Need Answers Before I Get Knocked Up

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Grandpa Viv - May 14

Hi Saydie, I'm happy you are still reporting. You might want to Google "pregnancy week by week" to see what is going on in there. You are now at the end of the first trimester and your fingers may be able to feel the uterus growing up above the level of your pubic bone.

What a good idea of Sharron's to find you a baby to practice on. Shouldn't Jimmy be practicing on it too? Is it not his child as much as yours, and if his family ends up caring for the baby while you go back to your normal life, won't he be expected to share in the baby minding?

You are being very responsible and I'm proud of the job you are doing.  I can see you are clinging to the hope that you will be able to take the baby home. Sharron's offer is so generous, helpful and convenient I hope you are able to accept it. Can you psych yourself into thinking of it as a baby you are carrying for her? That might make the pain of separation less upsetting.


saydie1202 - May 27

I'm 12 now had a good birthday.  Sharron got me lots of new maternity clothes and Jimmy said he will try and help. I'm starting to get a cute round little belly.  Hope I don't get too big .  I go Jimmy's house and his mom is helping me learn to take care of a baby.  makes me feed him, change him, give him a bath, get him dressed, do my school work, feed the baby, do more school work, get baby ready to go to the store, help fix dinner.  Sharron is teaching me how to cook. Caring for a baby is a lot of work, seems little all I do is feed, change the baby, study and then go home to do my chores.  Mom still won't talk about bring the baby home.  Doctor said i'm doing good for being only 12 years old.  Said he had a 11 year old last year and she had a health baby just keep doing what he tells me  and doing my sugar and pressure tests, take my vitimans and iron and I will have a bueatiful health baby in six months


Grandpa Viv - May 28

Happy Birthday, Miss Saydie. Are you a Taurus or Gemini? You must be thrilled by the new wardrobe. That belly may be cute right now but by the end of October it will be very much in the way. Is Jimmy as anxious to see it swell as he was four monthe ago? Enjoy the second trimester. They say it is the easiest.

Sharron is giving you a wonderful education. I hope your mom appreciates that, and the fact that you are making her life easier by doing the chores. Is it just you and mom at home or are there other family members? If you brought a baby home who would look after it when you go back to school?

You seem to be in good hands with your doctor. You must be getting a fair bit of exercise with the housework, babycare, and walking back and forth. How long does it take you to walk home? What was your weight before, now, and what does he suggest as a reasonable pregnancy target?

Keep up the good work! Keep smiling and be nice to those who are helping you.



saydie1202 - May 30

makes me feel fat.  all that spandix around my belly.  I wish I wasn't knocked up


Grandpa Viv - June 3

I love the Spandix analogy - it must be the skin is stretching. Try to enjoy the ride and avoid negative thoughts.

Only a couple of hundred girls your age have this experience in the USA each year. It's pretty extraordinary. Could you keep a diary and perhaps write a book about it one day. 

Have a great week. I think about you often. 


Grandpa Viv - June 5

I researched "England pregnant at 11 years" and discovered there are very few like that - only a handful. A girl recently had a baby before she was 12 which is some kind of record. 


saydie1202 - June 14

Boy being pregnant is hard.  Finally got all my school work done, taking care of the baby , learning to be a good mom, and doing school work and chores keep me so busy all I did was work and sleep.  What i ment was my maternity clothes are so small that they have a complete top out of spandex not just the little panel like normal.   Jimmy is starting to help a little with taking care of the baby so he can help when I have our baby or his sister


Grandpa Viv - June 17

Time is flying, Saydie! Another couple of weeks and you will be half way through. It will be exciting to have an ultrasound which can answer the boy/girl question, and to feel the first movements. 

How long had you and Jimmy been having sex before you got knocked up?


saydie1202 - June 24

Grandpa Viv


I'm getting bigger my maternity clothes are fitting bettersnd i love being pregnant having a baby growing inside me is so cool.  I'm glad jimmy wantwed to knock me up.  Mom said I still can not bring the baby home bur sharron want it.  Jimmy is even begining toact like a big brother. 

summer is here so I don't have school work on top of everything else.

I had sex the first time on November 23rd cause we were out of school and looking for something to do.  The doctor said I can have sex for a littlwe longer and I am horney just not horney for jimmy.  He is such a boy and not ready to be a daddy.


Can't wait until I find out if it a girl.  That is what sharron wants but will take a boy.


Grandpa Viv - June 29

In three weeks you went from "wish I wasn't knocked up" to "having a baby growing inside me is so cool". I am so happy you now have a positive attitude. Having a baby must be the most exciting event in any woman's life. 


Thank you school district for giving kids an extra day off at Thanksgiving with no parental supervision. I expect November 23 will be a special anniversary for you forever. Did you decide to do that because you were bored and it sounded like a cool thing to try, or had Jimmy been waiting for a suitable opportunity for some time? Whose idea was it?


saydie1202 - July 22

When to doctor with Sharron.  We found out I am having a boy.  Sharron really want a girl but is happy to welcome a boy to her family.  Stopped and bought a huge supply of little boy stuff on our way home.    Sharron's husband want to to know if I would consider having a second baby and maybe giving them a daughter.


Grandpa Viv - July 22

Congratulations on a successful ultrasound at the half way mark and sorry the wishes of Jimmy's parents are not coming to fruition. Surely his dad is joking when he suggests you go through all this again just to give him a 50% chance at a grand daughter. What are your feelings about that?


Grandpa Viv - August 11

Hey Saydie, just touching base as you start the third trimester. I hope all is going well and you are glad school work is starting again. 


Grandpa Viv - September 17

What's up, young lady? We have not heard from you in almost two months! Here's hoping all is going well. 


Grandpa Viv - November 7

Saydie, your time is getting close. Is everything going according to plan?


Grandpa Viv - August 18

Hi Saydie! You have not posted in a long time. Are you enjoying being a mother?



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