Quot Anyone Ever Had A Undetected Pregnancy Quot College Project

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Magda - July 12

Did you ever find out the reason why this happens? My stepdaughter appears to be going through this now. I just know she is pregnant but the tests keep saying negative. We're going to take her to a specialist next week. Her husband's insurance is throwing a fit, but we really need to know. I will have to tell her about this site. Good luck to you.


Megan - July 13

I myself am 6.5 months pregnant right now, and I had no idea until yesterday how far along I was. I've been on birth control for 6 years, and recently changed back in January, due to abmormal bleeding. On January 27th I was given a pregnancy test, and it came out negative. Since I am 6.5 months along, I WAS pregnant when I had the test done. I continued with my normal life, since I didn't know I was pregnant. It took getting a pregnancy test and coming out positive about 2 weeks ago when I noticed my tummy getting a little hard, and then going for an ultrasound yesterday at planned parenthood only to find out I am 26 weeks. My cycle has always been off, so I didn't really think anything of it. I didn't gain weight, I actually lost weight. My boyfriend is 34 and is not taking the responsibility, and I, at 21, have made the heart-wrenching decision to give the baby up for adoption.


KEEKEE - July 13

Megan, I am sorry to hear that. I know you are making a hard decision about adoption. I was 20 when I had my first child. He is now 9. I love him more than anything. I hope everything works out for you.....I have been hearing stories over the news about women who didn't know they were pregnant until giving birth. One women in Texas was 19 and had a child. She gave birth in the yard. Another women was older. She went to the ER because of stomach pains. She also didn't have a clue.........I was 4 months along when I found out I was pregnant with my son. I took a test every month and got negative. I went to the doctor to see why my periods stopped and my doctor said I was pregnant. With ultrasound I found out I was 4 months and half...So this is possible. Good Luck!!!


prettyeyes - May 22

im about 41/2 to 5 months pregnant. I have had about 10 urine tests, 1 blood test, and 1 ultrasound. All neg results. I know I am preg and have been steadily gaining inches in my belly and already gained 11 pounds. My mother and other older women with children say that due to my back pain i may be carrying the baby in my back. If that is the case then the docs and tests wont come back with pos readings. My mother suggests an EKG to try picking up the babies heartbeat. I have kicking and movement at least once a day and more when the father is near. I would love to talk to others in the same boat. I really feel alone right now and depressed. THANK YOU for all your stories now I know I am not crazy. Also my mother suggested keeping a journal of all baby activity and what I eat daily.


Atarahsmommy - May 25

I haven't been through this myself, I once thought I was so I know you all feel, for those of you who can't get your doctor to do an ultrasound can't you go to a third party and pay for one (I know its expensive) like the 3d and 4d ones, then you can show that to your doctor, maybe you can even get your insurance to reimburse you since they wouldn't do the test and you needed it. Sorry I can't help you with your project though, good luck on finiding out info


Tiarali - May 28

I didn't know I was pregnant at first with this (third) child because I'd only just weaned my second child (we now think she weaned herself because I was pregnant, but we don't know). I only had one period between the two births, and I didn't expect them to be regular straight away so I wasn't really paying any attention to a late one. I only had a pregnancy test when my b___sts got sore, I thought I must have a clogged milk duct from b___stfeeding but another mother suggested I have a pregnancy test, which was positive (I didn't have sore b___sts in my other pregnancies). It wasn't really undetected for long, but only because of another mother's suggestion. I had no morning sickness or other symptoms so I wouldn't have known otherwise.


Bexta - June 10

I am 19 and havent had my period for about 4month but it has always been unregular, But in the past two weeks or so i have been feeling really tired and just not right. I had taken a pregancy test about 2months ago buit it was negative, i took another one about 10mins ago and still negative but i just have this feeling that i am pregant and i dont know what to do?


Mingill - June 10

Hi Cathy, it hasn't happened to me, but it did happen to my mother when she was pg with me in 1976. She basically knew from her dates and her last period that she was pg. She waited 3 months to make sure and then went to see her doctor. He did a test that came back negative. So she waited one more month, and went back, this time the test was positive. The doctor decided to take that date and guess from there, according to him I should have been an october baby, but I was born via c-section on August 13 at 10lbs, 13 oz. (could you imagine if they kept me in any longer?) My mother was diabetic and overweight at the time (not sure how much, but at least 150+), so that may have something to do with the results. I was also her 4th pregnancy (2 brothers, 1 m/c). She did not have periods during the time she suspected her pregnancy to the time the doctor confirmed it, but she also has a tilted birth ca___l. According to her docs, she technically shouldn't have carried any of us to full term.


AmI? - June 12

I am 8 weeks from my last period. My uterus is enlarged, with movement and Braxton Hicks. All pregnancy symptoms except for nausea. Just had a negative blood test last week. Tested negative hpt this morning. I have two children. Looking for women who tested negative quantative blood test and were still pregnant?


Rebekah B - June 12

I had a friend who didn't find out until she was 4 months along. She wasn't concerned about missed periods b/c she was on Deprovera (isn't that the one where you only have 4 periods a year). On top of that she was training for a marathon and she was not showing. The baby was born healthy and both mom and baby are fine. By the way, where do people like XXX come from?


honeybea - June 13

A lady at work was almost 5m pregnant when they finally told her she was pregnant. All her tests, even blood work was negative. She didn't have her period and they even placed her on med to make her start. Finally they did a Ultrasound and found out she was having twins. The girl weighed in at 7lbs and the boy 4lbs. They're almost 8yrs old now.


sara b - June 13

Check out the yahoo group for women going thru this. Its called hcgfn, or hcg false negative to everyone else. We've had quite a few people turn out to actually be pregnant. I had an ultrasound which revealed three gestational sacs but so far there has been no confirmation on whether it is actually a triplet pregnancy or blighted ovums. I've had some bleeding since then. We're all very nice on this yahoo group and if you don't bring an att_tude you're more than welcome to join!


brandy0903 - June 17

no experience here, but in college I had a friend that went the whole 9 months with neg. results around 6 months she finally got a dr that did all she could for her and the dr discovered that she tested negative because she was allergic to a particular hormone so her body didn't produce it which threw off the tests.My friend did get prenatal care from 6 months on from this dr and it was something she had never seen before.


brandy0903 - June 17

there was just recently a really good article in the parenting magazine. I don't remember the name of the article. It may have been in the april or march issue.


ellie - July 17

Thank goodness i found this forum, iv been thinking that maybe im mad or something. Im 22 and have just come off the depo provera conraceptive injection and i am feeling very pregnant. This can however be one of the side effects of the injection along with lots of the normal signs of pregnancy. The thing that concerns me tho is that i can feel the same quickening wind like movements that i felt with my son when i was pregnant, i could feel him moving from as early as 8 weeks. i know that sounds impossible and some people dont feel movement till 20 weeks but i know what i felt at the time was him. This time im not so sure as i have now done 4 pregnancy tests, all of which have been negative. My son is only 11 months old and im a single mother and i really dont think i could manage another child which makes it all the more important that i make sure im not pregnant. I can only hope that im not because i dont know if i could go through with an abortion and yet i dont think i could go through with having another child alone when my son is so young. The father wont care a hoot and im already going through the pain of not having a father for my son. My heart goes out to everyone who thinks theyre pregnant but r getting negative results. Thank you cathy for starting this thread, im sure u have helped alot of women who r feeling anxious and isolated about the possibility of an undetected pregnancy. all the best everyone. x x


honeybea - July 17

ellie- How long have you been off the depo?- How long were you on it? I was on it for 7 yrs. It took me 12m after coming off to get my first normal period. 2mo. later we started trying and 4m later I was pregnant. It was hard to believe b/c several times i had swore I was pregnant and wasn't. Have you missed your period ?



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