Chance Of A Virgin Becoming Pregnant From Pre Cum

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Grandpa Viv - December 2

Cherry, no chance. It was your mouth that had the semen, not his. 

Each month your experiments are going a little further. Why not get some vaginal spermicide to slip in before the games begin. When you decide to go all the way make sure to have condoms on hand and insist on proper use. Download a period tracker app so you learn to avoid the most fertile days. 


Eksanity - December 5

Hi gramps . Is dizziness on the 1st day of period normal?


Grandpa Viv - December 6

Eksanity, you must surely know if that is normal for you. If it is accompanied by several other early pregnancy signs and you had sexual exposure a couple of weeks back, it would suggest pregnancy. 


Krisha Parekh - January 17

Did your girlfriend get pregnant or were you safe? 


Thocon1233 - January 31

Granpa please help! I am 18, still a virgin and my period usually comes at 9-10th, with the cycle of 30 days. On 27th January, me and my bf had some interaction with each other. Our orgams were touching each other but he didn't insert inside me, and I believe that there was some "clear wet thing" on his penis while he was touching me. We made out about 1-1.5 hours, then he came on my stomach. I am really scared that I may get pregnant because I've read that "precum" can cause pregnancy to virgin. Can you help me? 


Grandpa Viv - February 1

Thocon, your encounter was close to ovulation 14 days before your expected period. After an hour of making out there was a chance some sperm might have seen present in his pre-cum. We can’t completely eliminate the chance of pregnancy, but since you have no list of early signs the chance is high that a test will be negative. Sexual experimentation can mess with hormones enough to delay your period. 


Pradhan - April 23



Respected Sir,

Hello ! And warm greetings. Im really tensed because last week me and my Girlfriend were home alone. She is virgina and Im too ... We were together and I touched her vagina she was wet and my penis was wet too but it was not sperm it was slippery type of fluid Idk what that is because it was our first time. I masturbated her and she cummed and while we were together my wet penis touched her wet vagina but we didnt had sex. Just my wet penis touched her wet vagina. Im really tensed and worried sir will she get pregnant? Because she is not having her mensturation period even after month has passed already ... but after I masturbated her she is not having her mensturation Im worried if she is going to become pregnant ? Coz she is not having her mensturation periods and one month is also crossed but she is not having her mensturation .

Sir Im worried and tensed ...

Please I will be thank ful to you if you can reply me soon sir ... and tell me what is going on and is their any sign of pregnancy ? 

The only thing that happened was my wet penis touched her wet vagina, only touched not more than that and it was not sperm it was some slippery fluid but not sperm ... and now she is not having her mensturation periods .

Sir what might be the problem or is she going to get pregnant?

Please sir please reply me soon.

Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


GuestD - April 27

Hey Grandpa! So me and my girlfriend (both virgins) were messing around on the 15th of April and after a bit of foreplay (say 4-5 minutes) I rubbed the tip of my penis against her vagina then I put just the tip in her for about a minute before pulling it out. After this she gave me a blowjob after which I came and my penis became limp and then she tried putting the limp penis back in but couldn’t. Could there have been semen still in the urethra of my penis after it became limp, and could it have gotten inside her and gotten her pregnant as she was very wet? According to her period app this happened two days before her ovulation. We did all this clothed. Could she be pregnant?


Johnson Mile - August 11

Hello grandpa viv,

I rubbed my hands on my girlfriend's vagina on the upper parts mainly, few minutes after i had touched my penis(not actually the opening but my hands could have got a hint of precum), she got wet and now she says she is getting nausea, headaches , backaches and changed food taste. She was on 18th day after her first day of period. I fear if she could have been pregnant. It all happened a week ago. So if you would help me.


Grandpa Viv - August 15

Johnson, that does not sound like enough contact to result in pregnancy. Maybe she is psyching herself into signs. Run a home test if and when her next period is a week late. 


JustAsking - September 30

Hey, I have a question. If we licked off the precum first off our partner's p*n*s (but he did not pee first) before penetration, is the sperms likely will be active? will you have a chance to be pregnant if we licked our partner's precum?


Grandpa Viv - October 1

JustAsking, there are no sperm in true pre-cum. If foreplay had gone on for a long time and he had been close to ejaculation, that might not hold true. Licking the penis would not remove any semen and sperm still inside the urethra.

You are beginning to take sexual risks. If he won't bring condoms to the game, please buy your own and insist on their proper use for every penetration. Putting them on him can be part of foreplay and could signal him that your engine is warmed up and ready for the races. A long as you are buying condoms, take a look at approved lubricant and spermicidal inserts too. The inserts provide an extra level of protection but are not the best if used alone.




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