Breastmilk And Marijuana

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s - July 18

i know that i am goin to get alot of nasty resonses to this but to those that really know what they are talking about thank you for be honest. My ? is how long does marijuana stay in br___t milk. If it is just used occasionally, like once every two weeks, and i didnt pump for a period of time after smoking how long would you have to wait to pump safe milk again. i know that you can store milk in the freezer for up to 6 months. So if any honestly know or can help let me know please. and like i said only to those that know what they are talking about not those that go by what they here or their opion, i dont want to hear it.


L - July 19

It is different for everyone. The ingredient in marijuana, THC, can stay in your body for up to 30 days. Some people flush it out sooner, some people have a hard time flushing it out of their systems. If it is still in your urine, then it is still in your b___stmilk.


s - July 19

you know if you would have read the question you you shouldnt have even responded. I am very responable if you would like to know. i quit the day i knew i was pregnant and not touch it since then so you can take you opion and shove it. and thank you to L for your answer


L - July 20

You are welcome s.


J - July 20

Wow, If you don't have anything helpful to say, then keep it to yourself!! She's an "atrocious human being" and should be "shot and p__sed on."?? Are you listening to yourself?? I pity your child for being raised by a monster like you. I'm not a pot smoker, but I think there are worse things you can do, and certainly people who abuse "drugs" more so than occas pot smokers. Alcohol is just one example....frequently abused and misused b/c it happens to be legal. This person is asking for help and real information, not for a tongue lashing from you.


Sarah L - July 20

I don't smoke pot, but I am not offended. Nor do I think anyone deserves to be shot or p__sed on. I also do not drink, but I don't tell parents who drink that they are irresponsible or evil or a horrible human being. Nor would I rail at a pregnant woman who took tylenol or tums. Any drug can be dangerous to a child - born or unborn. But the key word there is "can". There aren't very many pregnant women or b___stfeeding women who are lining up to put their children through drug studies. The information healthcare providers have on these subjects is mostly guesswork. It depends on your metabolism how long any drug stays in your system. But L's suggestion is good. Get a urine test and see. But I do encourage you not to smoke ANYTHING around the baby - including ciggarettes. Asthma is not a fun experience. Good luck to you!


Crystal - July 20

My husband and I both smoked everyday before I found out I got pregnant. I don't plan on smoking again until I am certain that I am done b___stfeeding completely. Just because people like to smoke pot, and it just happens to be illegal, doesn't make them irresponsible. More people die and more children are abused and murdered due to alcohol related incidences WAY more than marijuana. Anyway, my advice is to just wait until you stop b___stfeeding just to be on the safe side.


Ruth - July 21

Have any of you ladies stopped to think that maybe her husband, boyfriend, or someone else would be taking care of the baby while she smokes? I don't smoke anything or even drink. But, I don't see any problem with people doing it on occasion. It is a personal choice. If she is not the one caring for the baby at the time, why can't she enjoy herself? She made it clear that it will be a once in a while thing. I just don't see why you guys jump down eachother's throats so often in these forums. Unless you're saying something constructive or helpful it would save a lot of time if you didn't bother to say anything at all. Now, s.......I do not know the facts for how long it would stay in your b___stmilk, but I do know that the THC can stay in your body for up to 30 days. To be safe, you probably shouldn't smoke until after you are certain you are no longer b___stfeeding.


Ruth - July 21

s, go to this website. It should answer some of your questions. Hope this helps. (I know dashes - tend to be added, but there are none in this address.)


Hi S - July 22

Here is some useful info The article at babycenter only states the first part of the complete research, which I have linked up there. You should not smoke during the 1st month, but there after its safe and those babies exposed AFTER 1month actually did better on tests than the babies of non smokers.


more links - July 22


Another L - August 2

Thanx for asking this question S. Forget all those judgemental people. I am totally pro pot. It was only made illegal because the idiots that run tobacco companies were getting too much compet_tion from this cheap, easy to grow even at home form of tobacco and they had to somehow increase their sales. I've been smoking for quite a few years now and I am also a responsible adult.


jj - August 2

i would sooo rather be the child of a pot smoker than a judgemental, critical, name calling know it all!!!! i dont smoke the stuff, but good for you s for at least asking, shows u care enough to make an informed decision!!! it does stay in the system for 30 days, at least -


s - August 2

To sarah L, Thank you for clearing that up for me as well, you are right it says nothing about smoking while pregnant. And i dont smoke cig, and my baby will never be around any kind of smoke. I would just like to say thank you to you


Relax - August 2

People need to not be so d__n judgmental and rude. She already stated the fact that she doesn't want to hear your opinions. Half you ladies on here act so high and mighty, but the funny thing is half you guys are the ones with the most problems. Anyways too S, I would look up that info on the net. It's a tough question because marijuana is such a touchy subject and there's so many pros and cons to it. -KT


A - August 2

I used to smoke marijuana, but quit about 3 years answer your question, I would not smoke at all while b___stfeeding due to the THC staying in your system up to 30 days...unlike a gla__s of wine, which will leave the system within 2-3 hours (around the time your baby will be hungry again.) Personally, I stopped because I do think you need to eventually grow up, and smoking marijuana or any kind of drug seems child-ish. I know you really don't care to hear any of this, but don't you think you will be hurting your child later on in the future when he/she sees that you are smoking...are you going to tell him it's okay to do drugs? This is an illegal drug as well, and if he gets caught with it...wouldn't that break your heart? You can't do drugs & then turn around and tell your kids not to. That is why there are so many messed up kids in today's society. It makes me sick to see so many...and at such a young age! I would think about your child before thinking about your own personal pleasure. Good luck to you and your child!


Opinionated - August 2

I'm sorry but I just feel that the day you decide to have children you put all of your bad habits behind you. You are now caring for someone else and the last thing you should be worried about is contaminating your b___st milk. How irresponsible can you be. It is illegal for a reason. What would happen if something were wrong with your baby and you needed to get it to the ER and you were high? Don't you people think?



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