Need Answers Before I Get Knocked Up

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saydie1202 - February 28

My name is Saydie and I need to ask a question.  I haope I'm not knocked up.  I'm almost 12 and my bf wants to have a baby.  He will not oull out or wear a rubber thing. He cums inside me every time we have sex.  2-4 times a week or more.  I'm so horny I can't wait or make him pullout most of the time. I need to know what is the best birth control for me to use.  Dont tell me to go planned parenthood as it is 50 miles away and my bf won't take me as he wants me preggo.My mom said I'm to young for sex so she won't get me any,  Shes afraid if I have birth control I will have sex.  She made me wear a bra in 3rd grade and all older boys wanted to see my boobs, I need to know what works and what does not as my bf wants me preggo.  He thinks I will look so cute with a big baby belly.


Grandpa Viv - February 28

Sadie, you may not be producing good eggs just yet, but you will likely be pregnant as soon as you do. I think you should tell your mom you are already having sex and you need birth control before it is too late. If she throws a hissy fit and bans the boyfriend that may not be a bad thing. A boyfriend who is trying to get you pregnant at your age is an inconsiderate immature loser. Maybe mom will get you one of those implants in your arm which will prevent pregnancy for several years.  


saydie1202 - March 5

Grandpa Viv  Talked to my mom and she said I have two choose.  Stop having sex or get knocked up.  She will not take me to get birth control.  Said if I get knocked up I need to find a place to live when baby comes as I can't bring it home.


Grandpa Viv - March 6

Congratulations for having the courage to level with your mom. I was hoping she would come up with a more constructive solution, but you are living in her home and need to obey her rules. I don't think there are many parents who would knowingly countenance a daughter your age having sex in her house. In fact, mom might be at risk of legal action for not parenting you properly. If you get pregnant at your age you might be taken from the home and put in care of the state.

My advice to you and the boyfriend is to break up. I guarantee he is older than you and could be at risk of a statutory rape charge which would put him in jail.

I think it would be a good idea for you to have your mom help in ditching this predator. If necessary she could get a court order to have him stay away. You could then discuss with your mom what she considers a suitable age for birth control, let's say 16, and your relationship with her would be much improved.



saydie1202 - March 21

Grandpa Viv I told my boy friend that I didn't to be pregnant and dumped him but it may be too late.  I'm over a week late, hungry all the time and eating everything in sight, tired, boobs feel like my boy friend sucked really hard on them, want to cry all the time.  I'm scared I might be pregnant and don't want to take a test to find out that I am knocked up.  Should I test or wait to see if I get my period.


Grandpa Viv - March 22

Saydie, it sounds like you should run a test. If your mom is not an option you can get one from guidance at school, an older friend or relative - use your imagination. Check my profile for more.


saydie1202 - March 22

Grandpa Viv  I am scared.  I don't want to test.  If I don't test I'm not knocked up for sure.  If I test I know for sure that I am knocked up


Grandpa Viv - March 23

Saydie, you have already talked to your mom about sexual activity and I think she is in denial about the possibilities. Her talk of throwing you out is one way of telling you to quit, but the chance of her going through with this threat is minimal. You need to find out if you are pregnant very soon, not several months down the road. That way you and your mom can decide on the necessary course of action. Say "Mom, I've dumped John like we said, but we do need to run a pregnancy test to make sure I'm in the clear." Best of luck!


Grandpa Viv - March 28

Saydie, I'm still worrying about you. Come back and tell us what is happening, or email me if you prefer. 


saydie1202 - March 30

Grandpa Viv.  I did it it did a test at school.  I'm pregnant..I'mo scared I don't know what to do.  I cry all the time and scared about the future.  The counselor said I can stay in school until I show but then will have to be home schooled as they don't have classes at the special school for pregnant girls until the 9th grade.  She gave me a book to read what to expect when your expecting and a book about diet and eating good food for the baby.  What am I going to do.  I can not keep the baby but I can give it away. 


Grandpa Viv - March 30

Saydie, why not email me and we will try to talk you through this. My address is on my profile. Click my image. 


Grandpa Viv - March 31

Hi Saydie, the emotions and crying are common in pregnancy. You are not alone. I have been worrying about your situation a lot. Pregnant from what is essentially statutory rape at age 11 is not a situation one would wish on anyone. You have my sympathy and support.

If you decide to go through with the pregnancy you can probably finish this semester before it shows. Next semester you will be home schooled. The school district has to make some provision for this, perhaps an on line course. The baby comes in November and can be adopted right away so you can go back to school in January.

Option two is to end the pregnancy. There are some out there who would criticize this action, but not many. The earlier it is done the better. You will quickly have to break the news to your mom and have her call Planned Parenthood at 1-800-230-7526. That number will connect with the nearest office. If she needs financial assistance they may be able to give her some contacts. In many states there is an organization with donations for this purpose. There may even be assistance with transportation.

Worse things have happened to others your age, so don't feel too sorry for yourself. I have seen "I can't tell my mom, it's her boyfriend wot done it" to "My parents made me do it to pay off their drug dealer." Can you believe?



saydie1202 - April 2

gramppa viv   Thanks for taking with me.  No one knows about the baby but me, you and the counselor.  I haven't told anyone even my mom. 


Grandpa Viv - April 2

Saydie, I wish you would tell your mom. Is she so scary? In my opinion your best course of action is to end this pregnancy. That needs to be done as soon as possible and requires her agreement. You seem like a pretty smart young lady. I bet you can find a way to do it. 


Grandpa Viv - April 3

Pregnancy at your age is high risk to you and the baby. Your body is not ready for it. Can you ask the school counselor to visit your home and break the news to your mom? If that does not work you could call the Planned Parenthood number, explain the situation and have them call your mom. Typically girls your age leave telling too late. Please don't be like that. 


Grandpa Viv - April 8

I'm still worrying about you Saydie. The way I figure it you would be about 8 weeks pregnant by now. Have you decided on the best course of action?


saydie1202 - April 9

Grandpa Viv   All is ok, still scared about being knocked-up but only my school councelor knows.  Almost out of the bag as I had morning sickness at school and almost got sent home.  The school would have called my mom but the councelor took me to the sick room and help me get better so I could go back to class.  Councelor said they can not do anything to my ex bf as he is under 13 also.  It is considered just to kids having fun and making a baby



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