Baby Drop

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lacey - May 17

How can you tell if the baby has that something only the doctor could tell??


Sarah - May 21

How soon can the baby drop? I've been feeling a lot of pressure down by my pubic bone at 32 weeks. This is my first pregnancy, and I read that first-timers can feel the baby drop.... is that true? What does it feel like?


preggo - May 21

u usually have shooting sensations and feel ur baby's head bouncing off ur cervix!


nelly - May 21

i was having very sharp stabbing pains and tearing pains in the top of my v____a and the pelvic area and i started peeing a lot more often up to 5 times an hour and i told everyone i thought that the baby had dropped and the head was in place and when i went to have my 2 u/s i was right. that was right at 30 weeks when i started feeling this and i will be 31 weeks monday the 23.


Angel lee - May 24

Nelly, Hey I have those same pains although i am 38 weeks.but they have been going on for weeks!!!! this is my second child and I never have any pains with the first but this pregnancy has been awful!!!! But I am sorry to let you know I ask my doctoer every week about it and its the same answer...Something like your pelvic bone and ligaments its normal so dont worry ... but they only get worse...I cant even get out of bed because it hurts so bad now..


Joanne - May 31

I was wondering the very same thing, I have had pressure on my pubic bone and find that I am going to the toilet several times an hour, even if I haven't had a drink. It's something I'm going to ask my midwife about on the next visit.


anne - June 2

the baby drops at around 36 weeks. you will notice when there is suddenly extra room under your b___sts. it really helps your breathing when the baby drops too. more room for you.


nicole - June 2

how long until u go into labor after the baby drops?


carrie - June 14

Hi im 32 weeks pregnant and i think my baby's head has droped, i get sharpish pains going across from hip to hip. it gets really uncomfortable,and i need to pee alot more even when ive just been it feels like i need to go again, the thing that worries me is that i herd the baby's head doesnt drop till 36 weeks,. does this mean my baby could be premature


monica - June 14

carrie, thats a good question. I would like to know the answer too. I am 33 weeks and my baby has always laid very low but now I feel his head pushing so low and always have the feeling of having to go to the bathroom. Some people have looked at me and told me that it looks like by baby is dropping but I cant tell.


Sabrina - June 14

At 32 weeks I was feeling TONS of pelvic pressure and cramping. Since then every now and then it feels as though she's going to punch (or kick) right through my cervix! It is a very sharp, stabbing pain. I read that you will have less heartburn and you'll be able to breathe better when you drop Neither of which is true for me. When I went to the Dr. she told me I hadn't dropped yet. I am now 37 weeks and have an appointment tomorrow. I think I will have to ask her if I am dropped now since I haven't since 32 weeks... even though my heartburn is worse than ever and my lungs feel as though they can't expand!


carrie - June 15

i get pain down by my pelvic n it just feels like a sharp pain that makes me freeze what im doing.... i still feel breathless though havnt had as much heartburn though recently.i see the mid wife today i will ask her to feel for me.. thank you for replying.


carrie - June 15

Well i went to the midwife today and becuase my scan (at 21 weeks) was showing the baby at 19 weeks they have now decided to change my dates.i am suposed to be 31 weeks today according to the mdwifes first dates, according to the scan i should be 30 weeks, but the midwife messured my bump n its 32 cm today, two weeks ago it was 28 cm my uterus has grown 4 cm in 2 weeks :s. she also said that my baby was trying to push its head through into my pelvis, im totally confused this baby cant decide when the due dates going to be lol..


jamese - July 16

how long until i go into labor after the baby drops


monica - July 16

if it is your first, then you can drop and go into labor within 2-3 weeks. but if this is your second one... then you drop and you will go into labor within hours.


Whitnie - June 14

Im 30 weeks pregnant and I think my baby has dropped all the sudden I felt less weight on my back and feel like I have to pee everytime I stand up but I'm not sure this is my first baby.


AmandaKRhedin - March 11

So I am 31 weeks pregnent. I am a bartender and walk around a lot but I have the chance to sit down when I need to. This is my first pregnancy everything has been easy and amazing so far... I feel my baby boy very low tonight and only in the last 20 minutes or so has he felt this way. I have no pain or anything and no water break. Is it normal for them to just be that low? Or if he is dropping how long after they drop do you go into labor? hours? days? weeks?



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