When I Told My Baby S Father That I Was Pregnant He Left

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Samantha - June 8

hay you there is nothin for your parents to be mad a baby is a gift from God you dident do ant thing wrong for any one to be mad at you. If it makes you feel any better I am a 16 yearold and I am six mounths pregnant with my son and his dady left. you will do well hunny. Good luck hun


rick - June 8

I am proud of all you ladies. a wise person once said, "what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger". we live in a sad society that doesn't value true families anymore. with a divorce rate in the high 50's, is it a huge shock that we have a bunch of little boys playin big boy games. just continuing the cycle of brokeness. you ladies are better off without those spineless losers that can't handle being a real man. you dont want your precious little ones to have to be around boys that are emotionaly and mentally weak. they will do better, gathering their strength and values from you and your family. i pray that that the Lord blesses each of you with wisdom,strength and peace. I also pray, that the Lord put men of strong convictions and humble hearts into you and your childrens lives. Please do not be discouraged there are people out there who care and are praying for you.


afriend - June 23

girlfriend don't worry live your life 4u!!!and your soon to be precious baby!!! make a good life 4 u and that precious life ur carring!!!


Anna - June 24

Been there done that....I too was afraid to tell my parents because I was the only girl andhas always been daddy's little girl but they were so supportive and they were there for me and they love my son and will do anything for him. As for the dad he got over it and our son has brought us closer and his dad just adores and loves him so much.


d_ashly - June 24

im 17 and 30 weeks pregnant. when i told my bf, he said i was to get an abortion or he was leaving. so I SAID GOODBYE TO HIM! i had a hell of a time finding it in me to tell my parents but i did. at first they were upset that this happened but now they seem more excited about having my baby girl in their lives. theres nothing that your parents need to forgive, you havent done wrong- you are carring one of lifes most precious gifts and im sure they will be understanding. i wish you the best of luck


Brandy - June 28

I was in the same situation. My boyfriend and I were together until I was 3 months pregnant and I am now 8 months. He is a complete a__s and has nothing to do with me or his son, he actually thinks its not his. But you know what? The only thing that has kept me going thus far is the thought of my little boy being in my arms real soon. His father is the one who will regret it all in the long run. But make sure you do get child support from him, so that you can raise that baby. Who needs a dead beat who just runs from the facts/reality? Most important person in the whole thing is your unborn child. And that child will look up to you for everything. Keep your head up and be strong. I know its hard, but when that little one moves, kicks, turns, etc.. inside your body... theres nothing like it. No greater love either. Be strong for your child!


Kati - July 7

Hey, Your family will forgive you and you can do it. (let them be mad for a little while) I am 20 and my baby's father left me alone a couple of weeks after i found out i was pregnant ( i wasn't even 2 months pregnant). I have done the whole pregnancy by myself. I'm actually due next week. And i have managed to get a better position in my job and get my own apartment (which is better than even my father's). You can do it just don't give up and say I can do it. And well yeah maybe they were right he was a loser. But think this way you have one less loser in your life. And hey maybe you will find someone better. I met a guy 2 weeks ago HAHA imagine being in your 9th month and meeting someone~ it's crazy but very possible! You can do it.


Nicole - July 7

Hi. I am 16 and almost three months pregnant. I am not with the father but with someone that does want to be. He is my inspiration and i know that if my parents are not going to be there for me he will be.We are getting married as soon as i turn 18. I have not yet told my parents and i am not sure when i am going to.


unk - July 11

You should not worry about your boyfriend. If he left, then he wasn't that wasn't that much of a man and you don't need him. Also, you should tell your parents. We learn new things every day and parents will forgive you no matter what. Wish you luck and I hope everything turns out the way you want it to.


sarah - July 25

i think you should tell your parents what happened tell them who the father is and then ask for forgiveness also tell hem it was a mistake and you learned from it hope it all turns out well!!!


Nataly - July 31

I am 19 years old, 4 months pregnant. When I told my mother I was having a baby she was the best of all mothers. She is there for me, for my baby. I just feel like I wanna die cause I lied to them, i told them that me and my baby's father are still together, that he went back to Iraq, since he is in the army. But this isnt true, he is here and he hates me and my baby. He won't help me at all with anything, and he says he hopes my baby is born dead. I am devastated by all this, i still don't believe it, but I don't know how to tell my family because they are gonna be so hurt when I tell them.


SCARED - August 23

I'm in the same boat . 27 3 months preg. The "donor" kicked me out of the house saying "if it wouldn't be for you I wouldn't be having kids." Not even a week later he has a girl living there that has no job and 2 kids. I've had to move hours away to my parents and share my sisters room! Now he's threatning to take the baby! I have no idea what to do but my parents are helping every way they can. i know i can make it, i really don't have a choice. just keep telling yourself that. you have to do it for the baby.


vicky - August 23

next time u now that what ever ur parents tell u. u should listen well now what u have to do is take care of ur child. or if u dont have a good jod get child soporte take care of ur self and ur child and try to move on whit ur life don't let ant thing put u down because ur more then what u think well good luck and hope u find the father.


amy - August 23

im in the same position im 17 weeks pregnant and i found out the father has been cheating on me,ive finished with him now but i feel so lonley.Dont worry you will get through this just remember ur not the only one.Good luck


Sam - August 25

Guys like that are really not worth worrying about and you would be alot better off without him.As to telling your parents-just sit down and talk to them nd explain that your pregnant and about him leaving u-yes maybe at first they might say'i told you so',but they are your parents they will be ok with you..after all you are there 'baby'.


Dawn - September 7

I'm 28 and 30 weeks pregnant. You are old enough to make your own decisions. I'm going thru the same thing your going thru, and my family wasn't too happy about it at first, but I have told them I'm better without him. Would rather have no support than the type of support I was getting from him. When I first told my baby's father that I was pregnant he tried forcing me to have an abortion. Your family will come around, if not now then they will after the baby is born. Keep your chin up, it'll get better.



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