18 And Trying For A Baby

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Advice Girl - December 11

I'm also 18 and trying to have a baby. I graduate this may as well and i'm very excited so is my soon to be husband. we have been together for 6 years and we are so ready for a baby. we want a little family so good luck to you sweetie


spakatak6 - December 22

hey, im not telling you to change your mind or even reconsider, im the same age as you, and im 28weeks pregnant. you and your partner sound so happy, and that youve made your mind up :) dont change it just because of what other people are saying. before i feel pregnant me and my partner did talk about having a baby, but then i had to have surgery so we were worrying about that and stoped talking about it, in that time i had the surgery he was busy at work and i was busy trying to get thru everyday lol and we didnt talk about it for a bit, but then out of no where i did fall pregnant, i was so excited! Floricica's comment is right but i dont think she meant to just stop trying and to stop thinking about having a baby she meant that if having a baby is all you can think about then it wont happen but the minute you are busy with something else you will fall pregnant, thats the way it happened with me, i didnt change my mind it was still there in my head but i didnt push it to happen. and it did :) you time it right around your time of month, either 1-2days before your get your period or 1-2days after your period. but the one thing that you have to keep in mind is that you can increase your chances by the foods you eat (research on the internet and look at different pages and youll have a list of yummy foods that will increase your chances) please know that this comment isnt me trying to tel you to give up because im not and im not judging you. but honey, keep your head high and hope it all works out for you. stacey


shelly200920 - December 23

i was trying for 7 months before i got pregnant.. they say that after having s_x hold ur bum up for 5 mins or more to help the sperm go into the cervix also dont be actually trying that always seems to work lol good luck


baby_in_june - December 23

i was trying to get pregnant for 2 years and using no birth control, but as soon as i stopped trying and changed my diet im now 15 and a half weeks pregnant.. just stop trying and it will happen i know its hard but its true it works if you do that


babymama412 - December 26

Hi, my name is Rachael and I am four weeks pregnant at the age of 18 (I also tried). I would suggest taking pre-natal vitamins, and going off of birth control, which you have already done. Also after intercourse, not sure if this is a myth or fact, but lay on your back with you feet up for about twenty minutes. That is what I did to become pregnant at 18. Good Luck!


mom_of_ 2lil girls - January 7

Why do you want to tie yourselves down like this when you are so young? Being a parent is hard enough, without bringing the whole teenager thing into it. Why not wait a couple of years, get married, make sure you are really going to be with this person for the rest of your life, and then have a baby? Having 2 kids is very hard at times, and mine aren't special needs.Just think about it, before you make a life changing decision.


spakatak6 - January 10

because some for some girls they know they will have promblems with falling pregnant, like Mrsrowe18 said shes has a high risk of oviran cancer. and theres been myths that have be proven that its not great but its better on your body when your younger than older.


Jess17 - January 12

Well Mrsrowe, I'm 17 and currently 11 weeks pregnant. I recently got married to a Marine (the father) and became covered under his insurance. We have our own apartment out here in Cali and everything seems to be working out great. I graduated from high school in December and I'm starting college in about two weeks. I dont have a job but I might start working a couple hours a week just to pull in some extra cash even tho we really dont NEED it. I say as long as you can take care of the baby then go for it! Have fun! The main difference between us is that I dont have the family support that you most likely will (or do) have. My mom pa__sed away when I was 14 and my dad kicked me out when I was 16. But I know I can still make it through despite what other people say. And I know you can too. Best of luck!


lady bug - June 24

1'm 19, havent started trying yetcause i'm just unsure about weather my family will accept that my bf and i want a baby.. and if they'll just judge on our age, is our main issue...


Advice Girl - July 7

This is me again haha...as i said i'm 18 =] as of a month and a half ago me and my partner are pregnant =]...Bilmes honestly like angelmonkey said some girls have what it takes to be a mother at such a young age...blah blah blah it makes me so irritated to see people saying some of these comments on here just to put others down...even if it's not your intention it still happens...me and my partner are totally ready for this baby...i moved out of my house the day i graduated(haha didn't waist any time lol)...me and him live in a one bedroom apartment but it's big enough for three...i actually start college in August and i'm thrilled to have come this far...my school representative has told me that i will have a full day care service while i'm doing schooling...i don't work because my honey makes enough...well i take that back i'm working now until i start school that way i can spend my time doing my cla__ses and resting for me and the baby...yeah it's going to seem hard at times but honestly it's hard at any age...and i understand that if you have already had a child at a young age that you would want to tell other youngsters how your experience was...when honestly every girl has a different experience so just leave it alone...if they want to have a baby just let them their decision not anyone else's, the best we can do is give advice and be supportive...i make $400 every two weeks i only use $50 and the rest goes into the bank...i'm only a month and a half along and i'm already getting ready for the baby...we have so much already i'm set for 6 months after he/she is born, with the money i make i can afford it...different ppl have different ways on doing things just let them live their lives the way they want to


Jess17 - August 3

That's great to hear Advice Girl. I am 18 now and I just had my baby girl last wednesday (7/28). She is so perfect in every way. The first two nights home were a bit rough but it all just takes some getting used to. I'm already doing a whole lot better and I'm pretty much doing it on my own since my hubby sleeps through her crying most times. Taking care of a newborn really isn't hard at all. People completely over react when they tell you that its so hard to do. I will admit, taking care of her is a job in its own but it's the best job anyone could ask for. I couldn't be happier. :) Good luck and best wishes!


sstrezi - August 6

I had my daughter when I was 19, although we werent trying to get pregnant on purpose im glad I did. she is now 2 years old and the smartest little girl i have ever met. I get that women think they might have problems getting pg later in life. I know me and my hubby are trying for number 2 and having issues with that. I had to be put on clomid two months ago to make me ovulate so it can happen to anyone. good luck to all you young girls with your little ones, they are a blessing and a handful all bundled together.


Monique901 - August 6

I am 19 and ttc. I actually have just stopped taking my birthcontrol as of today. I am very anxious. I know that hardest part will be the ttw... Which is very nerve wrecking.... I kno I probably will not get prego right away but I am just hoping I do anyways... Baby dust to all!


ashvictoria - August 10

I do believe your much too young, I even know i'm much too young. But thats not the point, to those of you that are very judgmental about "teen" mommies. If someone knows they can care and love for a baby then why shouldnt they be allowed? Just because you or someone else has had problems raising a child whether its because of money issues or family issues, doesnt mean everyone has the same problems in life. If "Mrsrowe18" is happy and is ready to have her child now then she may! I really hate how judgmental people are, there are MANY many teen moms that i know and they are greattt at their job! Good luck with TTC! The best way is to know when you ovulate and plan your s_x around that time. When you are most fertile is the best time to have s_x but it is also a good idea to have s_x often but enjoy it. Women who are more aroused when they are having s_x are more likely to get pregnant than those who are trying to get pregnant or thinking their SO as "a baby maker". Also having s_x in the missionary position or avoiding girl on top positions help guide the sperm to the egg, if your on top the sperm is likely to drain right out with the rest of the "s_x" fluids. And also after s_x sit with your hips upward or raised a little for about 5 minutes, helps the sperm along(: There are many sites that will help Once again Good LUCK(: [3 Ash


Kitten_2555 - January 20

I'm 17, and just happened to come upon this website while looking for information for a project. Although I do not currently have a boyfriend, it does not stop me from wanting a child. So, even if you are only TRYING to conceive, the best of luck to you, and I hope everything works out. I know many younger girls that have been pregnant (Planned or otherwise) and I also know that almost none of them would change it for the world. As for ideas, I would have to agree with the first person who posted, stop trying and let it happen. When you decide that it IS time to have a baby and try to get pregnant, the best thing to do would most likely be to go to the doctor and find out specifically what days you ovulate. This way, you are able to try to have increased amounts of s_x during that time, increasing your chances. Again, best of luck to you, your fiancé and his son.


mickey87 - February 19

can I just say something here...if people don't want negative feed back why bother telling your age at all?



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