Dont Know What To Do

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Lil'-J - February 10

I had s_x on 2/3/04 to day is 2/4/04 my boyfriend didnt have a condom. He was a virgin, so i told him when c_mis about to come out to take it out but i asked him if he had c_med and he said yes but than he said he wasnt sure. after that he told me that he was scared that i would get pregnant, but even though if i would be he would take care of it. He is twenty years old and i am 17, if i would be pregnant right now how would i tell my parents? would they send him to jail? what should i do? Im scared! Should i abort? And how do i deal with this? But the thing is i dont want to abort! Please help me! Thanks!


jess - February 6

go get a blood test done sweety, that will be able to tell for sure! getting an abortion is a horrible thing to go through but dont stress yet get a blood test and discuss the results with your bf and ask him if he will be there to support you.


becca - February 8

i got preg not long before i turned 17 my b/f was 22 although i was not living with my parents they knew the situation and did not even try to send him to jail i doubt your parents will either as at the moment he is willing to help and support u but before u say any thing to them get a home test or see a doctor this may save some unnecessary arguements and stress if it turns out u r not preg


lani - February 8

the only option you have is to abort


Raelynn - February 9

Don't listen to "Lani". You have other choices. Shame on her for telling you other wise. You could keep the baby and raise it or put it up for adoption. It is too late to take the mornign after pill, however. You are lucky to have a guy that says he will support you. Def. find out if you are even pregnant though first becasue you might be stressing over nothing. If your parents really want to press charges, technically they could becuase you are minor but the legal age of consent is 16 years old. I realy hope everything works out well for you. Keep us posted ok? Stay String and Good Luck.


becca - February 10

i agree with raelynn do not listen to lani aborting is not your only option im so glad i didnt abort my baby she is the best thing that has ever happened to me, you should just find out if u are preg before u make any decisions speak to your b/f and parents (if u are preg) and tell them what u would like to do hopefully they will be supportive of your choice good luck and i hope all goes well



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