When I Told My Baby S Father That I Was Pregnant He Left

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ask@me.com - September 12

When I told my baby’s father that I was pregnant, he left. Now I’m alone and 4 months along and I’m only 24. I don’t know what to do or where to turn. I’m afraid to tell my parents because they warned me about the father when I first started seeing him. They said he was a loser and now if I tell them what happened, I don’t know if they’ll forgive me.


Jannes - January 29

Hey, there is nothing for them to forgive you for! You didn’t do anything “wrong.” Ill-advised, maybe, but not unethical or cruel or evil. Tell them. The guy sounds like he really is a loser, or at least a coward, but you’re going to be a mother and your family should be involved, not only in your baby’s life, but also in yours. They’re your parents, after all. And now they’re going to be grandparents. Let them step in to help where the baby’s father won’t. I send you blessings on your journey.


rebecca - February 8

my parents really hated my ex (still do and so do i ) i left him when my baby was 7 months old and thought my parents would not want any thing to do with me (also due to previous things that happened) but they were just happy i got away from some one that didnt deserve me or my child im sure your parents will feel the same way and will support u. i was also alot younger than u r now, i was 18 when i left him (now 21 and preg again.. hang in there and try to stay calm for the sake of your baby even if they r not happy at first they will be when they see the beautiful baby


Delaney - February 9

My sisters boyfriend walked out on her when she was 3 months pregnant, she thought my mum would disown her aswell but family is family and they will do anything to help, i am now a proud auntie and she is doing better without him!!!!


Trina - February 28

Your family will always be your family, and will forgive you no matter what, that's what family is for. When they see that baby, they won't have any choice but to open their arms.


Cindy - March 11

How did everything work out with your family? My Daughter has a 1 year old she is 21 and lives with us. We love watching our Grandson grow and will miss him whenever he does move out. You are probably better off with him out of the way. My daughter qualifies for education grants because of the single with/dependent status and is really doing good in school. The Father almost continually is too much effort to include in her and the baby's life. He rarly follows through on date plans and only seems to want to see her on the weekly sunday at his parents home. It is real hard for me to see my Daughter in this situation and a hope for the day that she is interested in another guy that wants to be a companion to her.


m mommy - March 16

you probally have not listened to your parents before right? You have nothing to loose by telling them and eventually they are going to find out. Just be strong and try to give them a chance at accepting this baby. Good luck I hope this all works out for you!!


Jennifer - March 25

I'm 25 and going through the same thing. I just told my parents about a month ago, and even though they're upset, they're being really supportive. You're not giving yourself enough credit "only 24" is so much older and wiser than 18 or 19. You're fully an adult, and even if you're parents aren't supportive, you are old enough and smart enough to get through this. GOOD LUCK!


Taylor - March 26

Your parents will probably forgive u and help u any way possible.Trust me my sister just went through this.


Ambra - March 27

I am 30 years old and in the same situation, only this is my 2nd time not being married. My father was very ashamed when I told him about my pregnancy with my son. I was only 24 also. He would not talk to me during the pregnancy. As soon as he laid eyes on Ashton everything changed. He was not only a grandparent but the closest thing that Ashton had to a dad. My father pa__sed away 2 years ago. My mother thanked me for giving him such a great gift before he died. He had the opportunity to be a positive role model for a little boy. He loved him so much. With what I have been through, I have decided that I can do this alone. I am scared but I know that I am a beautiful and intelligent woman that just simply made a bad choice. Everything happens for a reason. I know that my dad would have been more accepting of this, knowing what we have already experienced. I miss him and wish that I could tell him about my little girl coming. That which does not kill us only makes us stronger. I pray that you are as blessed as I have been. I am 35 weeks pregnant and still do plenty of crying but know that I am capable of providing for my children. I thank the father of this child for showing me ahead of time what he is really about. Take care of yourself and know that the baby is a blessing. This time of doubt will soon pa__s!


Lindsey - March 29

I am 25 and now 4 months el prego! I am in the same situation as you and I know how scary it is right now. I am fortunate enough to have a very supporting family. The "sperm donor" took off and wants nothing to do with me or the baby but after research there are so many web sites and groups and people out there that are willing to help. I bet if you tell your family they will be more understanding than you think, but I understand you being scared to tell them. I wanted to die before I told my folks. However I did not give them enough credit, and yes they were upset at first they are dealing with it and my mother is actually excited for their first grandchild. My father is coming around slowly but at least he is coming around. if you ever need a firendly person to talk to, email me: lmaralin@comcast.net. Trust me, even though it seems the world it over, it is just a new beginning.


Heather - March 30

Hey, just so you know, I am in almost the same boat, albeit a little older. I will be 32 when my baby is born as I am just now at 16 weeks, single and pregnant. Telling my parents was the hardest thing I ever had to do -- next to taking the giant leap of faith and deciding not to have an abortion. So dear, take heart. You have made the decision to continue the pregnancy. Remember to keep that in the forefront of your mind as your greatest strength right now. You should tell them and give them a chance to react. And if they react negatively, give them time. Odds are they will come around. Once the baby comes along they should soften, and if they don't, then remember that they aren't raising the child - you are. And you are perfectly equiped to handle it and be a great mom. 24 may feel young, but count your blessings you aren't 14. They should do the same. You are an adult and its time they see you as one. Trust me, my parents are having just as a hard a time as yours might, and I am almost 32!


louie - April 4

well i was in the same boat and he called me every name under the sun before he desided not to have anything to do with the baby. My father and i where not speaking and i was totaly lost. I went home told my dad and my mom I don't think that my father has ever hugged me so hard. they will be there for you have no worries. i would like to say that even though the father wants nothing to do with the baby he sould still help you support that child it takes two to tango and it takes two to support a child. It is his responcablity to help in that department weather he feels he should or not. It takes time but at least you can say that you did what you could (and your child will be thankfull in time that you did). It will also show your parents that you made a chose and that you are going to fight to see it through.





La -Toya - May 4

Hey, I'm kinda in the same position as you. I'm 21, and my boyfriend is very unsupportive and doesn't show any interest. I don't even think we're together anymore. He acts as he doesn't care. He doesn't call, visit or enquire about me or the baby. I'm also feeling alone, and I'm also very fearful of telling my mom, as she is always saying that she doesn't want any unmarried and with child in her house. Don't worry, everything will work out for the best. I'm nearly 4 months also, and i even considered an abortion, but everytime i think of what i have inside of me, i get all giddy and happy, and i know that no matter what i'll make it, and so would you. When i went and had my ultrasound, i saw my baby's heart beating and it was then that i decided that an abortion was out of the question. Of course I get really lonely and i cry most of the time. Sometimes i sit and think about all the good times him and i had before, but i guess it takes something serious or drastic to realise that it's not all about having fun. I know in time my mom will come around, and so will your parents. The only bad thing is my father died when i was very young,and i know what its like to grow up without a dad. I don't want my baby to go through the same things as i did. You just look forward to the future and try to keep a smile on your face!! That's what i do, after all it's a blessing we both have. There's a lot of women out there who would move heaven and earth to have what we're carrying inside us. Smile girl...things will be just fine.


Katie - May 13

Hey don't worry about telling your parents they will be supportive! I am 19 and 25 weeks pregnant when i told my boyfriend i was pregnant he split 2 days later because i would not get an abortion. Honey you seem like a strong woman and i know you will be able to handle this! Tell your parents. For all bad situations there is some good somewhere is the best thing to think about right now is your baby because you will forget about everything when that little baby comes. I told my mom and she is very supprtive she and both my older sisters will be in the delivery room to support me. GOOD LUCK AND BEST WISHES.


dominique reed - May 17

just tell your parents in the end they will be happy and you will to. most men can't handle the fact that they're having a baby especially if it's their first but more than likely he will be back just don't get to worried about him or anyone else. Things like this entends to make your baby feel the pain so just let the days go by I know it will be hard but please don't let everyone else get the best of you at this time. Don't rush a thing what ever god want you to have you will get it sooner or later that probably was a good reason for him leaving maybe somethings better is coming for you in the near future. It will be great to take my advice I might be young but I've helped alot of my peers with problems of the same type or even worst if it worked for them then yes it can work for you God bless you and keep you head up. Stay strong don't ever let anyone know that they're getting on your bad side Handle it like a strong woman and I guarnteed you will survive the good or the bad!



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