My Mom Doesnt Know Im Pregnant How Do I Tell Her

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katie - March 18

yea...its a really hard thing to do tellin ur parents but it has to be done 14 and my bf is 16 wen we told them it was really weird and stuff...but jst tell will b ok...tht wasnt much help but good luck anyways


Rachel - March 29

Lisa, I'm pretty sure your mom knew you were pregnant before you even told her. She just didn't know how to ask you. My mom knew I was pregnant. Most moms just know things like that. You have to reember, she once pregnant too.


Kayla - April 3

I'm 15 years old and I think Im pregnant. I don't know how to tell my mom either cuz she is strict and I dont want her to be disapointed in me. But running away from your problems isnt going to help you. Be strong~! And if n e one wants to help me on how to tell my mom or just help me thru this hard time add me to msn cuz im so scared. Thank u


TO LISA - April 3

Hey, I'm 17 and I'm pregnant too. I'm showing now and getting where things are uncomfortable and such and have to find a way to tell my mom and dad. I think what I'll do is tell them with my bf there... i have notes written to them and stuff but I'm just too scared, I don't want to get kicked out. email me anyone who has advice and such. Good luck Lisa


mel - April 5

i had s_x wth my bf and i dont know how to tell my mom what should i say?


i know what 2 do - April 5

i am not close with my mom i tell absoutly nothing NOT A SINGLE thing it took me a year just to tell her i got my period and that was a long time ago. this morning i walked into her room cring saying i didn't feel well and i threw out to her that i dont feel well and i feel like trhowing up but i cant and just said all the signs and sure enough she got it and is going to buy me a test today and is coming home to make me lunch and i didn't havta go to school today .


i know what 2 do - April 5

p.s. my mom is a school principal a real strict mother and she was very nice and kind and loving about it surprizingly but i hope this is only a scare and i am not cuz i am way to youngee


j - April 7

im 14 and pregnant wth my 19 yr olds baby, we planned this pregnancy, but now im not so sure, i definetly wont av an abortion or put my baby up for adoption, but... can anyone help give me some reasurrance?


katie - April 7

to j - u can do it u will be okies im 14 to and im 31wks pregnant and i no the hardest thing is tell ur mom and dad but u hav to do it sometime and sooner rather than later.i will admit my parents were angry/dissapointed but they hav come round to the idea and now there bein really supportive and thts probs wats goin happen to u to so u will b ok and gd luck on tellin them and if u need to talk email me at okies xxx katie


rachle - April 8

calm down all you have to do is concentrate on your baby dont tell her yet if your bf still loves even though you are pregnant then you go with him and you both tell your mother just be calm and gentle with her and if your brave enough to give it time but dont have a ABORTION


grandma - April 8

i think it will be best for you in your boyfriend to come to your parents in his parents to comfront them about the issue.


j - April 8

thnx 4 all your adive so far, but thing is my parents dont even no im going out with my 19yrold bf, n that he has proposed 2 me!! i definetly wont av an abortion or give my baby away, but im finkn i mite runaway with him...?


katie - April 8

im not bein mean and i cant tell u wat to do but do u really think tht wud b for the best.ur parents will b worried sick and it cant b gd for your not sayin dnt do im just sayin think about it..or tell ur mom and c how she reacts first then if u feel u need to take a break and run for a while u cud do tht but plz think about it =) okies gd luck xxx katie


J - April 8

aww thnx, its just i rele dont no wat 2 do at the moment, im in a state of confusion and worry. im jus tryna do what i feels best, yet i dont no what that is yet, even tho im 14, im alot older than my age, thats y im wid an older bloke, im jus finkn bout wat i shud do, thnx 4 da help so far


sarah - April 8

J- ANY consequence your mom can come up with will be nothing compared to having a baby. All parents need all the help they can get, and your mother will be there for you. TELL HER!! She might be mad at first, but she'll come around.


timmy turbush - April 10

don't tell them, have the baby, dress it up like a turtle and call him lenny the turtle baby... make some money, put it in stocks and bonds... in the mean time make more turtle babies to increase profit margins... or just tell them and get it overwith... either is good



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