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AddyAndVictoriasMommy - August 29

I know - it's been awhile. How is everyone??


angelmonkey - September 2

i still poop in from time to time, but knowone is around? Heidi is now 7months old has has just popped her first tooth


newbaby2009 - September 2

Angel[ you're still pooping on the forum? lol. This is my first time on in months. It has changed so much. Rylie is 2 now. Doing great Mylie is 6 months. Has 4 teeth and is crawling. Her red hair is now blonde and she has bright blue eyes just like her sissy and daddy. Ryan was in a very bad accident and is at home recovering. Wedding is still 11-14-09!


V9653 - September 3

Yeah I disappeared for the summer and came back to no one being on here. So I haven't popped in as much. Let's see, I got engaged, and in celebrating getting engaged I got knocked up! Just started at a bigger, busier school on top of my son starting daycare for the first time, and on top of having the worst morning sickness and pregnancy symptoms I ever imagined! Ugggh! I've missed you guys, even more so when I feel so disgusting over here and no one understands. As you're probably noticing, I'm a lot more hormonal than expected and than what I experienced with my son-I feel like I'm losing it so bear with me! LOL!


durante baby - September 8

Hey look some of us do "poop" in from time to time! Glad to hear everyone is doing well....V- Congrats on your engagment and getting pregnant!!! I am Okay. Boys are great. zaiden turned 2 on the 2nd and Dante turned 4 in march. Its been busy with work, my sister getting married...ect. My endometriosis is worst then ever. I am no longer ovulating...which is a good thing because that means the endo isnt growing any further. it is a bad thing because it means infertility....I have been doing ovulation test everyday since june and NOTHING. IF or WHEN I start ovulating again. Dh and I are going to try immediatly for number 4....girl dust please!. As soon as we (if we)have another baby.. ALL my junkj is getting removed. I am not in any way fond of the idea, but the pain and the side effects of the pain make ripping everything out with a steak knife sound like pleasure.


AddyAndVictoriasMommy - September 12

Thanks for responding guys. I'm working, Jeff decided to go to art school! Which is great. Congrats on the engagement and pregnancy, V! How else is everyone? I haven't logged in a longggg time. Addy will be 3 Nov 24th, and Victoria is 8 months almost 9 months. She's formula fed now (been a little while, oh well not my choice.) My cousin and his wife were TTC for a long time, got pregnant. Found out they were having twins. She was in the hospital because she was going into labor and dilating. Well, she was 24 weeks, gave birth. When the babies were born she was 23 weeks. Mia pa__sed away that night, and a few days later Melody pa__sed :( They were 1 lb 2 oz and 1 lb 7 oz. Poor babies. Jeff and I are moving soon, buying(not 100% on this yet) a townhouse. We're definitely moving to the townhouse but we aren't sure if we're renting to own from FIL or getting a mortgage. It's a BIG decision. Addy is being a pain with potty training!!! Vicky b___t is trying to walk (holding onto stuff, letting go, balancing a bit ALREADY!) she only has 4 teeth, which is funny because at her age, Addy had SO MANY. Addy is so smart, knows so much now. She's a great kid.


angelmonkey - September 14

ooops ment pop in lol.........wow 4 teeth already! Heidi is a month older and has just got a first lol, she trys to crawl but just cant do it she can roll and sit up thats about it lol, she said "da da" a few times dont think she realises what she's she's saying though.....im also no longer breasfeeding i stopped b___stfeeding exclusivly at 5months (Heidi's choice) was still doing it in the morning at night until 6months she just wanted it in the morning now at 7months she is fully formula fed.....sorry to DB wish you all the luck and really hope you manage to conceive again.....anyone heard from amanda?


durante baby - September 14

a___l, thank you but I look at it as i have some great kids at a very young age. I am blessed I had my boys when I did and there are people who have no children and have been trying for years. I admit that selfishly it is very hard on me mentally, but i cant let it break me. I am blessed with what I have. what kills me is all my best friends wifes are pregnant, my babysitter is pregnant with # 5, my best friend Matt and his wife are having a baby...Im god mommy!...but everyone keeps nagging me to have another......I talked to amanda a few months ago but havent heard from her since...I did talk to ashley the other day though...She is good, Bella and Dom are getting big she said. we talked for a very long time and it seems like she is very happy. ....Addy...OMG that is soooo horrible! i hate hearing stories like that! so sad, it makes me wanna cry.


angelmonkey - September 14

i see your point, i'd hate to not ever be able to have children (thankfully i have Heidi) but i'd love more and it would hurt if icouldnt even though it sounds selfish as there are others out there who cant have any but we're only human......yea i have ashley on facebook, do any of you guys have facebook? i have tess and ashley but thats all i think


newbaby2009 - September 14

V- Congrats! Im sooo happy for you! Angel- yea 4 teeth, but it has been very hard on her. Rylie had no problem with teething but Mylie is horrible. Mylie is overall not an easy child. She screams. A lot. Everyone warned us that Rylie was such a good baby we wouldnt get lucky twice...and we didnt. Just so happy she got over her colic. I have a face book. Dont have much on it yet, but i have one. Db- I promise to get back to you on myspace very soon! Everytime i get on i remember just as i log off. *girl baby dust to you* addy- so sorry to hear that about your cousin. It breaks my heart even when i dont know the people. One of my friends is pregnant with twins Shes about 19 weeks and she went into labor last thursday. They stopped it but shes still dilated. She had a stillborn baby girl 4 years ago. Im so scared for her. Where are you working? Ive heard you lose a lot of money renting to own. I havnt talked to Amanda forever. I sent her a comment on myspace but never got a response. Ryan is doing good, btw. At home and healing. Never take for granted a single second, you never know when its the last time you're going to see some one. Ryan left to work that day and as always i a__sumed id talk to him on his lunch break. Instead i got the phone call everyone dreads. Its been a real eye opener.


angelmonkey - September 15

i dont know how Heidi will handle her next tooth as she was ill with a viral infection while her tooth was coming through, i didnt realise although she had a raging temp and pale and so not her self, wanting to be cuddled all the time i put it all down to her tooth coming through until she came up in a rash the doctor told me it was a viral infection, her tooth is nearly quater of the way up so im sure she'l pop another one through soon. thats what everybody says to me as Heidi is a realy good baby so im thinking next time will be more difficult. if you dont mind what is the link to your facbook or your name on there so i can find you


durante baby - September 15

I am on facebook. I dont know how to tell you to find me lol, but i am on there. My email is durantebaby at hotmail i think you can find me that way. NB dont worry about it!!! I know you have alot on your plate right now. For me it was the opisit. Dante was a VERY easy baby and Zaiden was a pain in our a__ses....lol he still is. but he is a very mellow at the same time....terrible twos right now though.


AddyAndVictoriasMommy - September 20

Hey guys, sorry, I don't log on often. Kids and work - lots of stuff to do. And we're doing it with my father in law (renting to own, or just buying outright. We keep going back and forth, he's a scaredy cat about spending big money. I don't blame him). Looks like you guys have had a lot of stuff on your hands!!! I stopped BFing not long ago too, but not by choice or by Vickys choice. My b___sts still tingle just thinking about it. :( My milk was/is no good. It was making her skinny and not doing ANYTHING no matter how hard we tried. I started supplementing first, but then just had to give up. *Sigh*. Oh well. I work for a cab company, it's fun. I'm at work right now, actually LOL. But yeah, I donated to my cousins preemie baby thing on march of dimes. Life is tough :( It's so sad because her and Jay (SHE married in) deserve a baby SO MUCH. They are great people. My husband has been getting on my nerves LOL. He gets money for school, by the army you know, and it's about almost 1,500. Well he wont call and ask them where they are as far as his application. ARGGG. That's an extra 18,000 a year! GRUMBLE GRUMBLE GRUMBLE.


bellybubble - September 21

HEY GUYS!!! Wow some old names on here - YAY! Well Kira just turned 1 and is the cheekiest monkey ever!! Walking - actually running haha everywhere and keeping me on my toes! She is talking up a Kira language storm and I am loving being a mumma! I am on facebook angel - shannon smith - erb!!! Add me!!! Miss all the old crew on here!!


newbaby2009 - September 21

Hey ya'll. just poppin in. Have to get up at 4 am. Rylie has a brain MRI in the morning. She has to be completely sedated, im so worried. We're having a bit of a medical scare with her right now, please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. I think my facebook name is either Melissa Sizemore or Missy Sizemore.


angelmonkey - September 22

i kinda of had that problem with Heidi tess, she was a bigish baby at birth nearly 8lbs and a week early now she is 16lbs 70cm long so skinny and tall although she did put weight on with BM it wasnt really enough. belybubblr and newbaby i'll try find you now, oh and a little update Heidi's second tooth has come through and a couple of days ago she started crawling! well more like the army style craawling lol but she's on the move, its strange as my nephew is 9 weeks older than her and has taking a few steps by himself! and saying dada very clearly


angelmonkey - September 22

oh and newbaby i'll be thinking of rylie, why does she need brain scans? sounds scary :(



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