Feeling Guilty And Reluctant To Take Plan B

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amanda17 - May 8

Don't jinx it V!! lol


angelmonkey - May 11

i so understand how you feel amanda.........i havn't been in the situation but thinking if i was i'd feel like i i was aborting if you get what i mean...even though its just preventing lol........my baby fever has started lol! im currently on no birth control but use condoms everytime........my s_x life isn't exactly through the roof right now either lol........it went when i was pregnant and kinda hasn't come back....but at the end of the day i just think it wouldn't be fair on Heidi to be deprived of things because we have another baby to look after....the plan was to have another baby when she was starting school but i dont want it to seem like she goes to school and another baby comes along, we've now narrowed it down to when she's out of nappies lol! but it all come's down to the situation at the time


amanda17 - May 11

Haha yeah. I've been trying to get on birth control but something always happens that prevents me from getting it. I'm thinking I might have to forget my hospital all together and go to a planned parent hood clinic and talk to them about anything but the pill because I know I'll never remember to take them every day. Even when I set my alarm on my cell phone my mind just goes "I know what that's about" but doesn't process what it's actually about hahaha Good luck with the baby fever. I'm soooooooo glad mine is subsiding, at least for now.


angelmonkey - May 11

haha i don't think its to bad yet, im just at the wouldn't it be nice stage, i think its more i miss being pregnant lol, but we'l see...........i was on the mini pill but it makes me real moody lol


The Nightmare - May 12

I didnt see an apology... They could have said that yeah, but they were just taking off what you said in your first post. They could have not bothered to say anything, but they thought they would offer a bit of comfort and rea__surance. If you don't like what they say then fair enough, ignore it like you'd ignore the "I had s_x with a dog will I have puppies" type posts. "I do use condoms most of the time" you know very well isn't good enough, you have proved it to yourself with the way you have felt having to take the MAP, so please, don't put yourself through it for the sake of not having a thin layer of rubber between you


amanda17 - May 12

I said "Forgive me." That's an apology. I was trying to phrase it in a way that wouldn't offend anyone... but saying something like that is hard word. I sat their for a while trying to think of the best way to say it... and you're the only one who seemed to care about it at all. Which is interesting since I can only a__sume you didn't respond to me at all. Besides, I rarely ignore any post. I wanted advice that would help me, and I wasn't getting it.. so I tried to make it clear what would help me. Low and behold, people started getting it. Just about every post on here is asking for advice... and no matter how stupid, or just plain hurtful that advice is, they should get it. That was the first time I had ever not used protection in like... 3 years? Hey, I made a mistake. I get that I made a mistake. I'm not proud that I did or anything.. It was stupid. I let my hormones take advantage of me.. Something most of us are guilty of at one point or another. I'm not giving myself a hard time about it. I know what I did wasn't the right thing to do. I'm going to do my best to not let it happen again. But what's done is done so the best I can do is learn from it. Just like every other person on here who's had an unplanned pregnancy, a pregnancy scare or just one stupid night. It obviously bothers you to the point where you feel like you have to say something to me, but honestly I wouldn't bother. Every mistake I've made is a lesson well learned.


angelmonkey - May 12

the nightmare take some of your own advice........... "If you don't like what they say then fair enough, ignore it"


maria74 - March 6

hey amanda, I know you started this thread a while ago, but I just came across it while I was looking some things up about feeling guilty about plan b. im 17 too and a few months ago I also made a stupid mistake, and the next day I took plan b, although I didn't really want to. I'm catholic and I know that things like that were a big no no in the catholic church, but me and my boyfriend were scared so I decided to do it. but before I did I kept feeling like although I wasn't literally killing my baby, that I was preventing it from living, which felt the same :/ but I made the decision to take it and it worked, but I felt and still do feel extremely guilty and selfish for doing it. I know that I might have not even gotten pregnant, but at the same time now I'll never know and I think that's what I hate the most. :( I think like what if I was supposed to be a mom now and I'm just not even giving my potential child a chance to live? but it's in the past and I know I can't dwell on it, but at the same time I know that I'll always hold it with me because I'll never know what would have happened if I didn't :/ did you end up taking plan b?



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