18 And Trying For A Baby

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Mrsrowe18 - November 7

Hi. So i'm 18 and me n my bf are tryin for a baby. Advice n tips on how to get pregnant would be great! I'm off Birth control n we haven't been using any contraception. Both of us r fertile. We r really excited n can't wait to be parents. This will be my first n his second. Any tips or advice?


Floricica - November 7

The number one best way is to stop trying. The more you think about it, the less chances you have. It is better to just have s_x whenever you are in the mood and let things flow thats all. You will probably get pregnant. My first son I got pregnant fast and I was 18 at the time. I am now pregnant with my 2nd child. This one took me two months to get pregnant. So one period pa__sed and then the next month I was pregnant. Good luck! Just dont stress about get_tng pregnant.


Bilmes123 - November 9

I don't understand why women want to get pregnant so early. Your mind will change after you get pregnant and have the baby. Trust me my sister was 17 when she had her baby and her boyfriend left her and she is all alone and can't really handle her son and school at the same time. I'm 22 and struggle. You should rethink and wait till you are older and have a set future.


Mrsrowe18 - November 9

I've made up my mind. I graduate this May and I'm ready to start a family. I didn't post this thread to have people judge me and try and make me reconsider. That's not what I wanted. I asked for ADVICE on TTC. I'm sick of people telling me I should wait and rethink my decision. I've thought about this over and over again so many times I'm surprised my brain isn't fried.


Bilmes123 - November 9

just don't regret it when it happens. And it is expected to get that kind of response when you are a teen saying your trying to have a baby. I don't think your a s___t or anything like that, just saying my sister tried and she is unhappy with how everytihng turned out. Her boyfriend dumped her and doesn't see the baby and she can't get support from him because he is going to school, her son acts out all the time, she is struggling with school, has no money, and my parents are pretty much stuck with her son now cause she doesn't have the time, also she thinks she still has freedom and sticks him with my parents when she goes to the movies and parties. It doesn't work that way, I gave up partying, struggling with money, my daughters father dumped me after as well and I was very depressed and I'm in my 20's. At least now things are looking up and I'm going to College soon but even that is going to be hard with daycare and homework. I can't work because daycare is so expensive so I am forced to live on mothers allowance.


Mrsrowe18 - November 9

I have chosen to have a baby this early because I want kids and I'm at high risk for ovarian cancer. I'd rather have a baby now while I'm young and healthy then later on when I can't have them. My boyfriend already has a son and is still legally married, but divorce papers have been filed. His son has cerebral palsy because his ex was a whore and slept around with three or four different men and she did large amounts of meth. My bf has wonderful benefits through his work and I'll be covered under his insurance if I'm pregnant with his baby. We'll be married hopefully before the baby is born. We haven't actually STARTED trying to conceive, we've just been talking and making plans. We'd like to wait and try after I graduate. I already have my plans set for college. I'll be doing regular coursework for the first and second trimester of the pregnancy, then online courses for the third trimester. I qualify for financial aid for my college tuition because my mom raised me as a single parent without child support. The state owes her 6-digits worth of child support that they need to take from my father. Me and my bf have thought about this ALOT. We both love kids and he has one already which he seriously regrets because of who he had the baby with. We want OUR baby and since he has a wonderful job and I'm fully capable of working, I know we can handle it. I just don't have a job right now because I was recently ill with both mono and a small deal of staph.


lunamoo - November 10

How is your bf caring for his 1st child...? Are you also ready to be a 50% step mother to his previous child? This means you would be in essence raising 2 children. Now, if he isn't involved in his daughters life, supporting her emotionally and financially and caring for her half of the time, then you might think twice about what kind of father he is.


Mrsrowe18 - November 10

His first child was a boy and legally right now my bf and his ex split custody. Me and my bf get him Wednesday thru Sunday or sometimes Saturday and his mom gets him the rest of the week. As soon as we can we'd like to take him away from her. She is unfit to take care of him and with him havin cerebral palsy there is just no excuse for her not doing what she should. I love being a stepmother. His son adores me and I adore him. It will be tougher raising two kids but that's alright. But like I said before we haven't started trying yet we are still just talking and planning.


angelmonkey - November 10

you will also ways get negative feedback from judgementle people in this thread......i started ttc at 17 and had my daughter a month before i turned 19 she's now 9 months old and im expecting number 2! me and my partner are very happy and my daughter is also a very happy baby......my partner works full time adn we dont struggle with money at all.....i got all the negative feedback of oh you wotn cope your boyfriend will leave you bla bla bla.....but hey look we're happy as ever and expecting another! number 2 was an accident byt hey everything happens for a reason....its going to be tough with a 16month old and a newborn but its going to be hard whatever age my daughter is.....good luck and try to ignore the negative feedback....some people generlaly will try and look out for you but people who tell you your partner will leave you ect pffft.......also i live in England so i left school at 16 and was working and had my own property whilst ttc my daughter....only you can decide whats best


Mrsrowe18 - November 10

Thank you angelmonkey! I think you are the only person I've heard GOOD things from. I'm also glad to hear that someone close to my age is happy and is handling everything well! I have alot of worries and I've been kinda stressing lately but hearing that there are people close to my age that have gone through the same thing as me and have made it just fine really puts some of my fears to rest. I'm happy where I'm at, honestly, and I'm not really putting anything aside for this baby. Its only going to be a small adjustment from my life already. I'll still be taking college courses, I'll still have a job, (an easy desk job, thank god!) and I'm covered by two different insurance companies, one through my bfs work b/c I'll be carrying his baby and one through my dad because he's so far behind in child support. I'm so excited!!!


Bilmes123 - November 10

Hey hey I'm not being judgemental just saying thats what can happen sincce it seems to happen a lot. Read threads on single and pregnant. It actually isn't a small adjustment haha believe me it isn't most of your money and I mean most or all goes to the baby, none for you. I wasn't covered by my baby's fathers insurance I believe it would be only after the baby is born unless you guys are married or considered a common law partners. I don't know where your from but thats how it is here. It's over 40 dollars a month for formula, 40 or more a month on diapers, other food, clothes etc etc. Then daycares are about 35 dollars a day or more and maternity leave you don't get much plus bills. Then between work and school you won't have much time to spend with your child. I am worried about what when I start school the limited time I will have with my daughter. Also if your living on your own you have rent and food for yourself and other needs. with me it only leaves me with maybe 50 dollars to myself not even. And it just gets more expensive as they get older.


angelmonkey - November 10

you know everyone used to tell me i'd be left with no money ect ect.......seriously my daughter does not cost that much! i b___stfed her for 7months so obviously that was free.......and i make her own food.....which is sooo cheap....i always buy her new clothes......most of which she doesnt even wear! then theres nappy's adn wipes even after bills rent shopping ect im left with about £400 a months spare......thats plenty, most of it goes in to saving because i dont need to spend it...........yes some girls it does not work out......but for some it does! as long as you know if your partner left you could cope on your own....my partner works 9hours a day...so in the week i pretty much do it by myself...i seriously dont understand people that say its so hard ect! not everyone finds it difficult....some do....but you have to give it from both sides


Mrsrowe18 - November 10

I'm just glad my boyfriend is here to help me. I have a pretty good feeling he wont leave b/c he wants this baby has bad as I do... we have plans to get engaged as soon as his divorce is finalized but his ex is being a real witch so its gonna be awhile... Thats why we are only TALKING about TTC. I think thats what some people are missin here!!! We arent trying to concieve RIGHT THIS MOMENT... We have only been weighing the pros and cons of waiting verse not waiting... Its a big decision... Bilmes what you dont get by when I said small adjustment is that I was talking about the things Im gonna do in my life. Im still gonna go to college (probably online courses), Im still gonna have a job and Im still gonna hang with my friends and family. Almost all of my friends are older and already have kids. My older stepsister has a daughter and my other stepsister found out she was pregnant a few days ago. My cousin just became a grandma and my cousin just became a mom. Lots of people in my life have kids so Im never gonna be alone in that aspect. I haven't talked to my mom about all of this, but Im sure she'd support me. In my opinion, having kids YOUNG (Anything younger than 30) is the best way to go. You wanna grow with your kids, in a good way. Thats how my mom did it and its great! My mom, my brothers, and I are all extremely close and thats how I want my family to be. Im ready to be a mom and Im ready to start a family. I can wait, or I can start trying. Its my decision and its one I need to make without anyone elses word except my boyfriends.


Floricica - November 13

Bilmes Did you have a child in your teens? If not, why are you in this forum makeing rude comments at people. Alot of people in here need positive advice. Not depressing comments like what you write.


AussieRae12809 - November 19

Hey, well my and my boyfriend are ttc right now also and I honestly dont know what to say to help, cuz I'd also like to know lol. I'm 17, I finished getting my GED and Im studdying to become an EMT. My boyfriend and I have talked about having a baby over and over. Im sure you and your boyfriend will be great parents especially since your trying to get his son full time. His sons mom sounds like a p.o.s. I wish you all the luck :]


Mrsrowe18 - November 20

Good luck with getting a baby Aussie!!! I'm happy for you =)


Advice Girl - December 11

I'm also 18 and trying to have a baby. I graduate this may as well and i'm very excited so is my soon to be husband. we have been together for 6 years and we are so ready for a baby. we want a little family so good luck to you sweetie



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