet. I had no idea how to help him with his depression and I was so scared that something would happen to him. Turns out it was all a hoax, even the depression part was a complete act, oscar worthy if you will. I found out at 6 months pregnant he had been having an affair with a married woman he worked with. They got caught in the act by her husband at their home. Whats even more sick is that she has 2 children. 2 faithful spouses and 3 children were thrown away like garbage for lust. I had to find out by a bizarre phone bill and calling the number and reaching her husband, who was equally as shocked and hurt as I was. My husband (soon to be ex husband) and her are now together and they have destroyed so many lives without a care to anyone. What I mean to say by telling this long story is that maybe it did work out for you...and being the person on the receiving end of getting cheated on and your heart destroyed, I am glad to hear you at least didn't know when you initiated this relationship with him that he was married. I would caution you that it sounds like he is a man who wants to have his cake and eat it too, and cannot decide who has the better recipe (sounds corny but you get my meaning). From one woman to another, be careful. A cat does not change their stripes so easy. The man I was married to had and still has an extremely seductive and enchanting charm and character that would make even the smartest of women fall....but I have come to realize it is poison and only for self gain. He never cared for me, or possibly anyone ever, besides himself and his wants. Just be careful.


PleasentlySurprised - June 13

Hi. I am a newly pregnant woman, in a relationship but not married. I am replying because I saw your thread and want to give you the perspective of the child you are about to raise. My mother became pregnant with me in a very similar way. She found out after the fact that my father was in fact married. She made the same decision you are considering, to raise me on her own. I respect her choice, but can't help feeling that I should have had some input in the matter. I always wonder about him. I am 31 years old, about to have my own child, and I know deep inside the reasons for that choice my mother made were not only because of me. It was out of the pain she must have been experienced at some level. Just my advice, I wouldn't build your world around him, but I would allow the man to eventually see your daughter and get to know her. It is only going to benefit her understanding of the situation.


PleasentlySurprised - June 13

Give this poor woman a break. I think it is very nervy that you pretend to be the authority on all human male behavior and emotion. People are not perfect. End of story. Stop bringing the emotions you guys have over some life experience in your past and try to support a fellow mother.



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