39 Weeks Is It Ok To Have 2 Pints Of Beer

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baby girl - August 4

ok, so a few years back women used to get stout in hospitals to build up there iron levels..... to sooth babys gums an old fashioned remedy was to put a drop of whiskey on them....if you don't believe ask your nans (who are usually wise) im not pro drinking but im not anti drinking...( in moderation)..... all these drugs and chemicals they feed us these days, there's alot to be said for natural remedies!!


baby girl - August 4

Good lord!! I can't believe how some women can be so judgemental. Having a couple of beers on an occasion during pregnancy is perfectly ok. It has been proven that problems only arise when a woman drinks more than two drinks a day throughout pregnancy or frequently binge drinks. A woman who drinks more than 5 or 6 drinks a day has a 40% chance of having a baby with some sort of fetal alcohol effect. Many doctors recommend having a gla__s of wine to calm Braxton Hicks. I would not worry at all. You sound very responsible.


nowayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy - August 4

baby girl, where did you pull that statistic from. there is no know amount of alcohol that is safe. nobody knows the odds for particular amounts of alcohol.


baby girl - August 5

to the person that put having a drink to calm braxton hicks never heard that one,very interesting,went to see my doc today ,my baby is doing really well and asked him about drinking,he said in moderation, and a light beer was ok.....


Lulu - August 6

Wow, some people are quite ignorant, I am sure all of our mothers had more than a few pints of beer during their pregnancys and all of us turned out fine (maybe with execption to "whore"). My mother-in-law was actually prescribed a gla__s of wine every night (in her third trimester) to relax her diaphram and help her breathe easier, my husband is a brillant corporate attorney, obviously this wine did not hurt him in-utero. But, you should have limits, gla__s of wine or two in the third trimester is fine...I even got a blessing from my doctor, since I was going on vacation and wanted a gla__s of champagne. I would not however, recommend going into a bar and ordering a drink, because from these posts we can see that people are very judgemental and it does just seem a little awkward.


BTW - August 7

So close, yet so far. So close to being a Mom, so far from being responsible.


Mm - August 7

To lulu, is your doctor an alcoholic? hehe


Blaaaah - August 7

Wow.catfight. Let her drink people. It's her baby. To those who think that nothing went wrong when their mothers drank, are you sure? *lol. What about the way you think now? haha


Lulu - August 7

Yes, my doctor must be a raging alcoholic to say that it's ok to drink a gla__s of wine in your third trimester; she also must be on the transplant list as her liver is surely plagued with cirrhosis. My doctor is actually at Stanford Medical Center, one of the leading Medical Centers in the World - I trust what she has to say...for those of you that think that I or anyone else who drank a modest amount of alcohol during pregnancy (1 or 2 gla__ses of wine/beer) is irresponsible, let's compare SAT scores in 18 years. Better yet, find any studies that show that amount of alcohol is harmful during your third trimester. Holier than thou numbnuts.


heartburn m - August 7

to baby girl -- your t_tle question was "is it ok to have two pints of beer at 39 weeks" -- well, you've basically answered your own question. You think it's ok. I guess you were just looking for others who have so you don't feel guilty. Cuz you also say in your question that you felt guilty. Let your conscious be your guide.


Ashamed of this board - August 7

Thank you Lulu for that much needed post! I think I might refrain from visiting this message board again. I don't think there is much support here. Sad, really. I'll try an international site. Too many judgemental and mean-spririted "saved" Americans on this board.


S - August 7

2 pints at 39 weeks? Couldnt you have waited one more week to drink all you wanted? There are no studies that show how much is enough during pregnancy, however i have heard that 1 gla__s of wine is alright, even daily. But 2 PINTS of beer?? I hope your baby comes out healthy! Good luck!


christy - August 10

I think an occasional gla__s of wine is okay. It amazes me that many people who shun it are the same people who eat mc donalds, taco bell and drink soda when they are pregnant. Talk about toxins! Don't be so quick to judge others.....


Erin - August 10

When my sister in law was in Buffalo, she was in premature labour with twins, the nurses in the hospital served her 1/2 a gla__s of beer every day to increase lactation. It's also an old wives tale that a gla__s of beer will bring on labour. I personally have not drank during my pregnancy (I'm 37 weeks), but I don't see anything wrong with beer at 39 weeks....epecailly when the nurses are feeding it to patients to increase lactation.


Missy - August 12

Why the hell wouldn't you want to wait the last few days of pregnancy? That far along I would hope someone could control themselves. And if not that shows dependency on alcohol.


Alaina - August 14

lula show me a study that says it's ok,to drink while pregnant? I go to John Hopkins which is also a top hospital(the first to cure blue babies) and my doctor said not even wine. I can't understand why people can't wait a few more days or weeks, but thats just me ,do what you want with your own, but like the others have said why even ask a question that you already answerd unless you already feel quilty and need some reinsurance.Where I'm from they run a toxic screen on the baby when he/she is born, if it comes back positive(like it would if you had a beer) they take your child, so whats that tell you. Like I said thats only my opinon do what you want.



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