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angelmonkey - October 15

oh and anyone i have on facebook please dont mention it there as i havnt announced it to everyone until 12 weeks


pfcwife - October 15

Stupid site hey guys contact me at angloflife25 at yahoo and tell me who you and I'll give you my facebook address


durante baby - October 16

Oh sweety! No doubt that it will be hard, but it would also be hard if you got pregnant ten years from now.I would be more concerned if you guys are okay with finance, but again, that could still be a problem 10 years from now. I thin you guys will do great. I must admit that you have proven me wrong on all the awful thing I use to say to you about the type of parent you would be..but I also must say that I was sooo right when I use to tell you that you would be pregnant again with in a year...haha =P! But seriously I really believe you will be fine. You will adjust to two little ones like you adjusted to one. =)


angelmonkey - October 17

thanks db.....i think it was the shock as we were trying for Heidi so i was waiting for that bfp every month! and then this one was probably one of the least months i would of thought to get one! i think its sunk in a little.......i figured the same that unless i didnt have another baby until Heidi had left home, its guna be hard with two at anytime....and because tonie was mostly working form home i've been used to having him around but now he's away 8hours a day for not long at all i've only just got used to having Heidi all by self everyday and then im going to have a 16month old and a newborn all by mmy self! but i have great family that live close by.......i know i'll be fine and like you said i'll adjust....i dotn feel pregnant yet....no nothing....i had it all with heidi so i cant help worrying that somethings wrong :( im sure its just me and my little worrying mind


angelmonkey - October 31

hey just bumping this up.....be nice to hear more updates....


PreciousBaby19 - November 1

Hello everyone. Haven't been on in a while. I've recently been recovering from surgery and then depression after my surgery. Turns out, i had a tumor in my head. HA, talk about bad luck. Found out i had PCOS, and thena tumor. So...i've been pretty down. Then i had problems with my visa which caused more worry etc. Money has been tight because i have been unable to return to work. So, as a verdict here, i guess i'm doing alright. Congrats to all those who are pregnant again....and to all those who are spending time with their happy little babies. =) and tess is been good to speak with you. iv'e only spoke to a few since i left the site. Finding out that you were dying, kinda...really just gets you i guess. Especially because they only found the d__n thing by mistake....a freaking mistake. other than that i've just been reading a lot of books and trying to stay awake from the pills. =/ everything right now is most uncomfortable. I guess thats my update..nothing much else that i can do


durante baby - November 6

Hey everyone! a___l... I have been so wondering how you are, but didnt want to ask on facebook.......so how are you and the bean? PB, I really hope you feel better now. = ( PFCWIFE...I just totally remembered that I forgot to add you on facebook! Silly me. As for myself and the family. The boys are getting HUGE. Hubby and I just got back from out cruise and Vacay to Cabo San Lucus...It took alot for me to not buy some clomid while we were there, but hey I go to see my dr on the 12th and she is suppose to start me on it then...but Hubby and I did by some alcohol there that is suppose to Increase fertility...haha Alcohol + baby..lmfao Is that a oxy-moron or what!?! DH and I rally had such a wonderful time it was great to get away with out any worries.


durante baby - November 11

Grr sorry about NB but dont take it to heart. remember that abortions are really touchy subject for most. though I dont agree with putting your opinion on a blast like that. I am sure she was just defending her beliefs...just like you or I would........dont take this the wrong way but you were huge with heidi, so hopefully this time you wont have so much baby to carry around.


angelmonkey - November 12

im dreading getting that big again.......with my mum each od weighed 1lb more than the last :s so im hoping that doesnt happen with me....last time i kinda thought i could eat what i wanted cos i was going to get fat anyway lol im trying not to do that this time although its hard lol...........yea the thing was nw is she kept writing on my wall saying oh good luck with your prgnancy im happy for you ect (she knew i was thinking of abortion because she knew from coming on here) so i kept deleting them and e-mailed her saying could you not write it on my facebook wall as not many know and then she turned nasty and started writing stuff about me getting an abortion all over my facebook and deleted me!? oh well im over it i dont care lol


V9653 - November 12

Angelmonkey, congrats on the pregnancy! How far along are you? I'm kind of late but I just want to say that your feelings are natural-I mean you should have heard some of the thoughts running through my head. It's weird because it's not like your the type of person to truly feel that way, but your thrown into a tailspin and panic! Trust me, I was totally there! I thought I was ready, in case anything happened, then when it did there was all of this fear and doubt! Also, you lucky B for getting through the sickness pretty fast. I'm 17 almost 18 weeks and I've just started feeling better but it's still pretty 50/50. Anyway, I'm so happy to have someone to go through a pregnancy with!!! So keep in touch! I've gotta go clean, so I'll have to come back and comment to everyone else! Love you guys!


V9653 - November 12

oh and I need a bump watch! I'm feeling pretty self-conscious but I'll do it if you do!


angelmonkey - November 13

V i still have days where i feel pretty sick but compared to when i was pregnant with heidi its nothing lol........im glad im not the only one that felt like that lol....i mean i didnt want to get pregnant i thought missing ovulation and using pull out method would be good enough :s but i always though well if it happens i'll be fine! but i did not feel like that at first.......im still pretty worried now but im over the shock part i have good days and bad days i supose....im not too sure on how fari am......maybe around 9-10weeks.....i have a scan a weeks today so i'll soon find out...........whats a bump watch lol


V9653 - November 13

A bump watch is pretty much like you did with heidi-just taking pics of your belly every few weeks as it develops! It should be interesting with both of us on our second because you pop sooner. God, at 8 weeks I already had a bump-now I'm just a whale! LOL! DB-I think you know that we are all pulling for you, and don't tell yourself you don't have a right to feel the way you do. Yeah you may not be in the same category as women who never get to have any children, but you have an area of pain and frustration, and you have every right to have it. It's one thing to hurt over never getting to know what something is like, but to know what it is like and long to experience it again and fear that you may not be able to. Its in its own ballpark. Yes you are very blessed, and don't give up hope and don't feel guilty for the way you feel because you have just as much right as anyone else to get upset! I'm praying for you, so don't give up hope!


angelmonkey - November 14

V i was slim with Heidi and had a bump at 8 weeks....i still have baby fat so just feel fat atm lol....lots of people have said i look pregnant but i just dont see it.....hmm i dont mind doing a bump watch and putting it on here lol.....i've probably asked you this before V but do you have facebook?


pfcwife - November 17

hey guys... well funny thing happen to me today my period was suppose to come but shes not showing all im getting is cramps but not seeing her at all... pray for me that i get it pleeeaaa__sseeee


pfcwife - November 17

ohh hehehe i also did what angel did and let me tell you the pulling out method SUCKS... i thought me taking the shot that one time will protect me but yeah what ev lol



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