Grumpy Husband Significant Other The Last Month Of Pregnancy

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mahagen - February 16

Anyone elses dh/significant other being grumpy the last month of your pregnancy????? My husband is so gouchy and I its be's before I can start having my mood swings for the day. It is making me want to stangle him. I am the one who is constantly in pain, tired, can't walk right, etc. and he is acting like he is, ugh. Makes me want to have a really bad mood swing and start throwing things at him or just break down and cry. He said that the reason why he is so grouchy is because I'm grouchy but I explained I haven't even been that way today and he agreed so I thought what the h__l is wrong with him. I'm about to stick a tampon up his butt or something and see how he feels after dealing with the pain of that. Men I tell ya.


Astra - February 16

You poor thing. My guy is very even tempered and is only grouchy when very tired or if I manage to drive him crazy when I get stessed out and stress him out...Take some space if you can. It could be that the closer you get to delivery, the more nervous, scared, anxious etc. he is getting and he is not processing/sharing those feelings really well. I don't know if he is the kind of guy that would talk about it, but you could give it a shot. Otherwise just take your space and hope it goes away soon. Good luck.


mahagen - February 16

Thanks Astra! He is easy to talk to but man I just think I need my space from him so I can tolerate him on top of the other emotions and physical things going on with me.


sarah21 - February 16

I hear ya. My DH is usually very even tempered and easy going, but lately he's been uptight. He gets mad at me for the dumbest stuff and sometimes just for being honest about my feelings, even though they don't make a difference to him. He'll mention carpooling somewhere with friends of ours, but they have a super obnoxious kid and I am uncomfortable in my OWN car, let alone in someone else's backseat at 35 weeks pregnant, and since being pregnant I REALLY can't stand other peoples' kids, and he gets mad at me for saying that. He's like "Well I don't know how you're going to deal with our child. You know she'll be in the car with us." How do I explain that she won't be a maniac because I won't let her? Sigh. Anyway yeah I feel you Mahagen. It's getting old. Thankfully it doesn't happen ALL the time but a lot more frequently than it used to. He stays gone all day every day so it's not really a space issue but I'm sure he's stressing about the baby coming.


SuperMom - March 17

Some men just don't get it. Fwd him this web site- a little laugh should ease the tension.. By the way I love this too- I have one. Google Bed-Pal maternity straps it should come up


cher_don - March 18

my husband is exactly the same and when i approach the subject with him he turns it round so its my fault. since i found out about my pregnancy hes been pregnant with me, hes had a couple of months of morning sickness (ive had none) hes put on about 15lbs(still 8lbs behind me) had cravings for food he would never usually eat ( ive had none) and keeps telling me his emotions are "all over the place" i think i feel more sorry 4 him than me some days lol, my due date (sorry OUR due date) is 1st of april and cant wait till our son is here, heres hoping he doesnt get the labour pains aswell!!!! :=) xxx


sarah21 - March 18

Lol! I had to laugh at that one cher-don. That is so funny. I had heard about husbands acting that way during pregnancy and some even do get labor pains but had never talked to someone who experienced it. I am still laughing.



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