I Dont Know If Im Pregnant Or Just Gaining Weight

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Tiffany - December 14

Have you been or your perod for the past 5 months? And if not i think you need to get a test to make sure...


cc - December 17

how do i no if fim pregnant


Catherine - December 20

First, go buy a test and take it. If you are pregnant, it will 99% show it... The thing is, all of your symptoms sound right on track. You said you read that women can feel the baby at 15 weeks, but that is a little early for a first pregnancy. I felt my baby at about 18 weeks my first time. Some women are 22 or 23 weeks before they feel it. Everyone is different. With the one person's comment about you losing weight with morning sickness...that's not usually true unless it's really severe. I still gained weight when I was sick, albeit only about 1 pound per month when it was really bad, but I didn't lose weight. Most women can still eat even when they are in the first trimester and feeling kind of queesy... Go take and test, and if it's positive, talk to your dad. If you are scared, just think about the little one inside of you who needs you to get all of the help you can to make him/her healthy. Nothing right now is more important than that.


Esperanza - October 29

there is a chance that you could be pregnet if your having all the symptoms so you should get a test


10 months old - October 29



Jamie - November 2

since i havn't had s_x in awhile could i miss a period and not be gregnant?


?? - November 2

your soo slow!!


Kayla - November 2

Natalie, did you take a test yet?


Donna - November 13

i haven't had a regular period since last december but i get scant periods and i went to thousands of doctors and i wasn't pregnant but on november 3rd 2005 i had unprotected s_x and i'm scared that i might be pregnant what should i do i have no idea if i am or not i need help


T - November 13

Donna - Its far too early to tell if your pregnant or not since you had s_x on 3rd November. If you are pregnant the foetus would of just about implanted into your uterus and started producing HCG. But HCG takes about 3 + weeks before it shows on a pregnancy test and some women dont get a positive for 2 months into their pregnancy. All I can say to you is, stop worrying about being pregnant and live your life like you normally do. Then if your period doesn't arrive do a pregnancy test. You cant do anything now until you wait for your period. Next time you have unprotected s_x buy the emergency contraception pill within 72 hours of having s_x and you must take this accurately. But its too late for this pill now and if you took it, it wouldn't make the slightest bit of difference. So hang on in there and test when your period is late. :o)


lc90 - June 27

hi i have been tryin to get pregnant for more then a year now with my husband.Im not regular with my (.'s)so before march 2011 i missed my (.) for two months i was spotting for 3 days n the first day was march23-24th n like i said it lasted 3 days since then i havent had my period its now 3 months n i still dont get it yet around april i was sick throwing up but it just lasted 2 days n i was in a diet n excercisin but instead of goin down on weight i went up i surprised so i stoped n thinked what if im pregnant n my mom told me my eyes look diferent .....i dont want to take a pt b-cuz im to scared it will come out negative again i really need second opinions plz...



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