When I Told My Baby S Father That I Was Pregnant He Left

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dominique reed - May 17

just tell your parents in the end they will be happy and you will to. most men can't handle the fact that they're having a baby especially if it's their first but more than likely he will be back just don't get to worried about him or anyone else. Things like this entends to make your baby feel the pain so just let the days go by I know it will be hard but please don't let everyone else get the best of you at this time. Don't rush a thing what ever god want you to have you will get it sooner or later that probably was a good reason for him leaving maybe somethings better is coming for you in the near future. It will be great to take my advice I might be young but I've helped alot of my peers with problems of the same type or even worst if it worked for them then yes it can work for you God bless you and keep you head up. Stay strong don't ever let anyone know that they're getting on your bad side Handle it like a strong woman and I guarnteed you will survive the good or the bad!


crystal - May 19

If you are unemployed at the moment try and find a light job to help finance your self.Please tell your parents, dispite what they said about you boyfriend.I know they care about you and will not watch you suffer.


Lisa Roberts - May 21

Well I am 20 years old I just had a baby not too long ago she is now going on 5 months and as for her daddy he is a sorry a__s baastard he helps me with her when he wants so you can say he left us out in the open and my mother told me alost the same things as your parents told you but this is one thing you can ALWAYS remember your family will ALWAYS be there for you so I think you should just talk to them.


ksjaljdaljd - May 22

Tell your parents... they love you and want to help you.


carrie r - May 22

please dont be discouraged - my husband is suing for divorce and i am due next week - God has a plan - your family will come around - you will be fine - trust in God only


mamabratt - May 25

The exact same thing happened to me... only I was 22 and three months pregnant. My family turned their backs and my friends talked behind my back. I was so sad and felt so alone. Then, one day I decided to take charge of my life. I got help from the government and went back to school. Now I have a BA and a beautiful three-year-daughter. Plus, I met the man of my dreams who wants to marry me and my daughter! And to think, No one helped me but myself. I'm stronger and happier than ever before! You can do anything you put your mind to!!


Celeste Brown - May 26

I had my first baby when I was 16 finish school work at a teacher a__sistance . Now I am a school teacher . Put God in your life he will see you through . go put the father on child support it really help.


Sarah - May 26

It may take your family a month or so to warm up to the idea but they will love that grandchild when it arrives. I know it happened to me and i tingle every time I hear her voice calling me nana!!!! GO FOR IT!!!


AMD - May 27

Same here chic!Sorry you seem so lost now that he is gone!Tell your parents, they will forgive you!In my case my family are being supportive.If I did not know better I would say this baby may be better off without the loser dad!Anyway you are not alone.Will pray for you!


Melissa - May 28

I am 25 years old and 10 weeks pregnant. I was with the father for 8 years. When I told him I was pregnant he stopped coming home at night and told me he didnt want a baby and hoped I would miscarry. I got the strength to move out 4 weeks ago. He has not contacted me once to ask about the baby. My parents have been telling me for the last 8 years that he was a loser, but they are actually very supportive and excited about the baby. I encourage you enjoy the pregnancy and your family will come around. Regardless of who the father is that baby will be your parents granchild and they will love it. I know it is hard but think of all of the wonderful times you will have with your baby- the father will regret missing out on a relationship with his child.


Rachel - June 1

I am 25 and 10 weeks pregnant. My baby's father lost all interest in me (and in turn) his child, when I told him I was pregnant. I come from a very traditional Catholic family and I was terrified to tell my parents. They had never met the father, as I had only been dating him a few months and was living away at college. They were so supportive when I told them. I graduate in June, and they have asked me to move back with them to save money. They are extremely excited to be grandparents!! Don't underestimate your parents. If they warned you about your boyfriend, it was only because they love you and were trying to protect you. I can't imagine a parent who would try to protect their child would disown that child, especially when a baby is invovled.


Jane - June 1

Get support from your friends! I just told my boy friend i thought i was pregnant and not being sure he took off


Jane - June 2

Hi. Well I just turned 20 and I am 2 months pregnant. As soon as I told the father That I was pregnant he changed. Now he doesn't even call me anymore or want to see me and doesn't want to help paying the medical bills. I don't know what to do. I haven't told my mom yet.


Beth - June 3

I just want to say that I admire all of you women who are going through this! I think that it takes a lot of strength and courage to go through everything that you are going through. It's tough to be alone. But you just have to keep your chin up. I have a sister who got pregnant about two years ago at the age of 19 by a complete jerk. When she told him that she was pregnant, he wanted her to "get rid of it." (That's just how supportive he is NOT.) Anyway, once she even started to show, she ended up staying home every Friday and Saturday night until after her baby was born, and then he wanted her back. (By the way, he cheated on her while she was pregnant.) It's not worth worrying about what the father might think. If he's not mature enough to handle this, then he's just not worth it. My parent's were so upset with my sister. My dad didn't speak to her for about 2 or 3 months. But once that little boy was born, everybody's world turned around. My sister was so happy, and my parents became so supportive. They asked her to move back home so she could save some money. They just adore that little boy. And now, two years later my sister is getting married to a wonderful guy who just loves my nephew! And my nephew love him! Sometimes you have to go through the rough stuff to get to the good stuff. I hope things are going better for you. And I hope that you are finding all the support you need. God Bless.


lindsay - June 7

hey... i am in the same exact position. i am 22 and 4 months pregnant and the babys father said he wasnt claiming the kid and i had heard of him threatning my saftey if i didnt hav an abortion.. i was recently forced to tell my parents who also disaporved of him. i now live with my mom, and it is not easy. every one said that the babys father would have a change of mind but i have recently heard he is messing around with his ex. it is way easier to tell your parents now then later. yes it probly wont be a pleasant experience, but eventually they will want to help you. my mom has come around... she still says really messed up things about the guy.but i have stopped talking to him because if hes not gonna be around its better to except it now and worry about you and your child not him. your and my babys father are not taking responsibility for the things they do.. but we have to and it sucks. Everything will be ok for both of us..it will just take time and strength.


Samantha - June 8

hay you there is nothin for your parents to be mad a baby is a gift from God you dident do ant thing wrong for any one to be mad at you. If it makes you feel any better I am a 16 yearold and I am six mounths pregnant with my son and his dady left. you will do well hunny. Good luck hun



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