I Was Raped And I Am 13 And Pregnant HELP

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Kellyann - December 27

i was raped like 4 weeks ago and the guy (idk who it is) didint wear protection and so me being smart i took a pregnancy test and it was postive and i was really scared.. so i told my mom. so told me to get an a abortion, I CANT DO THAT!! so what do i do now. i am a soon to be mother. I have a b/f in all and he wants to be the father of the baby that isnt his and wants to be there for me every step of the way. Should i contoue going 2 school or what.. Please write back


Baybeegirl - December 28

You are 13? How old is your Boyfriend? Are you gunna keep the child? what ever you do dont get a abortion okay


Sam. - December 28

Kellyann- I think that you are a very strong person to be dealing with this at such a young age. You sound really mature & hopefully you'll make a great mother. All I can say is stay strong & keep the baby! Even though that jerk did rape you, the baby is also a part of you. It is an innocent child that deserves the love of its mother. You obviously have a great boyfriend if he is willing to stand by you thru all of this.. But how old is this guy?! (because even tho he does want to help..if he is young like you he will probably eventually leave -maybe not tho!) Just stay strong and pray! God will take care of you AND your precious unborn child! =)


amanda - December 28

do not drop out of school whatever you do.. if you dont want to get an abortion and it is to hard to support the child while going to school give the baby up for adoption.. im happy for you that your boyfriend is willing to support and help you the whole way through.. you your boyfriend and your mom should sit down and talk about what you should do and then maybe it will help you decide better <3


kekeserg - January 1

baby im so sorry about your situation i really don't have much advice but i will pray for you and i know god will guide you in the right direction god bless you sweetie


Shelly - January 1

Kellyann sweetie is ok, im 17 and i have a 4 month old and im still in school, i know that if u and ur bf want to keep this baby let ur mom know its not up to her to keep ur baby its up to u.... good luck


std - January 1

get tested for aids.


Emily - January 1

ok ok there's no need to get shirty, I never implied you hadn't.


Sweetcakes - January 3

Hey Kellyann, I was recently in the same boat as you and i did not have the support of my family, luckily for you you have your boyfriend. Go to school for as long as it is possible to hide the pregnancy if you are not sure how others will react. Loose sweaters and stuff work like magic.! You are an amazing person and no one deserves to be raped! Stay strong because the road ahead will not be easy. Your baby will be a constant reminder of what happened. I am not trying to worry or scare you but i know what it is like. If you are not able to keep the baby (lack of family support/ financial stuff) you should consider adoption! I know it is the hardest thing to do when you have had the little guy kicking around in your stomach but some people never get the chance to have kids. There are lots of open adoption opportunities. Be aware of your options and make sure whatever the decision that you make is yours, don't let anyone make it for you even your boyfriend. You are an amazing person and the road ahead will be difficult but you can do it!! Chin up! I did it too and although i am 16 i still needed my chance to be a kid i wasn't ready to be a mother and i knew i couldn't give my baby the home that he needed. I was kicked out of my house for deciding to not have an abortion so hopefully your family will come around! Love you tons girl, Good luck!


becca - January 4

erm harsh, but u need 2 take all feelings into account will u b able to fuly love the child u need 2 reli thinmk about this and if u feel u need 2 have an abortion do u r young but if u decide u want to keep the baby then all my respect goes out 4 u u also need 2 think about what if ur b/f cnt cope n decides 2 leave u r young n is it serious if he does leave will u b able 2 cope???


Roxy - January 5

Do what your heart tells you to. don't get an abortion if you don't want to. You should also report that you were raped. I am so sorry to hear that you got raped. Good luck! ROXY


MEgan - January 7

I think you shoudl


redsnow - January 8

You should continue school no matter what. Even if you have a boyfriend who will except the child, do you really want to have it though? It contains the genetic makeup from a rapist father. I would abort the child. It wasn't made with love, or wanting, rather it was made with pain and with terrifying fear for your life as a stranger/psycho took adavantage of your womanhood.


Lauren - January 8

tha is really good of oyur boyfriend to stay by you...i wasnt raped but im 13 and pregnant to and my boyfriend is staying 3wiht me too


Sara - January 8

i know you are 13 and all but please whatever you do don't get an abortion that will just make things soo much harder on you because in the long run you will always remember that you did that. If you belive that you and your boyfriend can suporrt the child then have it.


have a chance - January 9

u could take morning after pill before you are 49 days pregnant so abortion is not neccessary,i would as its a child or product of rape,and u did not want it.


Morning After Pill - January 10

you can only take the morning after pill within 48hours after intercourse. comman since here look at the name of the pill its not a month after pill its a morning after pill.



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