Cyst In Baby S Brain At 20 Wks

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Kim - July 14

Im in my 37th week of pregnancy and had my first visit with the ob/gyn. She told me that in my last u/s which was in my 20th week that they found a cyst in my baby's brain. My family doctor didnt say a word to me about this and its my first baby. Im really worried even though the ob/gyn said not to worry. I have to wait a week for the emergency u/s to find out if the cyst is gone. I wish I knew earlier about this. I prey that both our babies are fine.


Cher - July 15

Kim - I have heard of that before happening to another woman where they seen a cyst but never mentioned anything until her next u/s while the nurse was doing it had said "it's gone" and when she asked "what's gone?" the nurse said "the cyst." Apparently this is very common. I had an appointment with my specialist and after having my triple screen blood test come back normal, I was told not to worry either....that this is common and they go away. I am now trying to put it out of my mind (I am 24 wks along) but of course there still is some worry and I think will be until the baby is in my arms. It sounds like your having twins? After hearing alot of information on these cysts and talking to people and searching the internet, they are commonly found in the second trimester. Most of the time they are nothing and go away. They are "soft" markers for trisomy 18 but only along with other markers. I am sure that your baby(s) will be fine and you have nothing to be worried about. My friend knows a couple that have 2 year old twins and they were told that both babies had multiple cysts....they went away later in the pregnancy and they have very healthy, active boys:) I think one good thing about you not being told, is that you did not have to worry throughout your pregnancy about it. I hated that for a week I could not eat or sleep. I had felt the excitement had been taken away from I am thinking positive and taking care of myself and my baby, because more than anything that is what is important! Take care and good luck:)


Amanda - July 21

I just wanted to say thank you for posting this because it has helped me a lot as well. I went yesterday for my first u/s and was very excited because it's my first baby. At the end of it my doctor explained to me that the baby has a cyst but didn't explain anymore than that. I have been very worried about it and didn't sleep at all last night. My next u/s sound is scheduled for four weeks from now and it has already been the longest day of my life. jusy waiting to see if everything is ok and hopeing that I will have a healthy baby. In some ways I wish I wouldn't of had that u/s but in all I will at least be blessed with a beautiful baby whether it has a cyst or not. Thank you again for posting your question, it gave me a lot of rea__surance for my pregnancy.


Cher - July 22

Hi Amanda - sorry that your u/s was not a "happier" moment for you...I know what you feel like because I went through that a month ago too. They don't give you much information after they tell you that a cyst was located and that is what scares us expectant moms! I never slept or ate hardly for a week after I found out about my baby's cyst until I had some blood work done and I seen my specialist who gave us some insight and advised how common they are and that it will go away. How far along are you? Did they tell you the size of the cyst? Was the rest of your u/s normal? As long as they found no other markers (abnormalities) I am sure everything will be fine. And remember - you have to take care of that baby still no matter what, so try and take care! Good luck:)


Amanda - July 22

I'm 19 weeks. They didn't tell me anything about the size or much at all. The only thing they said was the baby has a cyst and they will schedule another u/s in 3-4 weeks. No other abnormalities were found. They said the rest of the u/s was great and everything is right on schedule. I'm just hoping everything will turn out fine and that it will go away. Thank you very much and good luck to you!!


tabitha - July 29

My best friend just told me tonite that her sister is 20 wks and she had a bunch of discharge and went to the ER and they told her that the baby had a cyst on his brain. i dont know much about this and i was tryin to find out info for her. She didn't really tell me much but she is going to another doctor to find out more next week. From reading about ur experience im hoping that everything is gonna go okay for her b/c she has had problems throughout her whole preg. And also i'm glad everything went well for you and your baby...good luck and congrats!


shell - October 17

I was told the same thing. I went for a second ultrasound and the cyst did not go away yet. I get my results tomorrow


georgia - October 18

cher at 18 weeks i was told my daughter had 2 cysts in her brain i went and had a 4 -d sonogram and talked to several doctors i was on the internet all day trying to find something out well during the sonogram there were no other abnormalities such as clef palet clubbed feet etc so i opted not to do the amnio and leave it to fate at 25 weeks we had another sonogram and the cysts were gone thank god so dont worry too much it sounds scarry but many babys are born with cysts and there fine if your baby has no abnormalities i wouldnt worry


laura - October 27

I also have been told the same thing,. My baby has cysts in his brain. I am 21 weeks and I will not know anything for another 8 weeks. I have found websites that say this is a normal accurance. All the webpages have said that if the rest of the baby looks to be on track and healthy, then there should be nothing to worry about. Also if you have been screened for disabilities (quad screening) and you came back negative, then the cysts should go away.


Babu - September 3

Hi, My wife is in her 37 wk pregnancy. In the third trimster u/s they found a Cyst in the right ventrical sizing 24mm x 25mm. We are worried. We have gone for detailed scan and tomorrow we will get the results. The doctor says it is siginificant . Do have any idea what are the remidies anf treatment?


Sauda - March 13

Yes, I too have been told that my baby has a "surplus" of cysts on the back of the brain; whatever surplus means. I was told that I could go to Vancouver (7 hrs away by car) to see a specialist at the Women's Hospital there to further diagnosis/investigation. I was 18 weeks when I got the scan (I am now 19 weeks). My family is telling me not to worry. I don't know how I can not worry about this. Should I go for another scan locally here in a month or so or should I take the trip to see a specialist that is 7 hrs away? Any thoughts on this matter would be appreciated! Thanks!


Jewels07 - March 22

Sauda, I would wait to get another u/s here before u go to a specialist. I too got the news today that my baby has cysts on her brain. My triple screen came back normal but I am going for a 2nd lvl ultrasound in 2 weeks. I am also 20 weeks now. What scares me is that he said that something lit up in my baby's heart too and there is no explanation for that yet. Then as I left today the Dr told me not to worry. Yeah, okay I don't think that is easy to do at all.


Jodi Knight - April 22

I as well am 20 1/2 weeks pregnant with my fourth child and just found out today that my unborn daughter has a cyst on her brain as well. My doctor is sending me for a regular ultrasound today at 2:30 p.m., and is going to send me to Calgary, Alberta for a High Risk Ultrasound. All that the doctor had told us was that this happens to 1% of unborn fetuses, and can lead to birth defects when the baby is born. He had mentioned about an abortion, but it is getting to be to far to have one. I have never heard of anything like this until this pregnancy. He did not say anything about it maybe going away though. I am sorry that I could not be of more help to you. If I hear anything different i will gladly post it, and vice versa for you as well. It is good to know that there is another mother going through this and we are not alone. All the best to you and your unborn baby.


morganna - May 20

im 5 months pregnant and have just found out that my unborn baby girl has a couple of cysts on the brain. the doctor said that it should resolve itself, but my partner has worked himself up so much that he cannot sleep. does anyone know how i can try and rea__sure him, that one way or another our baby girl will be fine?


leah86 - July 2

i can see choroid plexus mt noyes it says posterior fossa this the same?


wunder75 - July 2

Hey Cher. Do try not to worry. I know it's hard, but we had the same thing at our 19w u/s. Two cysts, pretty large, and the doctor did mention trisomy 18, but also that they're very common outside of that, and more often than not, they clear themselves up. He said none of the other markers appeared, though, and to come back in four weeks to look again. I gave myself ONE day to scour the internet for info on Trisomy 18, and then not think about it again. At 23 weeks, they were even smaller. He then said, "come back in three weeks, so you can see they're gone." We went back just this week, the cysts are gone, and our boy is growing on pace. They cysts are very common, apparently, because while the brain is developing, the pathways for fluid just get clogged up. I do wish you had a better doc. Ours was awesome in his ability to rea__sure us about this whole thing over the last 11 weeks.



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