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Lisa - February 27

me and my boyfriend have been going out for 5 months, we just had s_x a week ago. he's 18, and i'm 15. we didnt have a condom so he just pulled it out when he was about to c_m, but i think he pulled it out too late b/c by the time he did, c_m was already coming out. then after a few minutes we decided to do it again, and the second time he also pulled it out before he came. idk if there is a high chance of pregnancy but but i know i might be...what are the chances?


katie - February 27

i dnt want to worry u but there is quite a high chance of pregnany if he had already started to c_m wen he was pullin out but u sud try and get u hands on a pregnancy kit if u miss ur period.


Audrey - February 27

Lisa- If s____n was in your v____al area there's a high chance you could have become pregnant if you were in your fertile zone at the time. To calculate this, count 14 days after the first day of your last period, and add three days on either side. If you miss your next period, take a home pregnancy test. Next time you and your bf decide to have s_x, please use protection. Your bf could get into a lot of trouble if he gets you pregnant, because he's 18 and you're under 16.


to Gary - June 19

Wrong!!!!! You can get pregnant with the withdraw method. The Withdrawal Method don't work!! Half the teenage girls here get pregnant with prec_m. Yes, you can get pregnant. Always use a condom.


MB - June 19

i love how people say that you cant get pregnant from pre-c_m. you deffinitely can.


gigi - June 19

well if u are soo worried and it hasnt been dat long u can always go get the 72 hour pill and see if dat goes for u also know as plan b ok


To Gary and Lisa - June 20

You can get pregnant with prec_m- it is hiding in the man's urethra once he has already come and can come out in his pre-c_m the SECOND time he put it in. If he peed between the s_xual episodes, then odds are better. The withdrawal method, in general sucks as birth control. I have friends with babies from this and I am currently waiting to see if I am pregnant form this, too (I'm married and 32, would be fine with it). Please don't tell the teens that this is an okay method.


living proof - June 20

i got pregnant from the with-drawl method. but he said he c_med a lil bit in me, so i dont know if it was pre-c_m, or if it was actual s____n. but it really dont matter, im still pregnant.


IDIOT - October 4

I'm also living proof that prec_m can get a girl pregnant... For those guys out there using the pull out method JUST USE A CONDOM.......I was inside this girl for may 2mins and right after I decide to put a condom. And she still got pregnant..


Kal - October 13

Ok...the prec_m debate will never be solved. However, medical research suggests that some s____n can be released before ejaculation, so it is possible to get pregnant this way. Lisa - in your case there is a very high chance of pregnancy; the withdrawal method isn't reliable in the slightest, and as you allowed your boyfriend to enter you again after he had ejaculated there would still have been s____n on his p___s. If you want to avoid pregnancy, use contraception - it's as simple as that. I'd suggest you cross your fingers, wait for your period and hope for the best. And in future, be sensible.


To lisa - October 13

hey, i am going through the same thing my b/f did that and now im late!! anyways do you have yahoo or something i think we have alot to talk about


Reality - October 13

Q- What do you call people who use the pull-out method? A- Parents


Heather - October 13

Alot of people say there's no seman in pre c_m. BUT there are active sperm in it. and if you use the pull out method your chances are low for getting pregnant. BUT Thats how i ended up here.


Heather - October 16

Me and my boyfriend have been going out for 7 years and we already have a 1 year old but he doesn't beleive me that you can get pregnant from prec_m . And we don't use condoms because I'm illergic to them so he just pulles and b__ws .So you can get pregnant from prec_m right.


......... - October 16 didnt get pregnant by having anul s_x! got pregnant most likely from the s____n seeping down towards your v____a. The act of anul s_x itself did not get you pregnant. You shouldn't have been oblivious to where the s____n was going.......Your partner could have just as easily b__wn a wad on top of your v____a and you could have gotten pregnant from that! would that have been an immaculate conception? should be more careful anytime s____n might come in contact w/your v____a.......


Na - October 17

So I had s_x with my bf... and I was on my period at the time, we didn't use a condom but he was only in me for like a millasecond... I got my period again, but it was different than normal.. Than again I just started birthcontrol, could I be pregnant? i'm worried


Grandpa Viv - October 17

Na, you are right, starting birth control can change your period. Visit the manufacturers web site. S_x on your period is not high risk, but pregnancy can happen. Why don´t you get in the habit of using condoms as well as the pill for additional security and to protect from STDs



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