How Much Blood Is Spotting

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Wood Nymph - September 12

Is it just how the name goes; just a little spot of blood, or is it more? Been having a very light period that has lasted 4 days only, as well as it being mostly pink and brown period with some bright/dark red..I'm always a heavy menstruator. My blood usually soaks up a full pad in about an hour or two, but this time I almost didn't even need a pad except for the 2nd day which it was kind of enough to get a pad, but it was still very light compared to all the other times. I always cramp the first day, and I did cramp but I strangely got light cramps for the next few days. Had s_x (pull out) ~around 2 weeks after last month's period, and had (pull out) s_x right before this month's period started. These have not been my first times having s_x. Just wondering if light periods can be considered spotting. This has been a very unusual period. >_<


Shorty - August 13

I would go and get a test, especially if you usually bleed heavily, but stress can also do that to you too. I mean I have been having that latley too. I have not had s_x in over two months, but my 2 cycle since, have been very light comapared to my normal bleeding routine. I know some women can have bleeding while they are in the first few weeks of pregnancy, but it is pretty rare.I'd go to the docs darls, at least they will be able to shed some light on the situation and then you will know for sure what is going on. I don't think light periods are considered spotting, i think spotting is very light very short a spot of blood.


Wood Nymph - August 13

Yeah, heh, I think it's only a spot too. It was a pretty dumb question, just to make sure. I wish there were a name for these odd lighter periods. And yeah, I'm thinking of buying a test tomorrow and going to the doc pretty soon. I won't be satisfied with just a negative if I buy it soon. Thanks for replying.


Wood Nymph - August 13

Oh, and Ialso have not really been getting stressed at all lately. Life's been flowin' smoothly...I was also thinking about the possibility of a m/c.


no - September 3

s_x should not be performed unless married


unknown - September 5



Jillian - September 9

I wanted until I was married to have s_x. The only reason we had to strength to do so what through God, who desires for us to be pure until we are joined under his name...Jesus Loves You!


Joanna - September 11

This is not a religious forum. Take your judgments elsewhere or why not let God take care of it for ya??


junior - September 12

I'm really bf and I have had unprotected s_x about 3 or 4 times, and right when I was ovulating. I was really hoping i was pregnant, as my period was 3 days late, but then my friend (now nemesis) came, but it was different. I usually have a heavy period, but this one was light the first day, then heavy for one day, light the third, and then done. I have been really tired lately, and sleeping SO much. I have also gained some weight, and I keep having a feeling that I am pregnant. The first two tests were neg, but i still feel that I am...what do you all think? Could i be pregnant? Please respond! I wanto to go to a dr, but i am in the military, and i would have to get approval from my sgt to even go to medical, and have to tell him why...the lst thing i need is a sgt thinking i am a "typical knocked up female"!


lachocolate69 - September 28

my and my boyfriend had had s_x on sunday 2 weeks ago and i ovulated on wednesday. in some studies say that sperm can last for only 24-48 hours. others say 3-5 days longer. i started getting a feeling that i was comin down with a yeast infection. i figure that could be a sign of me being pregnant but then im spotting some blood. im not sure if its my period or is im pregnant. help!


amanda - October 1

okay, me and my boyfriend have been having unprotected s_x, and today i went to the bathroom, and i had some light red blood in my urine and uh... i'm a little scared. does anyone know if this is what they mean by spotting blood?? or am i just freakin gout over nothing? and if i am spotting blood, does that mean i could be pregnant? someone just please let me know if you know anything about this. thanks =)


tina - October 13

can you be pergant and have period


amanda - October 13

hey, so today i went to get tested and i am so not pregnant- yay! if you have pull-out s_x, i recommend he "milks his p___s" before though, because pre-c_m is the most fertile. but if you are still concerned with it in about a week, i'd go get tested. if you don't wait about 10 days after you had s_x that you think could have gotten you preg., then it will probably show up neg., even if you are.


angel_one - October 13

amanda why do you say pre c_m is more fertilie, i has does not have anything near as much sperm as a full ejaculation has!


bkat - October 20

an indication of being pregnant would be implantation bleeding which i believe is what you mean by spotting. implantation bleeding usually occurs about when you would expect your period. it is usually brown and is described as old blood. there is a chance that you could be pregnant. spotting is usually a term refered to as break through bleeding. either way you had something that was not normal to you. you know your body better than anyone..take a test. at the doctors they ask you when your last normal period was. this is not normal to you. usually implantation bleeding is a brief period of bleeding that is less than your period...ive never heard of bright red blood...when referring to that. it could be miscarriage, not to scare you or pregnancy or infection or stress. good luck i hope i could help


amanda - October 21

i heard pre c_m has more sperm in it than full ejaculation does


broorel - October 21

no that could definatly be concidered spotting. my mother, bless her heart, has drilled that into my head since the day i started my period. Get a test.



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