So Worried I May Be Pregnant

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briannadiehl - March 20

(i am 16 years old) a week ago on saturday my boyfriend and i didnt have full blown sex, he kinda just put the tip in and his area was rubbed on mine. there was no condom involved. i had just ended my period like 3-4 days ago. and i was fine after that, but now it has been a week and im becoming nervous. i began feeling the urge to pee and everytime id go nothing would come out. i had pressure on my bladder and it was painful. i went to the doctor and it was just a uti. but im still so scared. i began feeling nasueas this morning and stressing about it. my period is due april 4th. i keep taking all these online pregnancy test things and it always says im not. i even did this stupid probably fake test where you mix your urine with sugar and if the sugar dissolves youre not pregnant and if   it clumps you are, mine dissolved. im just so scared i feel so sick my parents would kill me especially my dad. please help!


Grandpa Viv - March 20

It's 14 days to your expected period so you are now about to ovulate. You can't be pregnant yet. I'm thinking no sperm was involved in your encounter and even if there was it is by now dead (5 days life max). Whatever signs you have are self induced.

Your sexual experimentation will go further as time goes on. Make sure your bf washes up before the games begin; bacteria are everywhere. Please buy some condoms of your own and learn how to handle them, against the day you give in and decide to go all the way. Having some vaginal spermicide to slip in ahead of time will give you extra protection. Learn about the "fertile window" so you can avoid your most fertile days. GL!


Ineedhelp - March 30

Hey there! I'M 2MONTHS LATE,PLEASE HELP I'm also 16 and really paranoid. My buddy and I had unprotected sex too. He pulled out at first but after 15-30 minutes after, he went in me again. I took a couple of pregnancy tests and they're both negative. My doctor gave me provera for ten days. I'm already done talking it five days ago but I still have no period. My boobs were sore for some time . Now,they're just fuller. Could I be pregnant? I'm really scared



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