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Lory - October 17

Hi all! I am 30 weeks pregnant with my first child. A son, named Aydan. At 20 weeks I had my first ultrasound. They said they detected something in the baby's brain and wanted to look in further detail. They sent me straight to the hospital for a more "in depth" ultrasound. There they could see that the ventricles in his brain are slightly enlarged. They should be no larger than 10mm and they were measuring 11mm. (now at 30 wks they are measuring 17mm) They then sent me on to another doctor where I have to go every two weeks for an ultrasound to monitor him. I have had lot's of the 4-D u/s. Everything else is totally normal....his spine, his heart, and his brain are developing normally!!! He just has this little extra fluid in his ventricles. This can be called Hydrocephalus or Mild Ventriculomegaly. I have had an amniocentesis and MANY other tests, and they have all come back fine. I am even participating in a research study at on of NC's leading hospitals (Chapel Hill). I am sooo tired of being just want everything to go back to normal!!! I was just wondering if anyone shares my problem, or has any advice, input, etc. Thanks in advance! Good luck to all you soon-to-be moms out there!!


Jl - October 17

I don't have any experience with any of that, but just wanted to say good luck to you - I hope everything works out.


Lory - October 18

thank you Jl !


Brandie - October 18

Good Luck to you, I hope everything is ok with little Aydan. I also have to say I love that name.


Lory - October 18

Thanks Brandie for the sweet comment :)


Miranda - October 18

I hope everything works out for you! Please keep us posted


Thinking of u - October 18

Same here, I just wanted to wish you luck and hope everything goes well for you and your baby.


Christy - October 18

Hope this doesn't annoy you- I don't have any experience with this either, but I wanted to wish you luck with little Aydan. One question- what is the worst case scenario? My guess would be a shunt, which is not too bad, all things considered. Anyway, I hope all goes well for you!


Lory - October 18

to is possible he may have to have a shunt...what do you know about it???? They are wanting us to meet with a neurosurgeon, and possibly deliver at another hospital which is over 2 hours away!! I DO NOT want a c-section or a scheduled delivery date unless I absolutely have to!! It's all really freaking me out. Like I said I just want things to go back to normal. BUT I do want to do whatever is best for Aydan. The research study I am participating in said that if u/s technology wasn' t like it is today (as advanced) we would have never even known about the problem. They said that out of all the babies in their study NONE had had severe complications...there could possibly be a delay in his learning, like learning to walk and talk, but he would catch up and then grow out of it...we'll see....hopefully that is the worst that will happen. With absolutely nothing else being wrong with him, we are keeping our hopes up! Thanks for all your nice comments, and I will keep you posted. I have an u/s this coming Monday 10/24. :)


Elsie - October 18

Hi Lory, I know exactly what you are going through because it happened to me my baby also had mild ventriculomegaly at 22 wks. I have been monitored every 2 wks with u/s and I am now 33 wks and as of 10/13 the baby no longer has any fluid in his brain. Everything went back to nl. Don't lose hope that everything will be fine. My doctor told me that babies that are diagnosed with this, less than 10 % actually have any problems when they are born. Good Luck!! Elise - October 18

Thank you soooo much. You have given us soooo much hope!!! I could do a dance right now :) Can you tell me a liitle more about your situation?? How big did your baby's ventricles get? Are they totally back to normal?? That's GREAT! My doctor sure was alot less hopeful...she said that in all the cases she had seen only one case had reversed itself and went back to normal...she made it out to be so bad, and even told us when we found out (at 20wks) that we had the option to abort...this makes me so mad...ugh! Now that I know your situation I have new hope :) Please write me and let me know if you can!!!! Thanks again!


Christy - October 19

Lory- That is terrible about your doctor! No wonder you are anxious! Anyway, I have worked with a number of adults with VP shunts (I am a physical therapist) and once it is in, it is hard to tell if you even have one. It sounds like your baby's case is mild, so they may not even have to resort to a shunt, but if they do, it is not a bad thing. Does the hospital have names of mothers with kids who were born with your son's condition that you can talk to? It might be nice to talk to someone who has a little one with this diagnosis. I hope all goes well with your next ultrasound.


Elsie - October 19

Hi Lory, As I mentioned before I was diagnosed at 22 wks. My baby's ventricles measured 12mm and 13mm. I too was given the option to abort which made me very upset. Actually when they first told me about his ventricles they also mentioned that one of his kidneys was slightly larger than the other and I was to go back in 1-2 wks for a f/u sono. When I went back they told me that this time the measurements were the same but they could not find the babys corpus callosum which is often a__sociated with ventriculomegaly. Back to the office the next day for another u/s where thank god they were able to see it. After that it's been every 3 wks for a sono and every time I have gone his measurements get smaller until my last appt last thurs where I was told everything is now NL. I'm not sure if they mentioned this to you but this problem is more common in boys than in girls. I too am having a boy. I had a sono @ 10wks to test for Down Syndrome( I am 28 yrs old) Everything came back perfect. My afp test cam back perfect, I refused an amnio which Im sure would have showed nothing. They could'nt really tell me why this was happening as I have 2 other normal healthy boys, and because my tests were so good chances are that he was going to be fine (My doc said it all along) So don't get too down about it , if the rest of your babys body is normal I'm sure he will be just fine. He is still growing and will probably outgrow this just like mine did. I will be glad to give you any other info that you may find helpful.


Lory - October 19

Thanks Elise! That is helpful. His ventricles have varied in size, but for the last 2 or 3 u/s they have been measuring around 17 and 18mm. I am hopeful that everything will return to normal and he will "outgrow it." I am only 20 years old, and this is my first pregnancy. I did have an amnio, and the results were fine. The AFP test was normal too. Like I said, they can't find another thing wrong with him, which is very encouraging. Thanks again for the helpful info! Keep the encouragment coming ladies! That made my day! :)


RY - October 21

Hi Lory, Please read the following paper - 'Isolated mild fetal ventriculomegaly'. I hope more information will help you make the decision. Good luck.


Lory - October 21

Thank you RY for finding the helpful article!!!!


Lory - October 24

Just an update for you ladies. I had another ultrasound today, and everything looks great! His ventricles are still enlarged however. They have not changed, but they have not gotten any bigger so that is really good! My doctor said that everything is right on track. His head isn't too big, and is in proportion with his body. He weighs app. 3lbs. 10 oz.!! She said the way things are looking, (and if all goes well) I should be able to have a normal v____al birth. I'm keeping my hopes up!! We also got some wonderful 4-D cute!



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