Breastmilk And Marijuana

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SouthernGrace - August 25

I have to add to the person who doesn't smoke pot yet couldn't come up with a better screen name than *****.... "You're so glad it's turned into a 'hippie' chat for us to speak our minds about why pot smoking is okay in our little minds? What, you don't like it and can't respect our ability to counter with medically supported studies that also prove it's inconclusive that pot smoking is inherently bad? There are also studies and medical beliefs that marijuana has MEDICINAL VALUES, and yes, has been used to treat illness from cancer to--you got it, baby, morning sickness. Where have you ever seen alcohol or cigarettes supported and used for medical purposes? Yet how many women do you know would enjoy the occasional gla__s (no, not bottle!!) of wine while pregnant? How many pregnant women do you know who didn't kick their smoking habit? Too many of you people got your tighty whities in a wad without considering, much less researching, both sides of the issue, and THAT'S the people with the truly "little minds." It's interesting too that many of these were the least articulate posters who couldn't do much better than name-calling and finger-pointing while tearing out their hair.


Amanda - August 26

I think that all of you who say things that imply a pot smoker can't effectively take care of their children must have never been a pot smoker. Especially if you are a frequent smoker- you can do anything stoned that you can sober. I have smoked for years and have always been able to supervise and care for my 3 children (including emergency room visits for minor normal injuries, my children have never missed a checkup and are VERY healthy kids). I have also b___stfed my babies. So while I can't cite any specific research or studies, I can tell you from my own experience that my kids are above average intelligence, no birth defects, and none of them were low birth weight (9 lbs, 8.5 lbs, and 7.5 lbs) My b___stfed babies were never stoned or delayed in any way! I guess it's all about what you think is right. I know I am not the only one out there who has b___stfed and smoked pot, and I think cigarettes or alcohol are much worse for mamas AND babies. I have never smoked around my kids and they do not see me smoking. I have also managed to run a household and complete college at the same time as having my kids. Not all pot smokers are stupid stoned and just because it is illegal doesn't mean it has no value. It wasn't always illegal, you know.


achy ribs - August 26

Personally, I don't think people that smoke pot recreationally are losers or "druggies." There are a lot of people who smoke occa__sionally/recreationally who are very successful, responsible, intelligent, etc. In fact, I used to smoke quite a bit of pot back in college. However, I'll tell you that after I quit, my short-term memory sky-rocketed. I didn't think my memory was that affected while I was doing it, but what a difference once I quit (I have the report cards to prove it!) I just felt more focused and better able to retain information when I was not using it. Also, I used to be of the same ilk as Amanda that you can do anything stoned that you can do sober. I don't agree with that position since I stopped smoking pot, and you may laugh at my reason why. Back in the day, I used to, on occa__sion, drive stoned, which in hindsight was a bad idea. While driving stoned, I developed an irrational fear of bridges and median dividers (you know, the concrete ones.) I still have that stupid fear to this day, even though I haven't smoked in years and I only drive sober! It drives me nuts because I know better than to be scared of driving over a bridge, and the d__n bridges never bugged me prior to driving while stoned. I blame the pot, maybe wrongfully, but I do. Anyway, what I am really trying to get at is that I think it is difficult to be objective about risks/benefits of pot when you are using it- even just recreationally. I am well aware of pot's many medicinal benefits. However, when you argue about pot's benefits, you cannot forget about it's adverse affects as well (e.g. it is a carcinogen and can contribute to lung cancer, it effects short-term memory, it can lower a man's sperm count and hinder his sperm quality, it has a strong potential for psycological dependence, etc.) I agree that cigarettes and/or alcohol are just as bad, and probably, in some cases, worse than pot-smoking, but it doesn't mean that pot is this harmless substance that got a bad rap solely because of some business lobbies and politicians. Personally, I would stay away from it until done with the pregnancy and b___st-feeding, but that is just my opinion. I am glad that "s" was responsible enough to ask about it so that she can make an informed decision about whether or not to do it while she is b___stfeeding. Let's give her good information/advice instead of bashing her and her supporters.


angellamaria - August 30

Here is my answer, You said that you quit when you found out that you were expecting... No offence you have the right to do what you want to do, but don't forget that your baby can't decide what is best for s/he, that is why your the mother. Weather or not there may be a side effect with the milk is a chance I wouldn't take, I mean you have stopped for this long.. what is a little longer. This may be diffrent for me but I quit smoking the day I found out that I was pregnant, man was that hard, part of me wants to smoke again, on the other hand it would be silly to start after being off for so long. For myself and my husband, this was the only drive to get us to quit. The choice remains yours, for you to make for yourself and you babe.


dawn - August 30

You should take some Niacin that helps flush it out of your body faster.. you can get some at a GNC store for like 9.00 ... im not going to dog on you at all for smoking weed.. because its not addictive.. it does no ill harm to the lungs i know people who smoked it while pregnant and NOTHING happened to their baby... just if you're gonna do it.. make sure baby is with a sitter :)


a - February 5

i rather be raised by a mother who smokes marijuana and is concerned than a psycho who wants to shoot and p__s on someone you need help should relax and smoke a blunt


!!!! - February 5

This post is 6 months old and is stupid, it's a bunch of people argueing, let this one rest!!!


moms who smoke pot with tots - February 5

i dont think it would be bad to just b___stfeed as pot!


redhead mary - February 5

im not going to put a fake name and i think smoking pot is fine....perfectly fine....


Wow - February 5

what idiot had to dig this thread up? we need to read this garbage!


Chris - February 5

If you are unwilling to not use drugs while b___stfeeding why not just quit and formula feed instead? I guess the way you should look at it is everything you put in your body, you are sharing with your baby. So if you wouldn't give your baby a joint....


kjla - February 6

Wow, some of you people are very crude here. I don't smoke pot or drink alcohol at all, mostly just because I know addictive personalities run in my family, but come on! Just because you don't agree with someone's actions does not mean you are right and they are wrong! I mean, seriously. This woman just wanted to ask if anyone could help her get the info she was looking for. She isn't a "pig" because she's concerned about making sure she chooses the right decision where her child is concerned. You all need to let go of your moralisticly superior att_tudes, remember people only question other people when, deep down, they question themselves. Damn, this country is really getting bad with all these family value, fundamentalist, "freedom" spreading hypocrites who think their way is the only way and everyone else deserves to be p__sed on!


SG - February 6

I have no judgement on this matter at all but I would just like to point out that almost everything you buy in the grocery store is pumped full of preservation chemicals and god knows what else. Your toothpaste has a seriously toxic chemical (floride) in it....every diet food with an artificial sweetener....I could go on and on without even mentioning the "legal" drugs the doctor perscribes everyday. How many people are popping the anit-depressants everyday?? Personally, I'd rather smoke a little weed joint than be on an antidepressant (if I had to take something). The whole world is brainwashed and there will always be someone who will disagree with any decision that you make. All you can do is research all you can and if you can go to bed feeling good about yourself at the end of the day, than thats all that matters.


Stacey_E - February 7

If you are b___stfeeding, please stop using illegal drugs and do not drink either. Anything you eat, drink smoke or injest will also be in your b___stmilk and the baby will also be getting what you put in your boby. If you cannot stop, then do not b___stfeed. Please. The damage these things can do to your baby far outways doing them. Stop for the sake of your innocent baby that took 9 months to create. Just say NO to all those temptations if you are b___stfeeding.


bethk_rocks - August 19

I respect that you thought enough to ask the question. Many would just do it and not care to ask. I think some of these people are just plain nasty and you shouldn't take their abuse. Of course you don't want to harm your baby, that's why your asking the question. It's not selfish to ask and there are no dumb questions. I have read some interesting studies online and can't find anything really solid on this matter. I like to smoke occasionally, but have stopped while pregnant and plan to try nursing when my baby is born. I think I will wait until I am done nursing if I partake again. Better safe than sorry. I also take anti-depressants though and have read that these are not proven safe while nursing, or there aren't any solid studies at least so if I have postpardum depression that can't be dealt with and still need to be medicated, I will likely feed the baby formula for that reason.


afireinsideamanda - August 19

this is absolutely absolutely ridiculous. she just said herself, that shes NOT smoking while pregnant, so first off, STOP PUTTING WORDS IN HER MOUTH. she didnt even say it. youre just trying to get more ammunition because youre all really stupid and judgemental. shes not smoking while pregnant, she quit completely...and how is saying marijuana smoke clinging to your clothes...that it is dangerous is that even right?? what about ciggarette smoke?? honestly, people smoke EVERYWHERE in public, ciggarettes, and theyre far more deadly....but thats okay...that smoke clings to your clothes as well, and is constantly in the air somewhere.... i just dont understand why you women have to be so harsh, cruel and judgemental. i really expected this when i read the t_tle of the forum though...ive been called an irresponsible mother by some ladies on this forum just for using curse words...while my baby is in the womb. i think you women need to live in the real world. it happens. get over it.



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