Craving Ajax Or Comet So Badly Just Even A Sniff

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kalokairi - April 20

a craving is a craving people. lighten up. the poor woman isnt sprinkling ajax on her cheerios for christs sake. shes not a moron. a girlfriend of mine had it too when she was pregnant. she did the ice chips thing to try and pacify it. maybe try chewing ice during your satisfying whiff? just a thought. i hope it pa__ses soon!


Sims1 - April 20

lol thanks kalokairi. what was supposed to be a light hearted post about a wierd craving turned out to be such a fiasco.


junebaby - April 20

Sorry if I sounded like I was being mean Sims I was really just tryin to help I wasn't judging you or anything


kay101 - April 20

I think my tropical fresh laundry detergent smells good when I pour it into the washing machine. Does that mean I'm "wierd" too? LOL know what I'm reminded of right now? One of those fabreeze commercials where the person is trying to find a way to sniff the floor or has their nose glued to the sofa cushion :D maybe they need to make hormone chill pills for the round and crabby, just ignore it.


gabby509 - April 20

Sims, I'm a nursing student and I was also going to suggest eating ice chips. People only think this condition is wierd or crazy because they are not informed about it. Just because someone craves something doesn't mean they are silly enough to ingest it. Sims I would also suggest trying to get a low dose iron supplement, it may help with the PICA and also with the stomach upset. But in all the articles I have read about PICA the most common craving soother is ice chips. Good Luck, and don't let anyone make you feel bad, they obviously just don't understand the deficiency.


Sims1 - April 20

Sorry Junebug, not directed to you. I appreciate your understanding. well holy hormones, i'm just as uncomfortable and sick of this, but one thing that's keeping me together is knowing that others are feeling just as c___ppy.


Sims1 - April 20

thanks for all the suggestions, one suggestion a friend of mine made was tums. so when i crunch on it, it feels like how the texture of the cleanser might feel like and that seems to be helping lol. also i did start taking my iron pills again, acutally when i wrote my post i started, but instead of the two he perscribed, i started with one. and it doesn't make me feel ill in the sense of nausea, it makes me ill like shaky and more tired.....i forgot to ask ob about it the last appt, but will next week. Thank you everyone!!! : )


red87 - April 20

Wow, people are kinda inconsiderate. My doctor actually talked to me about this and it happens to a lot of women!! More than you think - although most keep it to themselves, I think it's awesome that you posted this!!


junebaby - April 20

I always crave the smell of lemon or orange cleaners like lysol or 409 I would spray the orange 409 in the air all the time


krissy2006 - April 20

Sims! I never ever a__sumed you would actually eat the ajax or the comet. I just think for your emotional well being it isn't good to be craving that stuff and therefore you should try and get on some slow release iron pills. I totally understand and am not judging you what-so-ever. YOU know ME better than that. In any case, how are you doing? When is your due date again? Must be getting close huh cuz I know you were ahead of me and I'm 31 weeks. To 1_4_theroad, reading one article on wikepedia doesn't mean you know anything about the subject at hand and judging someone without knowledge of the subject is pure ignorance. Yes, everyone has a right to their opinion on here, but if you don't understand something and can't give any good suggestions or advice what good is your opinion really? You said: "it's something most people would read and feel you should be comitted for." <---- sorry hun but only you feel this way. The majority of the other girls coming to this thread have given helpful advice and information and if nothing else, at least support. You should try it sometime.


krissy2006 - April 20

Kay you are soooo right!!! About reminding you of commericals. I use Tide floral scent or something and I feel the the woman in the commerical for febreze who is backing out of her driveway, catches a whiff of her car seat and her nose is stuck to the seat and she's doing backwards donuts in her culdesac. LOL Gotta love those commercials. I just wanna stuff my head in my washer with all my clothes and sniff and sniff... :)


RMC - April 21

Oh wow ... I thought my craving for fresh cut wood making me rush to Home Depot and Lowes was odd lol. Dh thought I had gone nuts. Your craving to smell it isn't weird, the part that may be a problem though is that you want to taste it. I know if you're wanting to eat stuff you are supposed to let your doctor know.But it's something that happens a lot, so don't feel bad about it. Someone else on here was craving moth b___s, so you definitely arent the only one (:


tish212 - April 21

Sims- since you say your pills are making you dizzy and shaky you need to tell your doctor about that , and maybe there is something else you can do to help minimize those sideeffects, sometimes with certian medications certian foods can help ease the side effects or make them worse, and by telling your dr they may be able to advise you. I can imagine that is highly unsettling to feel that way while as far pregnant as you are, so good luck i hope your doctor can give you a better option. Also dont worry too much about people judging you on here, just take pride in the fact that you had enough courage to come forward with something so "strange" to others. It may have helped someone else going through it feel better to learn they are not alone, yet they wont speak up to thank you... congrats on your LO!!!


pinkprepper - June 20

I am addicted to comet cleaner and have been for years. I do have low iron but I cant keep iron pills down. I think about comet atleast 3-8 times daily .I keep several bottles on hand . Its a soothing taste-Ive tried to stop but my mouth waters for the taste. Comet will mess your teeth up but other than that I've seen nothing. Im not promoting comet . Im simply telling my story. It doesn't make you high or sleepy.


NElizabeth - July 6

Totally normal that some women have very unique and out of the ordinary cravings while pregnant... event if its just smelling it.


T.Nelson - February 8

Hey its nothing crazy about it....I thought I was the only one but I guess not lol. I'm 31 weeks pregnant an my craving for ajax started about 2weeks ago an yes I did taste it an I didn't like the taste but that didn't stop me from smelling it....I love smelling it an my doctor told me that its normal so forget what everybody else is saying, anybody can talk (big an bad) behind I screen ???? just know that ur not alone hun...



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