Craving Ajax Or Comet So Badly Just Even A Sniff

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Sims1 - April 18

I know i have low iron my dr already perscribed pills for it, but i stopped taking them cuz they were making me sick. but now for the last week i've started craving comet or ajax, jsut the gritty poweder acidic taste just seems like it'll be the best thing ever. and the smell of wet concrete makes me so gaga. i leave work and go stand in our garage for five minutes just sniffing before getting in the car. i think i better start taking those pills again, but i'm craving the ajax so badly i need whiff of it, just one whiff and i'll be i want to eat it so badly.... just venting, i know it's PICA adn i know it's a nurt_tional deficiency.


grow_up - April 18

Ok I have to say that was a bit odd to read, even knowing what pica is. I would say your best bet for your 'craving' would be a pinch of lemon salt. Chromagen is supposed to be the easiest iron pill on the tummy. I'd ask you're doctor about it and try only taking the pill after you eat a meal or before bed.


Sims1 - April 18

i know it's wierd. but i just can't help it.


kay101 - April 18

Too bad you can't crave those pills! Make sure to get back on them. My sister used to cut her prenatals in half because the iron in them bothered her. She'd take half in the morning and half at night. Maybe you could break your dose up the same way and take half after breakfast and half after dinner.


cors1wfe - April 18

Sims1 - I am with grow up - that was by far the weirdest thing I have ever read here but you know what I am glad you shared with us! - I say yeah best bet is to take the pills - I never even knew you could eat comet or ajax - it's not poisonous? Plus splitting your iron pills might be helpful! Good luck and please try to stave off your craving for ajax and comet!


krissy2006 - April 19

Tina, the problem with her craving those things is that IT IS POISENOUS!!! Sims, girl, that really sucks. I have an problem with iron pills also, but if you contact your OB you can ask for slow or time release iron pills that shouldn't upset your belly. You need to get back on something cuz craving the cleaning stuff just isn't good for ya!


1_4_The_Road - April 19

Typically I just read and not post too often but this is just nuts ! Even if you felt that urge why even mention it, it's something most people would read and feel you should be comitted for. Good luck!


Rachel H - April 19

What the ...?!?!?! Dang, I got low iron too, but I don't crave nothing like that! I crave ice. Sims, I think you need to get all the cleaning supplies out of your house before something bad happens!


tish212 - April 19

I would suggest to those woman who think she is crazy to read up on PICA it is an actual issue that pregnant woman can face. Infact non-pregnant people can suffer with this problem as well, she posted to vent and maybe to see if anyone else was going through the same and yet some people judge her for sharing? Isnt that what this site is about? This saddens me that she would be told by even one person that she is crazy. Please if you don't understand something before you post a response about it do some research on it. the worst part is in her post she explained what it is called and what causes it.


junebaby - April 19

IThat is def a strange craving to have lol I only crave Ice now-prob b/c I'm dehydrated all the time. I havent been able to take vitamins thru my whole preg b/c they make me sick-NOT EVEN FLINSTONES-It just comes back up. My mom said she craved paint when she was pregnant so I guess anything can happen!!


1_4_The_Road - April 19

Yeah I get the disorder but then common sense can kick in and you can realize eating poision is no good for you. Also note I looked it up on Wickipedia and they mention there it is especially common in people who are 'developmentally disabled' and go on to tell you a story about an extreme case regarding a female inmate at the 'Lunatic Asylum' . Hence the reason most people are responding and thinking it's a little crazy, Not to be Mean but because it indeed IS a little crazy. Jesus it's just an opinion and I am ent_tled as well am I not...also it seems its the majorities opinon as well as Wikipedia


disko love - April 19

oh wow sims .... i'm sorry that people are being so rude and ignorant about your post.... i have heard of pregnant women craving ajax and paint and other odd things so you are not alone! but just don't sniff it! lol i'm glad that you did vent here cuz that is supposed to be a forum for support and not judgement. i would definitely start taking the iron pills again or cutting them in half like kay said.. and i love the smell of wet concrete too.... maybe we are all crazy! lol


Rachel H - April 19

Ok, I don't think anyone is being ignorant about her post... and I don't think that anyone's intentions were to be mean, but come on tish212- anyone who posts a question on here (especially an odd post for that matter... and this is an odd/not normal post) should realize that they might get "judged". Also, nobody called her crazy; they said what she's craving is nuts- and it is! And don't tell people to research stuff before posting. People are int_tled to their opinions. Sims1, good luck with your cravings, and just so you know... I was joking about "getting the cleaners out of your house... I know.. I guess I should said that in my original post. :)


junebaby - April 19

Sims-don't feel bad at all hun-we are all crazy prego women!!! lol I don't know about everyone else here but I've been psychotic crazy tempered mean thru this whole thing. My b/f is sooo scared of me it's kinda funny. I am especially mean to him b/c he did this 2 me and I'm the only one suffering (I know that's a bad way to think about it-that's y I said I am psychotic) Anyway the point of this rambling was dont feel bad We all have some weirdness.


Sims1 - April 20

wow shocking....i've been on this forum for the last two years and there's a lot of women that i've come to know so to be judged for a craving that even i agree is wierd is disappointing. anyways 1 4 the road, and to others who dont' understand, i'm not an idiot that i would cleaner. krissy you know me better than that. it's just a craving, that i have, for chalk or concrete i can't help it. and it is PICA and i have researched it and it does say that some women craver detergent. can't help didn't come on to say this to get lambasted just thought i'd see if anyone else is having the crazy craving. Geeeez!!! thanks for understanding Tish, i'm really surprised that only one person understood. anyways, i'm kind of disappointed as this site had become a daily ritual and the ladies my confidants. and again let me reiterate that i'm not eating the d__n stuff just craving it.


Sims1 - April 20

1_4the road, i just read what PICA is according to Wikipedia, you obviously took what you wanted to from this sentence. 'Pica is seen in all ages, particularly in pregnant women and small children, especially among children who are developmentally disabled, where it is the most common eating disorder'. i infered from this that among children who have been diagnosed mentally disabled PICA is more common. I'm not a child and nor have I been diagnosed developmentally disabled. But hey in the first part is says pregnant women....which I am. Just thought I'd stick up for myself since I've made to feel that I must. I know what PICA is, I know why I have it, it's just a wierd phenomenon to me and what better place to discuss this with other pregnant women in the their third tri that might also be experiencing this.


kalokairi - April 20

a craving is a craving people. lighten up. the poor woman isnt sprinkling ajax on her cheerios for christs sake. shes not a moron. a girlfriend of mine had it too when she was pregnant. she did the ice chips thing to try and pacify it. maybe try chewing ice during your satisfying whiff? just a thought. i hope it pa__ses soon!



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