I Was Raped And I Am 13 And Pregnant HELP

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Liz123 - January 21

Hey Kellyann, You already have had alot of advice, even though i didn't go threw the same. I gave birth to triplets at the age of 18. I know its hard be stay calm think it over and talk about it. You can get alot of help from people. But to answer your quistion, i continued going to school as long as i could, that way i didn't miss alot. But i did speak to the people in my school and they made sure, i could have enough rest in between cla__ses and made sure that by the end of my pregnancy i was there were everyone was by the time i would get back. Right now im back into school and im going to continu to study for atleast 5,5 more years. I got alot of help and the last four years i can do at night. Think really good about it, i never regret my choice, but if i could i would have done it different. I wanna wish you all the luck in the world. Your not alone!


iona - January 21

READ THE DARN DATE THIS POST WAS STARTED!!!! it is four years old!!!


Cuppy_CakeMama - January 23

Don't drop out of school and make sure that you get care right away for baby, take prenatal vitamins, you need to watch your pregnancy though because girls under 14 have a higher risk of miscarriage. I don't mean to to scare you, also make sure you get STD testing too, because you were raped and you didn't even know the guy and some STD can cause harm or death to the baby...


Cuppy_CakeMama - January 23

...and another thing you should not abort your baby if your heart is telling you NO. If you want it you will learn to love it and appreciate it despite the fact that it was born from a hurtful sistuation. Just because your baby's father was a rapist does not mean it will be, if you nurture it right and steer it in the right direction it will have a happy life. Just stay strong and make sure any decision you make about your pregnancy is because you want to make. I too have had people tell me i should abort mine, I didn't get raped but i'm still in high school and people judge me for that. Just because your baby was born out of rape does not mean that you should abort, only make that decision if you are sure it is what YOU and nobody else wants to do. You can always give up for adoption later on if it proves way too hard to raise that baby. There are open adoption agencies that will let you meet the parents before making final decisions and will even let you still see it sometimes. As for the rest of you being hella judgemental telling her what to do and not consoling her but basically reprimending her for wanting to keep her unborn child, you are so pathetic! She has a mother who possesses the right to tell her child what to do and will help her work things out whatever choice she makes. You don't need to be mean and be all b___hy to her if she doesn't want to do what YOU think is right. You don't know what moral or religious beliefs she has and you don't know her heart so wuit shoving some c___p in her face just because your baby was born/conceived under better circ_mstances or because you believe her child will grow up to be a rapit. Unless you are a genetic scientist or a therapist you don't know jack about what that baby will turn out to be... As for you KellyAnn do what you feel is right. I would suggest going to a therapist for counseling about the rape because even if it is not hitting you now, the emotional damage rape can cause can last a lifetime. I know how much it hurts cause i was raped once and it made me feel so used and dirty, but i hope you never think that because you were raped it makes yuo unworthy of being a mother. If things prove very difficult to cope with go to someone who you trust, you have your boyfriend so plz take care of yourself and that baby....


xoxoDENNIxoxo - June 26

do not, i repeat do not stop school, u will need that education to provide for this baby


Teddyfinch - June 26

are you seriously posting to someone who posted almost 4 years ago? she'd be almost done with school by now.


Immaprincess23 - July 14

I am sorry for what happened to you i know how you feel.i need some answers to so can someone help me please.im 13 i was raped by my 14 year old boyfriend and i might be pregnant.I took a pregnancy test but it came out negative...im taking meds so its a high chance that my meds are giving me a false negative!I told my mom the day i was raped at first she said i had to get an abortion if i was and i told her i couldnt...later on she said that if i kept the baby i wouldnt be dropping out of school.i told her i wouldnt do that. i Feel that i am responsibly enough to take the challange that a baby has to offer.Please give me some advise...


Grandpa Viv - July 15

My sympathy for your traumatic experience. It was not your fault. I think the chance of pregnancy is pretty small in your case. Tell us when the rape happened, when your period is/was due, and when you took the pregnancy test. Good luck!


123Jacky - July 23

I'm Very Sorry What Happend To You' I Wish You Luck.



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