My Mom Doesnt Know Im Pregnant How Do I Tell Her

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lisa - December 27

well, when i hasd s_x with my bf, the last thing on my mind was a condem. well, im pregnant, and i just started to show. me and my mom got in this big arguement and i ran out the house to my friend's house. my mom doesnt know im pregnant. how am i supposed to tell her?


t - December 27

There really isn't a good way to tell her. However, if you plan to keep the baby or put it up for adoption, you need to get to a dr and make your arrangements (parenting cla__ses, prenatal care, etc.) Then it will hopefully show your mother that you can handle the responsibility. Although.... running out of the house after an argument isn't a very good way to show maturity. Good Luck.


diana - December 27

well im 14 and i am pregnant by my 16 year old boyfriend. so both u and i as pregnant girls know our parents have to know one way or another. the way i told my mom was i made a phone call to her work and told her on the phone. i wanted to tell her when she was at work so she could work her anger off. i did the same with my dad. when they both came home that night we didnt fight or argue. we simply talked about the babys daddy, me as a soon to be mom, and ect... it wasnt that bad. well thats what i did and maybe u should try it 2. good luck!


Krystyna - December 30

I know how you feel, telling your mom is one of the hardest things to do. I was so scared to tell my mom, because my mom doesnt take things very well. I went in with my boyfriend, and we told her, she kicked me out but now we are very close eventhough we dont live together. If i were you i would just tell her, with your boyfriend. With him there, it might make it a little more compy if you know what i mean.


clare - January 12

you and your mum sit down together talk together calmly and tell her your pregnant dont shout and scream


Chrissy - January 17

Well you could say it politly and see what her reaction is. But wait a while and go to a counsling course.


Asha - January 22

Well you have to tell her but to make it easier tell someone close to and her both that will understand and when you go to tell your mom bring that person for support. But make sure it is someone that you and your mom know and trust because that makes it less embarra__sing for your mom but also be sure to tell that person not to far in advance so that your mom doesnt feel it was being held from her. Thats what im probably going to do


Tiffany - January 26

Well i am 17 years old ill be 18 in Sept. and i think im pregnant and i am so afraid to tell my parents because they ar very strict about this type of stuff...and the dad of my baby is 21 years old and i dont want him to be into any trouble...But we both agreed on keeping the baby....I just dont know how to tell my mom...i told them i was having s_x and they lost it BAD...and if i told them iwas pregnant i dont know what they would do so please help me??


cryStal - February 15

well i kinda know how u feel b/c im 15 and when i had s_x with my b/f a condem was the last thing on my mind too..but i dont know if im pregnant b/c i have alot of the signs except for im on my period every month but i looked up online one day and ppl have been pregnant on their period so i dunno.. but if i am i have no idea how im gunna tell me mom..


jess - February 17

im hoping someone can offer me some advice, or knowledge, or something. i started birth control about a month and a half ago. i started on the beginning of my period, so it said it would protect me immediately. but just to be sure i waited 2 weeks. some sites say to wait a month. so i was still really nervous about being pregnant. i bled a lot the first month, but it could have just been side effects. and my period was really light. this past week ive felt funny though, kind of bloated or overly stuffed. and i started thinking about being pregnant again. im terrified. my parents dont know im having s_x. if anyone can help... i have no idea what to do or even think.


Grandpa Viv - February 17

Jess, it's sometimes difficult to sort out the symptoms of pregnancy from the side effects of the pill. As long as you have been taking the pill on schedule, you are not likely in trouble. It would be a good idea if you used condoms as a back-up. Good luck!


charlotte - February 18

im 14 and im pregnant but my mother still dont know to but im moving in with my boyfreind soon so she wont know till i go back me and my bf are going to ondon but dont worry once she knows she cant make you do nothing it wasnt planned but i wont tell her till its way to late for an abortion i already love my baby him/her but when your baby is there i bet you wont regret it


April - March 7

well ask her what would u do if i was pregnant then see what she says then tell her it works


Avirl - March 12

im 10 and im pregnant i got to tell my mum and boyfrined how do i tell them


--- - March 18

telling ur mum & dad that your pregnant is a very hard thing to do, im 14 and im pregnant. i found out by havin a test at school. i was rele scared but excited at the same time. The school rang my mum at work and askd if she could come 2 the school. About 15 mins later my mum got there (whilst havin a heart attack wonderin what was goin on) she sat down next to me and asked what was wrong. The teacher just came right out with it and said im pregnant. My mum gave me a big cuddle and said " o you silly sod". But she was great about it. Both my parents and my boyfriends parents are fab and helpin in every way they can. I hope that helps someone. Good luck!!!!!


Audrey - March 18

A good book for girls in this situation is called "Mom, I'm Pregnant" by Reni L. Witt. You might be able to find it in a bookstore or library. To Charlotte- Running away isn't the answer, you and your bf can get into a whole lot of trouble. If your bf is over 18 he can be charged with statutory rape and/or kidnapping. The best thing to do is discuss things calmly with your parents (and his) and work out what you're going to do afterwards. Best wishes!


katie - March 18

yea...its a really hard thing to do tellin ur parents but it has to be done 14 and my bf is 16 wen we told them it was really weird and stuff...but jst tell will b ok...tht wasnt much help but good luck anyways



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