I Dont Know If Im Pregnant Or Just Gaining Weight

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natalie - October 29

well, for like two and and half months i threw up like 3-4 times a week, and ate everything in sight and got a lot of mood swings. then it stopped. i still do eat all the time though. well, then i just started gaining weight. i thought it had something to do with eating all that stuff. now, i can't wear any of my clothes because i was in a 5-6. then, this morning when i was getting ready for school, i felt a light kick in my stomach like once. i thought i imagined it, but then it happened like twice again.i feel so slow because the first time me and by boyfirend had s_x, we didnt use protection. that was like five months ago. is it possible that im 5 months pregnant and didnt even realize it? i went on a site, and it said that you can feel the baby's first movements at 15 weeks.could it just be that im gaining weight? but, i seriousley doubt it. i live with my dad, and i dont think that he knows what the signs are because my mom had me when they were 14, and he and they broke up before i was born. if im pregnant, my dad is gonna be really disappointed because im only 15. how is it that i could be 5 months pregnant without having a clue?


Viv - October 29

Ignorance, I guess. If I was throwing up 3-4 times a week for months on end, I would surely be curious as to what was causing it. Some women have next to no symptoms. You need to tell your dad your fears and get yourself to a clinic to see if you are late on getting prenatal care!


rachel - October 29

i agree with viv. i would be curious too. i think that maybe down deep you knew, but didnt want to admit it.


MIMI - October 29

Hey natalie u should juss take a home pregnacy test and go from the results good luck i hope it works out the way u want it 2... have u missed ur period??


amy - November 1

basically i do think that you are pregnant. i think that it is highly unlikely youre just gaining weight.


rikki - November 5

well your best bet would b 2 juss tak a preg. test and see.


britt - November 8

i agree with amy. my question is have u been to a doctor b/c if u feel kicks and ur not imagining it, 99.9% tells me ur pregnant, and im only 16!


naomi - November 12

dont listen to viv she sounds like a twat, your only young and im sure many people are in your sort of situation so try not to panic i think the first thing you should do is go to you nearest family planning clinic or hospital and take a pregnancy test its free and its confidential so no one has to know you were there and i will take two test because sometimes they read wrong and talk to your boyfriend i know it may be hard but youll have to do it one day and its better sooner then later good luck naomi xxx


mandi - November 20

my sister was actually 5 months pregnant when she found out. and she was only 17.


T - November 20

Theres a good chance you may be pregnant hun. I would do a pregnancy test. If the test is negative then go to your doctor and have a blood test done which will confirm whether you are pregnant or not. I would get the test done straight away sweetheart. Dont worry about your dad. I'm sure he'll understand since he was a teen parent himself. He will probably be able to help you more than you think. :o) Yes it is possible to be pregnant and not know it. Sometimes at the back of your mind you thinks its a possibility but when the period comes, or any amount of bleeding, you think "Nah Im not pregnant", when you could be. This is a common think to happen. So do a pregnancy test hun.


je - December 3

hi natalie theres a possible that ur pregnant.. but the question is do u have ur regular period every month?.... well if you have it .... then it just that ur gaining weight... because theres a situation too that even tho ur 5 months pregnant u didnt even know it because all women have differnt signs of pregnancy.... even my aunthie have a period period even tho shes pregnant.... so just take good care of yourself and dont worry about on your daddy his gonna understand you as long as your gonna be honest to him....


carly - December 9

im not really sure but if it helps you could have an obortion or put ur baby up for adoption if you are pregnant


Enjoli - December 10

Natalie, if youve been getting sick 3/4 times a week you should really go get checked because if your almost 5 month pregnant you think that could be dagerous for you and your baby. Please go get checked.


sarah lou - December 10

my mam was 7 month pregnant with me before she even knew she was having me so yes it is possible dont worrie and the best advice i can give cos i think that im pregnant is to go to the doctors by yourself dont tell ne1 because some test can be inaccurate. or even the family planning clinic and the can give you help and advice on what to do. good luck


Chey - December 11

Meh advice to you is go out in buy a home pregnacy test.Buy 2 of them so you will know for sure..as soon as you know get to a clinic and get a check up..good luck.


vicky - December 14

i have had iregular periods for about 6 months,whilst i was on the pill.i've been off of it for 2 weeks and i stopped on the last day before my period.me and my boyfriend have had unprotected s_x a few times since.i have'nt been being sick, but i have had strange feelings in my lower tummy.is it possible i could be pregnant?


Tiffany - December 14

Have you been or your perod for the past 5 months? And if not i think you need to get a test to make sure...



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